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The best tortillas in Orlando

that is a great tip - and yes - i will go - why the heck not - also - do you - or does anyone know of a tortilla factory in the area- i would like to find fresh masa- not masa harina !!

Jul 29, 2008
jridgway in Florida

The best tortillas in Orlando

just wanted to bump this thread - i would be interested to see if anyone has any thoughts on this these days

Jul 29, 2008
jridgway in Florida


Just got back from some time in Savannah and wanted to report in on my eatings. As I found out about everyplace we went in Savannah from CHOWHOUND!!

Mrs. Wilkes Boarding house - great - this is one of those places that is a bit hard to explain to people why it is great. I didn't feel that most of the entrees were mindblowing - the meatloaf was good - the friend chicken was good but I have certainly had better - but both were very good - the sides were amazing and i really found myself just craving plates full of the sides. I have never enjoyed Lima Beans or Black Eyed Pees so much. Also the Banana Pudding was amazing

slice of pizza at Vinnie Van Gogh's (decent pizza) great local dive environment

the rail pub - awesome pub - i wish i lived in this neighborhood to hang out there more often for a pint

Bistro Savannah - A nice meal experience. Definitely not out of this world for the price but good. I ordered a porkloin meal that was 24 and my wife got a shrimp meal that was 19 I believe. Apetizer - Shrimp & Grits - good - not mind blowing - a bit too much gunk on top - by gunk i mean garnish - i believer it was some form of fried pepper/scallion.The shrimp were White shrimp which for my money is the best shrimp around. The pork loin was seasoned perfectly but was a bit overcooked and wasn't "piping hot" but was an excellently conceived dish - just maybe not the house's best execution. The Creme Brule was good too. All and all we enjoyed the meal - i forgot to mention - the bread they brought out at the meals beginning was excellet - definitely worth taking note of

on the drive to and from orlando - which is home - we stopped in at brunswick ga to eat at the Georgia Pig or as the GA Pig - it was great - the chopped pork plate was great - the chopped pork sandwich was great - the sauce .... ehh - but who cares - when the pork is that great - who needs the sauce - i really liked this place - i would highly recomend it!!

The last night we were going to go to sixpence pub but instead decided to just eat the waffle house by the hotel because we were totally beat

we didn't stay in savannah long - it was a beautiful city -i can say charleston makes a better vacation spot however savannah may be a cooler place to live if for no other reason than the great flair that SCAD brings to the town - art everywhere!!

Orlando Thoughts

I have been here in Orlando for a bit and have taken the advice of many hounds and here are some thoughts

Jackamo's (cajun/creole) - Decent - Great Po'Boys - Adequate at best sides
sides items (red beans & rice) (gumbo) (rice & gravy)

My wife and I had a crawfish po'boy and a roast beef po'boy - both were fantastic - we moved here from Louisiana and are foodies so we feel we are pretty stong critics of south louisiana food. I get irritated that most cajun joints have way to many purely new orleans and mardi gras stuff all over - outside of louisiana you rarely hear cajun or zydeco music at a louisiana style restaraunt - back home you are much more likely to hear that brand of music rather than jazz or blues - all in all - jackamo's is adequate but i wouldn't put it as one of the city's best spots

moonfish - if you can afford it - it is great - the bamboo steamer basket is great - the fillet was great - i have been twice and was definitely impressed both times - but man are they proud of their food - the prices were absurd - there is just no reason to charge 45 bucks for a piece of fish - sorry

Goodfellas Pizza (we live in east orlando) - we really like goodfellas - new york style pizza - great sausage and pepper sub

Dixie Crossroads (titusville) - love the white shrimp and the rock shrimp - definitely a florida treasure

PR's Taco Palace - great dive type atmosphere - basically my wife and i love one item - the tuna fajitas - otherwise ehh - but man those fajitas are great

5 guys burgers - yeah it's a chain - but what a glorious chain it is

bubalou's - great pig sandwich - solid sides - i still haven't had the brisket or ribs which is how i really judge a bbq joint - but the pig sandwich is strong

The Catfish Place ( - we were really disapointed - i feel we should try this place again - great recomendations - the place just felt right - but the fried catfish wasn't remotely crispy or crunchy - we will try it again but our first trip wasn't all we had hoped - and we are definitely catfish eaters

falafel cafe - great hidden treasure on the east side - just a small greek place over by ucf in a strip mall - it is great - not just a gyro joint

cuban sandwiches to go - the cubans were great - now if it just didn't take me a good hour round trip i would eat there more often - i can't find a good cuban place over here on the east side - there is a cuban bakery close but it's cuban sandwiches suck - their black bean and rice are great however

the grill (port canaveral) - solid - i love the clams and the fish is nice - the fish they usually have isn't my favorite however (file fish/mahi mahi/yellofin tuna) they have some drink calle the double o that jimi buffet must have been speaking about in his song boat drinks - i really like those double o's

let me know if you guys agree with me or think i'm nuts - any other east side suggestions would be great

Feb 09, 2008
jridgway in Florida

Beef Noodle Soup in South Florida?

any more specifics on the location of this sun pearl bakery - i just looked it up and couldn't find it - i'll go eat it this weekend

Sep 26, 2007
jridgway in Florida

Food Column/Orlando Area [moved from Florida board]

I would love any recomendations of good food writers/columns I can look for and hopefully read regularly in Orlando - any critics to trust/stay away from??



Sep 26, 2007
jridgway in Food Media & News

Sichuan Hot Pot/Florida

Hello all

I am new to Florida (orlando to be exact)

I have enjoyed reading many posts about florida chow. I am looking for a SIchuan Hot Pot somewhere in Florida. It doesn't really matter where as I will drive to go try one. I have never experienced this glorious way of eating but I really want to try it.

Any help/advice would be great.

Also any article or anything you know of that talks about varieties etc. of the hot pots or hot pot places would be great if available.



Sep 26, 2007
jridgway in Florida