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About to make my 1st of many visits to the DFW/Denton area and need some help

LewisvilleHounder - The Frilly's off Denison Street and University Drive in Denton is the original location open since 2000 or so. It had two primary owners who apparently parted ways early on and there is also a Frilly's in Decatur, TX. The owner of the Denton location decided to open an upscale steak and seafood restaurant across town from it around 6 years ago called "Three Fins". It was successful for a while but he eventually converted it to a second Frilly's location. About a year after that he sold the newer one, so now the two are independently owned and unaffiliated whatsoever. "Frilly's South" (as it is now called) which is off Loop 288 and I-35 E seems to have purposely deviated from the original as far as overall atmosphere and even recipes. It's still confusing to Denton locals who have no reason not to believe the two are the same restaurant. Although I haven't tried Frilly's South, from what I hear I wouldn't stray from the Original. Hope that clears things up!

May 18, 2011
swarly in Dallas - Fort Worth