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Acme smoked fish

fwiw, the few random Fridays I've gone to Acme, it was closer to the end of the day 12-1 and iirc, the longest line had no more than 5-8 people before me.

I can't recall the specific prices but I usually get a small chunk of sable and another of nova (maybe @3-4 oz total) and think the price for both was no more than $5 or $6?

You enter through a door to a loading dock and then enter what appears to normally be a storeroom. FYI, the entrance is not well marked, luckily there is often another customer enter just ahead of me so I just follow him/her. Typically there's also workers milling about and they'll direct you to the correct entrance.

The fish is set out on long tables. Their packaged products including vacuum packed salmon, bluefish, salmon jerky along with jars of herring and prepackaged whitefish salad is on the first table,

The next tables hold open boxes of whole smoked fishes, whitefish, chubs, etc.

The last table has the sable and smoked salmon and whatever else they're offering (maybe some bluefish or sturgeon) The sable is hand cut to order in chunks. There are several varieties of salmon, (eastern, pastrami, gravlax, baked, etc) that are also cut to order in chunks or there is also some on the last table that are pre-sliced.

There are no numbers, you just stand in line and the staff behind the tables take everyone in order. The line moves rather fast as there is limited cutting fish (only into chunks) They don't hand slice to order like a typical appetizing retail store.

No doubt, around the holidays the lines will be much longer so maybe it might be wise to check Acme's website or Facebook page for info on holiday hours or changes to their typical routine?

Enjoy! Now that I know I can buy smoked fish from the source and at a steep discount, I'll never go back to retail.

Aug 30, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Sammy's Roumanian

We took our mother for the kitsch but I actually really enjoyed the lamb chops I ordered.

I can't recall the price paid but we didn't drink so perhaps our bill was less exhorbitant than most other customers?

Bottom line, mom had a great time (the young waiter flirted with my her), I enjoyed my meal so all in all it was an enjoyable experience!

Aug 26, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Best chain fried chicken restaurant?

A mixed box of spicy & mild was always my usual order at Popeye's.

After reading this thread I was compelled to stop in this past weekend & give the mild with hot sauce a try. Loved it!!!

The hot sauce was very reminiscent of a classic Buffalo Wings hot sauce & nicely balanced between heat & flavor.

Thanks for the idea!

Aug 24, 2015
was_bk in Chains

Fairway going downhill?

FYI, the Chelsea location no longer has a fresh meat counter!

I walked in today, passed the fish counter & remembered I wanted to look at the steaks advertised for sale this week. Turned around & noticed there was no meat counter!

fwiw, there may still be some chicken or cut meat in the rear refrigerator case but I'm not positive as I was looking for steaks cut to order.

Asked a worker who said that mgmt decided to get rid of it.

Aug 16, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Looking for Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy

Are they the same?

Hard to say with any certainty, as it's been decades since I last had them, and it's quite likely my tastes have changed.

That said, I did expect them to be more tart. Still, they are far from bad tasting and the individual wrapping and packaging make me smile,

Perhaps I'm a tad less critical because I only invested $1.00 for a single roll from a Economy Candy, rather than invested @$13 + shipping for an entire box?

Aug 11, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Looking for Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy

Individual rolls of Royal Crown Sour Cherry are sold by Economy Candy (Rivington St) for $1.00. They are right by the register.

fwiw, Reed's hard candies are also available.

Aug 09, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Best rotisserie chicken in NYC

I enjoy the Costco bird but not so much the long bus ride home down 2nd. That's often one major time suck.

Eataly's Rosticeria chickens are pretty tasty but much pricier & more convenient.

ETA. For eat in, I've had good luck getting moist birds at Hill Country but I haven't been there in a while. fwiw, imo, their bird tasted more like rotisserie than barbecued.

Aug 08, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Best hot dog in Manhattan is @ Harry & Ida's

Stopped in yesterday for the 1st time just for a quick peek. Just had lunch so I didn't order anything but was very happy with Harry & Idas.

Chatted with owner (Will?) & learned he makes the jam they sell. Turns out the jar labeled "strawberry" was really "strawberry lavender". When I expressed my reticence, he offered me a taste and while it was nice, I still prefer my strawberry to be unadulterated.

He said next up will be some type of blueberry jam as he had just bought some flats from Phillips that morning.

Then he offered up a taste of the pastrami, that was fresh, hand cut thick and juicy. It was damn good and I may return tomorrow to buy a 1/4 lb.

Would love to try the smoked eel but that wasn't yet ready as the previous batch had sold out.

Good food, nice folks and an interestingly stocked shop open 7 days a week. A very welcome addition to the nabe!

Jun 20, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Cheap Lobster

IME, it's a little early in the season for cheaper lobsters.

Despite the above-cited recent article reporting on price hikes, there was a source quoted that did predict prices should come down later this summer. Also, if you noticed the low prices cited by the OP,were from late August.

Fwiw, another recent data point...a few weeks ago Fresh Direct was selling small (up to 1.25 lbs) lobsters for @$7.99, or maybe $8.99/lb.

Jun 17, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Good source for bones for Bone Broth

Fresh Direct sells beef bones starting at $4.99/lb but their grass fed are currently $7.99/lb. However, FD often has beef bones on sale. FD also sells pork bones @$0.99/lb and lamb bones @$2.99/lb.

Dicksons at Chelsea Market usually has beef bones, iirc @$4.99/lb but that can always be discounted @30% with their readily available Groupon or Amazon Local deal. They may have other bones?

On a related note, Dicksons sells a " beef" broth made with beef, pork and turkey bones. Curious if anyone has tried it and can share any thoughts?

Jun 11, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

What gets sold out fast at Union Square Greenmarket?

Echoing what others have said, cleaned squid is very often sold out by noon -1PM.

Tristar strawberries are more often than not sold out no matter the day or time.

May 10, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

best chicken soup

Does 2nd Ave charge extra for separately packing the matzo ball?

iirc, Sarges charges a few dollars more to do that.

May 01, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

best chicken soup

Never had Katz's soup but here's my take fwiw,

Dill is most prominent in 2nd Ave Deli's excellent but pricey soup. The matzo balls are about as good as they get. Delivery via Seamless, & iirc, Caviar.

Sarge's gets my vote for best all around chicken soup.

Offered plain, or with noodles or matzoh ball or my favorite kreplach!

Of course you can get multiple addins by ordering their Souper Soup.

Prices are a lower than 2nd Ave & delivery is prompt. FYI, looks like the $1.50 delivery fee has been dropped by Seamless but not

Also, you often get several slices of bread (usually rye, sometimes challah) & a few saltines in the bag.

That said, gotta go with Brodo for the very best chicken broth. I prefer their Hearth broth that is a combo of chicken, turkey & beef.

Brodo also serves a chickarina soup with chicken meatballs but I can't comment as I've nevervtried it.

May 01, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Suggestions Needed

Just an FYI, the 1st Ave Ess-a-Bagel closed up shop back in late March.

They are supposedly going to reopen somewhere in same neighborhood but afaik, no updates on a new location have been confirmed.

However, their midtown location is still open for business.

Apr 30, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Pat La Frieda vs NYC steak houses

Don't judge Peter Luger's steak by what you ate in their restaurant!

I never really cared for my meals there, usually the porterhouse. It's been too long since my last visit to recall specifically what about the meat or preparation didn't work for me.

That said, I've had the opportunity to eat that same porterhouse cooked at a home, prepared in a cast iron pan, as mentioned below. The flavor and quality blew me away and is probably one of the best steaks I've ever eaten.

Peter Luger sells both their porterhouse and strip steaks. They ship the steaks fresh, not frozen. Given that their website only mentions shipping, I've always wondered & meant to call to ask if arrangements could be made to pick them up locally?

Mar 27, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

good bluefish in nyc

Luckily, I'm pretty sure the OP's trip is smack dab during bluefish season.

A possibility to keep in mind would be a restaurant attached to a fish store?

Somewhere like Cull & Pistol or Wild Edibles? I've not eaten at either place but perhaps even if bluefish isn't on the menu, they might accommodate a request for such a simple preparation?

Mar 27, 2015
was_bk in Manhattan

Los Angeles family staying Midtown East between Christmas and NYE, please advise...

Another vote for Kee's Chocolates, a very short walk from Laduree.

For chocolates that have a more kid-centric feel, I see a lot of recs to take kids to Max Brenner? Check out some of the many kid-centric threads.

Back to Soho, also close to Kee's is Pi Bakerie, that serves up some excellent Greek pastries. iirc, they also have some savory dishes & may make for a nice, quick lunch stop.

If food halls are on the agenda, try Essex St Market. Definitely has history & a different vibe than Chelsea Market or the Plaza. Nordic Preserves for smoked fish sandwiches and Saxelby Cheese seem to get top raves.

Dec 18, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

Help with restaurant name, PLEASE

That location does closely describe Little Poland located on the east side of the street. (200 Second Ave).

Teresa's was similarly located but on 1st Ave. (no. 203)

fwiw, Kiev was on the west side of 2nd Ave.

Christine's & Polonia were further down 1st Ave

Dec 17, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

Where to Buy whole pre cooked brisket in New York

Replying to myself to let you know that Delaney's recently announced their Christmas offerings that can be found at

Turns out they also offer delivery to Manhattan

Dec 05, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

Where to Buy whole pre cooked brisket in New York

Another idea in the bbq brisket vein, Delaney's BBQ aka Brisket a Town usually sells whole cooked briskets to take home around the holidays. Their Manhattan outpost is closed for the winter but they're just a short hop into Brooklyn.

Here's what they offered at Thanksgiving.

Dec 03, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

Don't shoot me... looking for red-sauce Italian and "NY Chinese"

Second on the John's of 12th St. For old school red sauce Italian. The candles alone are worth a visit.

Check out this trailer of a recent documentary on John's, not so much for its content but rather to get some nice glimpses of the restaurant's interior and see if it fits your bill.

Dec 03, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

Great bars/restaurants for winter/Christmas?

For a good burger & pint by a real fireplace, try Molly's Shebeen (on 3rd @21st St) though iirc they keep the seasonal decor to a minimum.

Haven't been, but I suspect you could overload on seasonal decor at "Miracle on 9th St", a Christmas pop up bar that recently opened in the EV

Dec 03, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

used cookbooks and Sichuan in chinatown

Reports are that Bonnie Slotnick has found a new home for her cookbooks, in the EV

Nov 26, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

What do New Yorker's think about Dean & DeLuca and other expensive gourmet shops?


I usually stop by Eataly when in that area, especially if it's a Thursday or Sunday when Rosticceria is selling their porchetta sandwiches. Alternatively, I might also be be persuaded to pick up one of their roasted chickens.

While Eataly's Rosticceria chicken is very tasty, it's certainly not inexpensive. Knowing myself, if Costco were right next door, I'd likely opt for that lesser quality, yet more affordable chicken.

However, knowing how much wasted time, sitting in traffic, a bus takes to get up & back from E Harlem I'm usually willing to pay the 2/3 premium Rosticceria charges.

On a side note, I recently visited the Chicago version of Eataly and if ours was easy to maneuver around, even with crowds, as theirs, I'd probably visit the one here more often.

Nov 24, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

What do New Yorker's think about Dean & DeLuca and other expensive gourmet shops?

As everywhere, it just depends upon what you purchase.

On my, admittedly infrequent, trips to Dean & Deluca I rarely spend more than $10.00.

Better yet, with that $10, I'm able to purchase certain brands and specific items (pasta, french butter, tortillas, preserves, teas, etc) that few, if any other NYC retailers carry. I appreciate that diversity and wish more "high end food retailers" would curate their product selection as well.

On a similar note, I found a much smaller, but similarly diversified product selection at the (now closed) Gotham West outpost of Bklyn Larder.

Given that I rarely need those particular items, I appreciate the hordes of tourists supporting D&D and the like, so that it can remain in business and will still be there the next time I want to buy something only they carry.

Nov 24, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

Eating our faces off, any suggestions?

For some delicious sweets to eat then or take home, you can't go wrong with the baklava or galaktoboureko from Pi bakeri (Broome St) or maybe a stop at Kee's (Thompson St) for a creme brulee truffle or other very tasty chocolates.

Nov 21, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

Where can I still find great "dairy" babka, rugelach, and cheese danish?

Breads on E16th near Union Square makes some damn fine babka, especially their chocolate version.

Wish I could help you on the rugelach front but I've yet to find a respectable replacement for Rigo Hungarian pastry, that served up the best rugelach I've ever had.

Same for the cheese pockets that were served up warm from the oven by (the now long gone) Cafe Geiger.

Nov 21, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

SOUP for Thanksgiving

Since, the cited posted thread focuses on the sipping broths, the OP should note that Brodo also has traditional soup on their menu in addition to the selection of sipping broths with add-ins.

iirc, the soups are a ribollata or chickarina. Not sure if that ever changes?

I haven't tasted either soup but given the basic broths are excellent I'd imagine so are the soups.

fwiw, I'd opt for the Hearth broth which has a definite turkey flavor and would be a perfect choice for Thanksgiving.

Nov 16, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan

More and more Whole chickens/turkeys coming WITHOUT giblets?

The majority of whole chickens I've bought lately from the Whole Foods USQ have come without giblets.

I've bought both Bell & Evans and WF store brand but can't recall if the missing giblets were limited to a specific brand.

Nov 09, 2014
was_bk in General Topics

Coffee House Lower Upper East Side

deleted post

Nov 09, 2014
was_bk in Manhattan