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2nd time in NYC - help!

Thanks! I think we're going to try to get into NoMad. Atmosphere, menu and pedigree playing into it, along with other reviews from Chow.

Mar 17, 2013
molly32d in Manhattan

2nd time in NYC - help!

You're right - I should have been clearer.

Arrive a Thursday at "3", leaving Sunday afternoon.

For any night, for just the two of us, looking for anything between $200 - $400, all in.

I'll revisit Momofuku - sounds infinitely cool, as well as the others you've recommended. Thank you!

Mar 15, 2013
molly32d in Manhattan

2nd time in NYC - help!

hello all,
we were in NYC a few years ago (before twins...eek), and we're going back at the end of April. It would be easy to just rinse and repeat our previous dining agenda, but want to explore new things.

We're going to try to get reservations at Babbo on either night two or three, and then we need to fill out the other two dinners. The dinner we had there 5 years ago was amazing, and we can't wait to go back.

Night 1 - at the whims of LGA, so something casual - great bistro/bar food, mexican, BBQ...Really lost on this one. We can't get good Mexican in Canada, so when we come to the US, I love getting anything close to authentic. Did Toloache on our last visit - it was good, but it was dead.

Not-Babbo night - thinking modern American or not top of the line French (the chefs more casual restaurant). DB Bistro Moderne was good.

Places we've been that we like: Scarpetta; EMP (but not interested in that level of investment in dinner this time around); e in Las Vegas. Love the idea of a Danny Meyer place, but can't get invested in the menu for GT or US.

Any insight is appreciated. Always learn so much - but having a hard time getting clarity through the boards this time.

Thanks everyone!

Mar 15, 2013
molly32d in Manhattan

Sept/Oct 2012 Trip -- A Few Words About Eleven Restaurants

Great beer selection. Food was so/so. Wait staff had limited beer knowledge.

Oct 09, 2012
molly32d in Las Vegas

E versus Picasso

Thank you for the thoughtful review. Heading to e next week (squee!), and can't wait to see the wonders that await us.

Aug 25, 2012
molly32d in Las Vegas

Anniversary dinner rec?

Scarpetta at Cosmopolitan for Italian. View of fountains all night, and just wonderful.

As a note e is still open. Was confirming details for our upcoming reservation (yay!)

Aug 15, 2012
molly32d in Las Vegas

Is e worth it?

A very eloquent reply, drtechno that really illustrates my thoughts on dining as entertainment.

We're in similar circumstances (I'm growing tasty tomatoes in my garden though...). And, as a Canadian I embrace taxes as a duty, rather than as a charitable act.

e is booked. Unless I chicken out, we're in!

Thanks all.

Jul 03, 2012
molly32d in Las Vegas

Is e worth it?

I've secured a seating at e for our upcoming trip to LV. We love great, memorable meals (EMP, Babbo, Scarpetta a few of our faves), and would love to add another memorable meal to our foodie experience list.

I'm just having some sticker shock, but have read that e offers an experience like no other.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Jun 28, 2012
molly32d in Las Vegas

Strip Italian or Steak

Heading to vegas with husband in June for 4 nights. Based on a tonne of reading from the boards already, we've narrowed down our list (thank you!).

Here's the "problem" - I would love to do great Italian, but we've done Babbo, and I'm almost afraid of anything else being a complete disappointment. Would rather pasta based, than fish based.

Lacking the Italian option, I think that steak is next on the list. Looking for dark, romantic atmosphere, not bright white (Delmonico's, I'm looking at you!). Most anyone can cook a steak, but there is certain attitude that should come with it.

(ETA) - Fun French would also fit the bill...if steak is silly.

We don't want spend Atelier money, more like Sage money on the dinner. We're staying at the Aria if that's any help.

Thanks guys!

May 14, 2011
molly32d in Las Vegas