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Looking for an anniversary dinner place?

It's my boyfriend's and my one-year anniversary at the end of this month, and we'll be in DC for one Saturday night. We're looking for a place to celebrate together that isn't too expensive, but is still fine dining, or close to it. I'm generally pretty laid-back, but I don't want to end up in a lounge or cafe place for a special occasion. We're in our early 20s, so it doesn't need to be super fancy - we're just looking for something delicious that isn't a burger! We're willing to spend about $50 a person, give or take, and I was hoping to find somewhere with outdoor seating. I've been searching for a good prix-fixe menu and/or a place with good steak (if there's any kind of steak on that menu, my guy's going to be all about it). Bonus if there's a reasonable wine selection, and preferably in Adams Morgan area. I know that's super specific, but has anyone got a suggestion?