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Good hoagies in Northern VA or general DC area?

Leidenheimer bread is awesome! Do you know if they ever serve the BBQ shrimp as a special and not on a po boy?

Good hoagies in Northern VA or general DC area?

I will give a 'plus 1' to three places already mentioned:

Mangialardo's, The Italian Store, and Litteri's

Mangialardo and Sons Inc
1317 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington D.C., DC 20003-3027
(202) 543-6212
Subway: Potomac Ave Station

Weekdays only.

Mangialardo's rolls hopefully still come from the Catania Bakery, which I used to go to when I worked in D.C.

Italian Store
3123 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

A. Litteri, Inc.
517-519 Morse Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20002
Phone: (202) 544-0183
Tues. - Wed. 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Thurs. 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Fri. - Sat. 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sun. Closed
Mon. Closed

Oldest Restaurants in Baltimore area

Looks like their all gone and now it's only retail and subcontractor restaurants. There was one at Security Square Mall food court but seems that one closed as well.

Lobster Rolls - Luke's vs. Freddy's

The lobster roll at Luke's was excellent! $15 for a roll stuffed with moist, sweet lobster. NOT gloopy with mayo or dripping in butter either.

Very small place with maybe 10 seats at two smallish shelves, but you're not there for the ambiance.


Lobster Rolls - Luke's vs. Freddy's

We'll be in Bethesda soon and wanted to try either Luke's or Freddy's for lobster rolls. Going to both is not an option so I wanted opinions as to which place might be better.

I saw a few recent yelp reviews that were unfavorable to Freddy's and Luke's seemed to be more popular on yelp.

Linthicum, MD

Now that Howard's subway is closed, the only real dinosaur place in Linthicum is Snyder's Willow Grove.

Very old school and the food is good.

The Olive Grove is up the street from G & M and they have the great crab cakes, plus very good Italian and the ubiquitous salad and breadsticks. I am NOT talking about Olive Garden.

K P Coke in Cans - 2014

Yes, it was ham-handed typo on my part. Two liters only for KP Coke. : )

Apr 03, 2014
eruby in Kosher

Howard's Subway in Linthicum--RIP

It may re-open. I called and when I asked about a buyer, all the lady would say was "all I can say is we are closed."

Hopefully negotiations are ongoing.

I was lucky to have discovered Howard's last year and went several times. Very sad when I first read they would close.

One Night In Pittsburgh

Meat and Potatoes has the fantastic bone marrow appetizer. Go just for that!

Apr 02, 2014
eruby in Pennsylvania

K P Coke in Cans - 2014

Thanks for posting the 800 number.

I called, and it seems they are only producing 3 litre bottles this year, even for New York and Chicago.

Apr 02, 2014
eruby in Kosher

K P Coke in Cans - 2014

Has anyone seen Kosher for Passover Coca Cola in 12 oz cans this year? New York and Chicago have had them in the past.

2 litre bottles just dont last unopened like cans do.

Mar 27, 2014
eruby in Kosher

Vanilla in a Cough Syrup Bottle?

Thanks Celeste!

We will probably go to the Rouse's on Carrolton when we go to the track this Thursday or Friday.

We normally buy Penzy's, but love to purchase NOLa products.

Dec 10, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

Vanilla in a Cough Syrup Bottle?

Thanks so much for this!

Hopefully we can find it in close to the Quarter or on the bus/streetcar line. Maybe that Robert's grocery near Brocatto's (if it's still open).

If not, there's always mail-order as we do for LA Gold hot sauce we can't get, even though all our local stores carry Bruce Foods yams.

Dec 06, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

Vanilla in a Cough Syrup Bottle?

He seemed pretty serious that he bought it at a place near where he lives, but I could be wrong.

Dec 06, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

Vanilla in a Cough Syrup Bottle?

Recently on an episode of John Besh's TV show on PBS, he had a 16oz bottle of vanilla that looked like it was in a cough syrup bottle. I think he said he got it in a pharmacy near where he lives.

I searched online but failed. I'd love to get a bottle on our upcoming NOLA trip, or maybe mail-order it.

If anyone has any info on this, I would be grateful.

Dec 05, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

classic red sauce joint

I will also recommed both Filomena (Georgetown) and Pasta Plus (Laurel, Md.)

The rec. for The Italian Inn brought a smile to my face. Montgomery Wards lives. : )

Is Fratelli (the old Howard Johnson's) just of the B-W Parkway by P.G. Hospital) still open? That was a good Italian place, run by El Salvadorans no less.

Is P. G. Hospital still open? The Goatman weeps.

First Cut at 5 Days in N.O.

We'll be in NOLa mid December and I spoke with their transit authority about the construction.

They said the St Charles streetcar only goes about halfway to, say, Brigtsen's, but the busses that substitue run pretty regularly, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Nov 14, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

Desire Oyster Bar at Royal Sonesta

I was skeptical when told of the Uglesich comparison.

We were lucky enough to eat there twice on our last trip before they closed. Don't think we'll be going to Desire this December.

Jul 26, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

Desire Oyster Bar at Royal Sonesta

My wife called to get a local dinner spot in Baltimore for some out-of-towners. It seems they told her we should not miss Desire for our upcoming NoLa trip in December.

They said it was "the most authentic .... since Uglesich's closed".

The reviews and references I've read here on a search don't hold the same praise.

What do you locals have to say about Desire? Worth seeking out?

Thank you!

Jul 25, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

Walking to Willie Mae's?

I didn't intend to turn this into a conflict.

We liked Mother's when we were there Pre-Katrina and also liked Deannie's BBQ shrimp so I guess are opinion is also worthless : )

What one likes, is what one likes and naysayers shouldn't sway them.

New Orleans. Eat early, eat often!

May 22, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

New Orleans in August (seeking advice)

.....Breakfasts at Cafe du Monde and Camellia Grill (FQ location)
Muffaletta at central Grocery Po Boy at Parkway Bakery.....

As for clothing, I recommend 2 sets of clothes per day. We visited in June one year and upon returning to the hotel after morning/afternoon eating and sightseeing, we always had to change clothes, and usually showered again too.

Definitely Cafe du Monde - barely a meal : ) - and Camellia Grill, though the FQ location didn't exist when we were there and we'll be going to Carrollton this December.

Also big fans of Central Grocery Muffaletta and Parkway. Though a bit of a walk from the St Charles streetcar, Domilise's was also excellent on our past trips. If you do go to Parkway, be sure to hit Angelo Brocatto for truly excellent gelato, cannoli and Italian cookies/pastries. It's not super far from Parkway.

We will also be going back to Galatoire's this December, and wouldn't think of eating anywhere but the no-reservations downstairs. If you need a reservation, you'll have to eat upstairs. After we ordered the soft-shell crab entree last trip, our waiter Shelley told us we could have just ordered one ala carte. We'll take his advice come this December.

Enjoy your trip!

May 22, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

Walking to Willie Mae's?

I certainly don't want to go against CH rules. I was asking more about the feasibility and less about the safety.

I was told, in Las Vegas, one could walk to the In-N-Out near New York, New York, but there wasn't a sidewalk the entire way so we took a cab.

Pre-Katrina we walked to Elizabeth's and had no problems but I read on CH that Willie Mae's will call a cab for you back to wherever so a cab it will be.

Still looking for BBQ shrimp recs. We really liked Deannie's some years ago, and are leaning toward Pascale's Manale for its tradition.

Many speak highly of Mr. B's, but on out last trip we walked in were told, incredibly rudely, that they weren't open. Not "I'm very sorry, but we haven't yet opened for the day.", but a gruffly barked out, "We're closed.", so I'm still a bit prejudiced against them. But great shrimp are great shrimp so I can probably let it go for my belly's sake.

May 20, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

Walking to Willie Mae's?

We'll be going to NOLa in December and have never made it to Willie Mae's Scotch House. We usually walk all over NOLa and it looks like about a mile and a half walk there from the French Quarter, with side-walked streets going under the I10.

Is it foolishness to not take a cab, or is the walk okay? We'd be going for lunch.

In addition, hoping to hit the race track, as well as Luizza's by the Track, Galatioire's, and Camellia Grill (Carrollton - though I read the name may be changing due to lawsuit).

We saw the NOLa episode of the 'Burger Land' show and were pleased to see Marvin is still at Camellia. We wanted to go to Frostop last trip but it didn't work out. Port of Call also looked great.

Not sure about BBQ shrimp. We actually had a very good plate of it at Deanie's near the Quarter some years ago. We're thinking about Pascale Manale's just for the history, but are open to suggestions.

Angelo Brocatto's is a definite and Mandina's a good possibility.

If ONLY Uglesich's were still open .........

May 17, 2013
eruby in New Orleans

ISO: barbeque (BBQ) shrimp

Do they use head-on shrimp or headless?

The picture/recipe in the Mr. Bs link supra is pretty much what we had at Deannie's in NOLa.

LOVE the head-on shrimp!

New York Lunch. Erie, Pa.

The address listed in the link you posted, 16th and Peninsula, is where we went last year.

Where was it located prior to 16th and Peninsula?

Hopefully we'll make it back for a visit next year.

Aug 16, 2012
eruby in Pennsylvania

Homemade pasta, sausage, food shops in Little Italy, Baltimore

Another vote for Trinacria!

ISO: barbeque (BBQ) shrimp

Below is a link to a thread with the recipe for Pacales Manale, which some say invented the BBQ shrimp (which has no bbq sauce : )

We didn't eat there but we did have them at Deannie's and they were excellent. Extra bread to sop up the sauce!

I've never seen it at any place in the DC metro area.

New York Lunch. Erie, Pa.

More pics

Aug 15, 2012
eruby in Pennsylvania

New York Lunch. Erie, Pa.

I was in Erie last year as our niece goes to Penn State - Erie, Behrand Campus and we stopped at New York Lunch. It truly was a dive but it was great never the less. I believe they use Smith's hot dogs which are very poular in the area

Aug 15, 2012
eruby in Pennsylvania

Scranton -- lunch and dinner?

Was Lackawanna a main road? We were there a few years ago and went to the Coney Island on a pretty big road. There was a small road perpendicular to the big road were the other Coney Island was, and there werer several ne'er-do-well looking people in front of this Coney Island (and it didn't look open) so we went to the one on the main road, that I think was Lackawanna. Excellent chili dogs.

We also went to the Glider Diner, which I recommend even more than Coney Island. The porketta sandwich was fantastic.

We also took a ride to Old Forge and had pizza at Arcaro and Genell's (I think) along with a plate of complementary marinated beans.

Aug 15, 2012
eruby in Pennsylvania