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6 Days in Hong Kong

hey skyline, you've eaten at 添好運 already?

添好運 's pork liver "fun" is so good I wouldn't mind the loss of alternatives (thick 6mm cubes, marinated in chinese sweet wine, pre low temperture poached)

and their rice sheet is has that perfect soft-chew texture, with incredibly floral aromas (like a sake I guess). they use sunflower oil instead peanut oil with further makes the dish more "elegant".

but you'd expect all that coming from a chef trained for 30 years in haute cuisine...

one can tell 添好運 is serious as do not soy the churn fun.

6 Days in Hong Kong

they open 7:30pm to 3am, closed on Wed and Sun

but 堂記's niche of churn fun at late hours has been replaced by 添好運, the dim sum only restaurant opened by the former dim sum chef of Lung King Heen (3 michelin stars).


Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

Po Toi Island

Ming Kee (the only restaurant there) are one of the few license holders which allow them to serve rare deep water fishes (I can't find my notes), the owners drive their speedboat to collect seafood from fisher boats while still at sea, eliminating the wholesale process. Their cooking is "classic" but refined like having different blends of soy for different steamed fishes, having different steam temperatures for different sized fishes, a homemade black bean sauce for clams that is aromatic yet does not covering the sweetness of the clams, and deep fried squid that uses fresh oil (each batch of squid gets new oil) and "steeping" lobsters (boil for a few seconds then chill, remove raw meat from shell, then gently cooked. The owner's daughter is a trained patisserier and a well traveled foodie like you guys, but she helps out in the restaurant on sundays. I only realised how "tourist trappy" Sai Kung/Lamma seafood places were after I ate

read more here and pics here


mid march is the black truffle gala @ Galera!!

6 Days in Hong Kong

remember to try the traditional steamed pastries inside the Tai Po Market

Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

hmmm dunno how I came up with 30, but I was refering to street food / small restaurants that specialise in one thing.

OR we can do 30 courses in Galera haha

Best Buffet in HK

but ($) buffets with a largeish group isn't very economical...

Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

haha 9:40am is late! normally work starts at 10 (wake at 9) but today I get to arrive at 12pm =)

Seafood @ Po Toi Island! guys wanna do a 1 day 30 restaurant marathon?

Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

friday week after easter is...17th? we're going on the 27th

yeah multiple calls to ask if there's special menus, maximum table size, made and amended my reservation...

Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

yes but it's like a brasserie vs haute cusine, it's not directly comparable? like The Press Room vs Caprice.

they haven't finalized their menus yet....

how's Charles Noodles Ltd? =P

Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

the voicemail was already full at 9am yesterday (monday) =)

all my calls between 2pm and 6pm were answered.

there's no chef's table but apparently the kitchen is semi open so there are tables with a good view of the kitchen.

which day you planning to go?

6 Days in Hong Kong

爽腩 = song lam

面珠 = cheeks (meen ju)


Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Lin Heung & Fung Sing, definitely no.

all the ones in Hotels and Fook Lum Moon, yes.

the one opened by former dim sum chef of Lung King Heen? probably not...


Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong


Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

it depends if it's an exec. chef of a hotel (= he won't actually cook, but does the menus,finance and management etc) or a restaurant (he will cook as well as doing everything else)

Roland definitely cooks in Aspasia but might not cook as much in Drawing Room as they have Tony as Chef de Cuisine. If he's part owner of Aspasia it makes a little sense for him to not leave completly, although I can't see how the conflicts of interests works out...

made your reservation?

Best Buffet in HK

aspasia and nicholini have semis too

Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

just subscribed to your RSS =P

exec. chef at two restaurants seems unlikely though?

Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

the dim sum chef of Lung King Heen (four seasons, 3 michelin stars) has opened his own dim sum restaurant in mong kok with "people's prices", I will be trying it tommorow and will report back...

Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

trying to gather people ATM =P

well The Drawing Room will be a ristorante compared to DD being a trattoria...

wonder what will happen to Aspasia?

Best Buffet in HK

The Steakshouse and quite a few of the Italian restaurants: Angelini, Cova, Sabatini etc.

you're not from HK?

Best Buffet in HK

I'd say the Harbourside at the Intercontinental and Yamm at The Mira, prices don't include alcohol. fine as a hotel restaurant, but nothing you would expect of an A.D chain, might as well go to the "real" ones like JR or Caprice, and Spoon knows that, hence their low pricing.

NicHolini's...again is fine as a hotel restaurant, but with really standard cuisine, I wouldn't go.

never done buffets in Macau

btw do consider the semi buffets = buffet of cold/warm appetizers/light mains + an order of main course selection, i find those of much higher a "foodie" experience.

Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!!

Bombana Umberto (former chef of Toscana) returns!! at the new Italian restaurant "The Drawing Room", read here ... nt-open-april-13th/

6 Days in Hong Kong

sorry for the 2 weeks late reply, here are the eats along the East Rail, south bound:

Sheung Shui -
Pineapple bun & scrambled eggs on toast & beef macaroni & shaved ice w red beans @ 廣成冰室*
Savory & sweet congees @ 東莞佬粥店*
Pork knuckle and pork balls noodles @ 珍苑麵家*
Crackling pork belly @ 陳六記* .

Fanling -
Brined pork knuckle & beef balls & beef "roll" & chili sauce @ 群記牛肉圓豬手**
Snack "churn fun" @ 四眼仔腸粉
Vegetarin in a monestry @ 雲泉素食中心*
Beef offal & wonton noodles @ 欽記麵家

Tai Wo - nothing.

Tai Po Market -
Congee & "Churn Fun" @ 陳漢記*
Braised beef "song lam" brisket and beef cheeks & pork crackling noodles @ 群記清湯腩***
Silken tofu @ 亞婆豆腐花*
Wonton noodles @ 成仔記麵食
Battered pork chops & shanghai style noodles @ 東記上海麵*
Traditional dim sum @ 林記點心*
Traditional steamed chinese pastries @ 有記茶果**
Salt "baked" chicken @ 大埔東江雞酒家*
Shrimp roe & lard tossed noodles @ 平記麵家
Apple pie & chicken pie @ 華輝餐廳*
Dim Sum @ 新明發食家*
Congee @ 良記一哥粥品 Fish balls @ 欽記粉麵
Churn fun @ 發記粥麵*

University - nothing.

Race Course - nothing.

Fo Tan -
2x Dai Pai Dongs 泰源大排檔 and 津津食家

Sha Tin -
Dai Pai Dong @ 陳根記
Pigeon and pigeon eggs @ 龍華酒店

Tai Wai -
Deep fried pigeon & "taro duck" & "mountain water tofu" & deep fried "milk" @ 楓林小館***
Salt baked "wu tao fish" & other chiu chow @ 生昌潮洲海鮮酒家
Salt baked chicken @ 漢年茶餐廳*

Kowloon Tong -
in a shopping mall but good Beijinese anyway @ 又一棧

Mong Kok -
Traditional baked HK pastries @ 奇趣餅家**
Street food stall @ 肥姐小食店
Stone ground veloute-like desserts @ 石磨坊*
Beijingnese style meat stuffed toasted "buns" @ 萬家燒餅皇**
HK style curry @ 旺角咖喱大皇*
Salt "baked" chicken & other "hakka cuisine" @ 泉章居*
"Spicy sauce" noodles & Congee @ 好旺角麵家**
Traditiona dim sum & other cantonese dishes 鳳城酒家** @
"a la minute" congee @ 妹記生滾粥品**
Spicy Sichuan style noodles @ 川居雲南風味米線專門店
Roast duck, congee, fried noodles @ 富記粥品*
60's style HK steakhouse @ 大興餐廳
"mille felle" of shaved ice @ 糖百府*
Haue cantonese @ 明閣**
2 Cha Charn Teng @ 中國冰室 and 蘭亭咖啡閣*
Beef offal and fish balls noodles @ 通記麵食專家*

Hunghom -
HK style american fast food @ 時新快餐店*
Serious sichuan @ 聯記川王涼粉***
Shanghainess snacks @ 上海飽餃店*
Modern HK desserts @ 甜品工房*
Wonton noodles @ 大光燈麵食巷仔雲吞麵*
Viet style tomato seafood noodle & other viet @ 老許越南菜館**
Tasting of beef balls @ 郁香園牛丸麵*
"Tong Yuen" @ 福元湯圓*
Wonton noodles & Congee @ 正斗粥麵專家*
"Master soy" poached "see tao" goose @ 生記滷味**
Congee & Churn fun @ 生記粥店*
Haute Cantonese @ 海逸軒**
Beef pho and spring rolls @ 越南亞呂***
Thai @ 泰壹泰*
Cha Charn Teng @ 文華冰廳*
2 dumplings places @ 阿芳餛飩 and 餃子皇

last station is Tsim Sha Tsui which I'll do with the Tseun Wan Line...

(***) for excellent
(**) for very good
(*) for good

(I have not worked at any of these restaurants)

places in HK showing Formula 1 this weekend?

i'm no longer at l'atelier...and not all chefs are foodies =P

read my post here and

do you speak/read cantonese?

Another dai pai dong bites the dust

haha well the "dinner" started at 4pm and only ended at 11...

the place is really rundown, more so than shum shui po, and don't go when it's raining and don't go alone (female), make sure you print a map, the "phase" and "block" notation is very confusing....

Another dai pai dong bites the dust

my "dinner" the other day...

charcoal baked "egglettes" (無名炭爐雞蛋仔), Good
more dense and cakey than the electric version, strong baking soda taste, not unique as it's available in Tin Hau.
misc hot snacks #1 (方媽小籠包), Fail
xiao lung bao, dumplings, soy milk, all sub standard fare, no point going.
misc hot snacks #2 (文記傳統車仔麵), Fail
stuff you get in Mong Kok street stalls: steamed plain "churn fun", squid, siu mai, deep fried eggplant etc, nothing was really edible.
noodles #1 (源發潮州粉麵), Excellent
Braised pig offal (lung, liver, intestine) in clear soup & braised beef butterflied "song lam" in clear soup. Both dishes are really good and not common in HK.
noodles #2 (何興記), Ok
braised brisket with hor in clear soup & beef balls. If you choose your own cut (which we did) it's pretty good, but not special to them.
snacks #1 (肥媽甜品粉麵小食), Fail
HK style "Panna cotta" wasn't set properly and tasted purely of milk powder.
Durian "pudding" didn't have that Roquefort taste of durian.
dessert#2 (華記糖水食品), Fail
all three soup-desserts have gone bad and the chef wouldn't admit it.
congee/viet hybrid (林泰興越南館), ok
decent congees, nothing special about them, the viet rolls lacked mint and basil, and were overdosed with fish sauce and garlic chips.
dai pai dong #1 (金利來食坊), Excellent
they have 2 stores, same menu and equally "historic", we ate the one in "block 12". Chili fried clams, deep fried mantus shrimp, deep fried chicken/pork ribs/shrimp in "mayo" and pineapple, "strange sauce" chicken, port "braised" oysters, "cheese" stuffed shrimp quennelles, stir fried squid celery and nuts in fermented shrimp sauce. Everything was really good with no technical faults, the flavours were "authentic".
dai pai dong #2 (雲興隆小廚), Excellent
"Potlette" rice with eel and chinese miso, "potlette" rice with pork quennelle and dried squid, they use gas not charcoal but the chef tilts the pots very frequently so the heating is even, creating a very crispy rice "crackling", remember to not soy the rice in your bowl and not the pot. Not so busy when we ate so the chef paid full attention to our two pots, in places like Mong Kok one chef has to cook 30 or so pots.
dai pai dong #3 (輝煌小食餐廳), Ok
Stir fried razor clams, steamed glutenous rice with pork riblets, both standard fare done well. Soy poached goose, not a "see tao" goose so not very food.
cha charn teng #1 (興記茶餐廳), Excellent
Very caramelised and crispy pork chop in sandwich, deep fried (but oilless) chicken leg in rice, milk tea, omlete, macaroni with satay beef, pineapple "crusted" buns with butter. One of the best cha charn tengs I've ever been to.
cha charn teng #2 (鳳凰冰室), Ok
satay-beef instant noodles, omelet, toast, milk tea. standard fare executed well.

places in HK showing Formula 1 this weekend?

replying my own thread...

found a pub among the ones in Wan Chai not showing the wireless for live stats too

In search of Hong Kong's 'BEST WON-TON NOODLE'

do you think you could make pretty good noodles yourself if you had to?

=P is an "emoticon", just like =), but its more "tongue in cheek"

In search of Hong Kong's 'BEST WON-TON NOODLE'

haha welcome to cooking =P

so, you have to make your own noodles, serve the WT the same day as they're made and use sun dried shrimp roles which are very gently toasted....?

places in HK showing Formula 1 this weekend?

haha no one has replied my post there...

places in HK showing Formula 1 this weekend?

does anyone know of any?