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Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Glad to hear about your experiences at Fous Desserts and Rhubarbe. These are two outstanding patisseries in town.

Babka at Cheskie's is overrated, and I think you'd have been disappointed. (For next time: there is a much better babka available at Hof Kelsten. It's truly divine. Partly because they use actual butter whereas Cheskie's uses vegetable oil for reasons of Jewish dietary laws.)

As for chicken, I find Mile End Rotisserie and Ma Poule Mouillé both better than Romados but ymmv.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

The classic APDC experience!

Fruiterie Muscat vs. Fruiterie Valmont?

We usually get most of our produce at Jean-Talon market, but for occasional needs, I sometimes run to Fruiterie Muscat on St. Joseph or Fruiterie Valmont on Mont-Royal. But I don't go often enough to get a good sense of the two stores. Which one do people prefer?

My (rather impressionistic) sense is that Muscat has a bit more selection when it comes to specialty foods but somewhat higher prices. Is that right? What about produce quality? Thoughts?

Fresh Fish in Montreal

Has anyone tried the poissonnerie moderne on Papineau or the poissonnerie La Dorade Rose on Mont-Royal? I'm looking for good fishmonger in the Eastern Plateau

Alphonso mangoes

Probably too late for Alphonsos now, but does anyone know whether Marche Victoria Oriental has other good mangoes at the moment? My Indian friends tell me that it's the tail of the mango season there.

Where can I find carp to make gefilte fish for Rosh Hashana?

Thanks for all the tips. I'll follow up and report back.

As for eat2much's suggestion to stay away from carp, I'm not at all convinced. I've made gefilte fish with carp for many years (as did my grandmother and great-grandmother), and I've never found carp to be a problem.In fact, I think carp is quite a delicacy. Every time I made gefilte fish without carp, I thought they didn't come out as well. Maybe all that scum makes the difference in flavor, who knows?

Tips on where to buy quality espresso beans for home machine?

Unfortunately, most espresso you can find packaged in grocery stores just isn't freshly roasted and will yield only mediocre espresso. I you want good espresso, you will phave to shell out the $$$ for freshly roasted beans or roast the beans yourself (which is doable but won't match the quality of an experienced roaster). There are many good roasters: 49th parallel, blue bottle, intelligentsia, counter culture....) St. Henri is a good, local option that's cheaper than many of the coffees that are flown in. Another option is to mail-order coffee from a nearby micro-roaster (e.g. Social coffee, which offers 12oz bags for $12).

Brunch / patesseries/ creperie Suggestions

Brunch: les enfants terribles! 1257 avenue Bernard

Anybody have a Spyderco Sharpmaker?

"The Sharpmaker as others have stated is great for maintaining an edge but would suck to resharpen a very dull blade."

Even if you get the additional diamond triangles? Would it still be sub-par for resharpening very dull blades?

Sep 09, 2012
linzertorte in Cookware

Butcher Shops

IMO, Slovenia has fabulous sausages, but for smoked meats and prime cts, I'd go elsewhere.

Tips on where to buy quality espresso beans for home machine?

Caffe in Gamba has a good selection of espresso blends from micro-roasters. Not cheap: they charge $15-20 for a 12oz bag. Make sure you check roast dates, tho. Sometimes they sell coffee that should have been discarded weeks ago...

Anybody have a Spyderco Sharpmaker?

So, a year and a half later, do you still use the Sharpmaker? Have you been able to get it to work for you?

Sep 09, 2012
linzertorte in Cookware

Where can I find carp to make gefilte fish for Rosh Hashana?

Thanks, I'll try them!

Sheep's head for Rosh Hashana

You never reported back. Making another one this year?

Sep 07, 2012
linzertorte in Kosher

Where can I find carp to make gefilte fish for Rosh Hashana?

Does anyone know where in Montreal I can find carp (and maybe pike and perch) to make gefilte fish? In the past, I got the fish from the kosher fishmonger on Saint-Viateur (between Parc and Jeanne Mance), but I haven't been too impressed by the quality, and the people in there have been nothing short of rude to me, to the point that I dread going back.

San Francisco Style Burritos in Montreal

Sadly, I think you're better off saving your $$$ for a ticket to SF. Montreal offers many outstanding food experiences, but burritos are not among them.

Jean-Talon Market 2012

True, but the fiddleheads are just outstanding!

Em Café: new resto-café at Park/Bernard

EM cafe is a great space to hang out, work, meet friends, but unfortunately, the espresso drinks and the food are just barely passable. I wish they bought freshly roasted quality beans and employed a skilled barista....

Bottarga in Montreal???

Chez Vito on Fairmount

Poutargue in Montreal?

Chez Vito on Fairmount sometimes has it. But call ahead, it's not always in stock.

Kitchenaid stand mixer repair in Montreal?

Thanks for the responses! I tried Kitchenaid; they were useless. The Centre du Rasoir on St. Denis (which is the one I called) send their repairs out. That's why it takes them 4 weeks.

Finally (on a recommendation from Quincaillerie Dante), I found a hole-in-the-wall repair shop called La Flamme Electrique on Rue Amherst.

These guys were amazing. They replaced the broken gear on my KA and changed out the grease in 48 hours. They repair all kinds of electric appliances, including kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Kitchenaid stand mixer repair in Montreal?

Can anyone recommend a place that repairs Kitchenaid stand mixers? I know that the Centre du Rasoir does repairs of kitchen appliances, but they told me that it would take them up to four weeks for the repair. That seems a long time, given that I use my mixer practically every second day.

The mixer probably needs a new gear. I know that there are youtube videos that show how you can do the repair yourself, but I'd rather have someone do it who has the necessary tools and parts on hand.


Trader Joe's Golden Roasted Flax Seed

TJ roasted flax seeds are pretty good in my experience. But it's generally best to grind a little bit at the time; otherwise you lose the nutrients and the dietary benefits.

Aug 01, 2011
linzertorte in Home Cooking

Guillaume or Mamie Clafoutis

Not sure why Glaff thinks Guillaume is so much better than Mamie Clafoutis. The bread at Guillaume's is good, but the viennoiserie is terrible! The croissants and chocolatines are soft and soggy, whereas the ones at Mamie Clafoutis rival the best viennoiserie in Paris. The same goes for sandwiches, which are at best mediocre at Guillaume's. Don't even get me started on the fruit tarts at MC. They are phenomenal...

Mamie Clafoutis
1291 Avenue Van Horne, Outremont, QC , CA

Food in the Upper Peninsula??

Before you make the trip out to Copper Harbor to Harbor Haus, make sure you check the hours.

Harbor Haus Restaurant
57 1st St, Laurium, MI 49913

Jul 15, 2011
linzertorte in Great Lakes

Moving to Petawawa - help please!

Dinner at The Nook Crêperie was fabulous. I had a wonderful salad with roasted potatoes, sautéed bay scallops, warm cherry tomatoes and feta salad on a bed of baby greens and drizzled with a dill vinaigrette. The salad tasted great. I asked for the salad without the feta cheese, but they served it with cheese anyway (I didn't complain because it wasn't too big a deal for me). My partner had a crêpe filled with asparagus, cheese, and topped with prosciutto and drizzled with honey. It came with a green salad on the side, and it was delicious. Both entrees really hit the spot.

For desserts, we had an excellent crêpe Notre Dame (a simple crêpe with butter and sugar) and a crêpe Suzette, which was the only disappointment of the entire meal. Instead of being drizzled with Cointreau and flambéed at the table, it came drenched in liquids and was far too sweet. I expected the waitress to inquire, since I only tasted a bite and didn't touch the rest. But she didn't blink when she removed the plate and didn't ask why I hadn't eaten the dessert.

For drinks, we had a German beer and a glass of Malbec. The beer was great; the Malbec was served too warm.

All in all, it was a very good experience. We enjoyed the atmosphere, which was lively and the service, which was good. I would definitely return.

Good places to eat in Sudbury

We had an enjoyable lunch at Verdicchio as we drove through Sudbury. We showed up at about 2pm for lunch; so clearly we were on the late side but still within the lunch window (the restaurant serves lunch until 2:30 pm Wed-Sat) . When we arrived, our waiter told us that the wood-fired pizza oven had cooled down and that we should tell him, if we wanted pizza, so that they could add some wood to the fire. We did tell him that we would like some pizza, and so he kindly re-heated the oven. However, it seems as though the oven didn't quite get hot enough, because when our pizza came out, the crust was baked somewhat unevenly, and the texture was more reminiscent of fried dough then of pizza crust.

The Verdicchio salad was very good and fresh; the Caesar salad was promising but too heavy on the dressing. Service was quirky, but very friendly. All in all, I think it was a good but by no means great meal. Would I go again next time I drive through Sudbury? Sure. The food is head and shoulder above anything else that is served within dozens of miles.

1351 Kelly Lake Rd, Greater Sudbury, ON P3E, CA

Moving to Petawawa - help please!

Tried to eat at Saffron on a Friday evening. Called at 8pm to ask when the kitchen closes, and it had already closed... So make sure you call ahead if you want to eat there. Odd time to close the kitchen on a Friday night.

Instead, we had dinner at the Nook; see review below.

Bread in the cities

Rustica +1