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Jack's Prime, San Mateo

I've been tempted to go in because the decor (from the outside) looks fancy, unfortunately everytime I walk or drive by, I never seen any diners inside. Given I work down the street, I'll probably eventually give it a try.

Food I have eatten at

Ramen / Noodle House

There are plenty of ramen in the SF Bay Area. My favorite Ramen place in the South Bay is Maru Ichi in Mountain View off of Castro Street.

Asian Shaved Ice ?

If you have a chance, you have to check out "shaved snow", which is very different from shaved ice. The consistency is much smoother (similar to snow). I have pictures and a few words at

Taiwanese shaved ice / delis in Bay Area? East Bay?

The best place I've found in the SF Bay Area is SnowIce ( It is as closest thing to Class 302 in Southern California.

This stuff is much better than the shaved ice at Tapioca Express, as the ice is shaved to be much smoother.