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48" gas (dual-fuel) range: Wolf vs FiveStar vs Thermador vs Viking vs Dacor

I have a Lacanche. Beautiful to look at and a real working stove. Have stayed at two small French hotels (<12 rooms) over the past two years and both had a Lacanche.


Jan 27, 2008
StevetheWeave in Cookware

Seafood or fish restaurants in Paris

I stand corrected -- it is in the 17th,

Lovely little place, tho.

Dec 30, 2007
StevetheWeave in France

Seafood or fish restaurants in Paris

For a very good seafood meal, try L'Huitrier in the 16th. Not very far from the Arc, but located on a quiet street in a residential neighborhood.

The oyster shucker there just recently won a contest for Best Shucker in Paris!

Reservations are a must because the place is so small.

Dec 27, 2007
StevetheWeave in France

lyon budget eating

For a "relatively" inexpensive very good meal, try Chez Lea (aka La Voute).

Small, modestly decorated restaurant across the river from Old Lyons.

Suggestions: Vingear chicken or Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, house salad. Dressing for the latter is a secret (Waitress told me she could tell me the recipe, but she would have to kill me. LOL.)

Dec 27, 2007
StevetheWeave in France

Ultimate Kitchen suggestions

I have a Lacanche Cluny stove: 5 burners from 6000 BTU to 20000 BTU, one gas and one electric oven.

I also have a Thermador Professional Hood which has a setting for "put on a seat belt." :-)

The Cluny puts out a lot of heat, very quickly and looks great to boot.

For a sink, we have a Blanco 1 and 3/4 wide sink whose two bowls are 10 inches deep. Great to have the deep sink.

Sep 03, 2007
StevetheWeave in Cookware

Yet another countertop question

We really like our Silestone countertops -- black with silver and red speckles. Our cabinets are custom-made dark quartersawn oak, with white birch interiors.

One countertop is not in a prep area and we use it for display or for putting out hors d-oeuvres at parties. The guys who did the cabinets installed a piece of red mahogany and it looks fantastic.

I second the advice to try to install a different material in each area to go with its expected use.

Good luck.

Sep 03, 2007
StevetheWeave in Cookware