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Looking for apple strudel

Where in Chicago do you live? The Austrian Bakery delivers 7 days a week, but I'm not sure if only in the Lincoln Park area. They are on 2523 N Clark St, their phone # (773) 244-9922. And they have Apfelstrudel.

Feb 27, 2010
Ntrigme in Chicago Area

Potstickers in Chicago!

Most Chines take-out places and restaurants have them as appetizers.
To check if there are any restaurants in your area that have them go to It's actually a site that tells you which restaurants in your area deliver but they have a menu of each place available and also offer customer reviews. So you might have a few orders of this tasty treat at your home in half an hour without ever leaving the house.

Jun 06, 2008
Ntrigme in Chicago Area

Chicago Area German Deli and Grocery Store

Hi, I'm looking for a German deli and grocery store ( not restaurant) somewhere in the Chicago area. It was quite disappointing when the Meyer place on Lincoln closed. So I went to Kuhn's in Deerfield but am not impressed with their collection and quality. They used to be much better when they were still in Chicago - years ago.
A few months ago I saw that there is a store somewhere in the Western suburbs, that is supposed to be great. If anyone can tell me, what it's called and where it is, it will be highly appreaciated.

Thanks in advance and have a Happy Holiday!!

Dec 01, 2007
Ntrigme in Chicago Area

Linguine with Squash Noodles and Pine Nuts


Sep 03, 2007
Ntrigme in Recipes