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Barcelona Itinerary 7 night in May - any suggestions?

Thanks for the tip. I'm booking the flamenco show Thursday night and will wander over to Tickets to try to score a table. Quimet Quimet is close so I'll go there if Tickets is not available. :)

May 26, 2011
CN150 in Spain/Portugal

Commerc 24 bar table at dinner or regular table at lunch on a Friday

What do you think?

May 24, 2011
CN150 in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona Itinerary 7 night in May - any suggestions?

Oops I meant I was going to Montjuic on Thursday though Montserrat sounds lovely. :)

May 23, 2011
CN150 in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona Itinerary 7 night in May - any suggestions?

Thanks to all the info on this forum and using some guidebooks, here's an itinerary I came up with for my week in Barcelona. What do you think? Any suggestions or comments welcomed. I will be going to Madrid for a week after Barcelona, so I tried to get the must eat places in Barcelona.

Monday - arrive in Barcelona in the morning
Lunch and dinner open, depends on energy level

Tuesday - explore las Ramblas and surrounding area
Lunch at Bar Pixntos and El Quim
Dinner - ?

Wednesday - explore the Eixample
Lunch - Tapac 24
Dinner - Alkimia - have reservations

Thursday - explore Montserrat
Lunch - ?
Dinner - ?

Friday - explore Born area
Have reservations at Commerc 24 for both lunch and dinner. Thinking of cancelling the dinner
reservation since it's a seat at the bar
Dinner - Cal Pep

Saturday - Day trip to Girona or somewhere else?

Sunday - explore Baceloneta
Lunch - Can Majo - have reservations

Monday -
Lunch Hisop - have reservations
then take afternoon train to Madrid

Places I'm thinking of adding: Moo, Fonda Gaig, Can Gaig, Tram Tram, La Paradeta, Quimet & Quimet, Cinc Sentits, a Flamenco dinner show
I tried to get El Cellar de Can Roca and Tickets but no luck.


It will be me and my husband traveling on the trip. We are in our early thirties. I'm a major foodie and he's basically willing to go along with whatever I choose since it's my birthday trip :) We usually watch Bizarre Foods and No Reservations and replicate their itinerary.

I'm wondering if we should have more dinner reservations since it will save some stress in finding a restaurant last minute, but then it ties up our schedule.

May 23, 2011
CN150 in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona vs Madrid

Hi, I am staying 7 nights in each city and was looking for suggestions on what I should focus on for each city. For example, which city is better for molecular gastronomy, traditional food, tapas, paella, etc. Any must try dishes/places in either city?

May 13, 2011
CN150 in Spain/Portugal

Suggestions for birthday dinner in Barcelona?

If you were to choose one restuarant for a birthday dinner in Barcelona, which place would you choose?
open on a Tuesday
romantic upscale dinner for two
I'm a big foodie in regards to how things taste (presentation is nice, but taste is most important)
haven't decided if I want a molecular gast place or not
budget is quite open

Thanks in advance

May 12, 2011
CN150 in Spain/Portugal