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Best decaf coffee?

Enjoyed this list of decafs and tried most every one that people mentioned here over the past year. Mavericks was in 1st place for me, with Peets MD in 2nd, until I found Jeremiah's Pick. It's an order of magnitude better according to my palate and quite a bit cheaper than Mavericks. For reference I fresh grind before each cup, use single cup filter or french press, and drink it black.

Since they were mentioned briefly and probably (sadly, like me back in the day) a reference point for many coffee drinkers at some point in their career - I think Dunkin is better than Sbux, but quite sour, thin. Sbux is simply charred in most cases and often the beans are stale, but I have been wowed by a limited edition release here and there (there were these "one time only" aged Indonesian beans during the holidays years back that they basically found after the beans had sat around in sacks aging for years in the tropics. I don't remember the story exactly and who knows if it was entirely true since aging of beans is a debated topic, but those beans were stunning; I'll never forget the smell in particular...magical...of course, it wasn't decaf, but was well worth the awful caffeine feeling).

May 17, 2011
mamckean in General Topics