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I Lost It for Flicks at the Movies

I haven't tried the new Flicks, but I remember the Flicks I had in the 70's kinda sucking. "Chocolate flavored", at best. As a kid whose mom bought only cheap Hostess knock-offs, my standards for sweet treats wasn't very high, yet, Flicks were at the bottom of the candy list. They were more like carob than real chocolate.

Jan 05, 2013
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Cheesy Sausage Breakfast Casserole

This is pretty much the standard recipe for this dish. There are lots of ways to modify it and make it even better though. I've been eating this for about 45 years and I hadn't heard of using biscuits instead of bread. Interesting idea, bogie. Bacon, or a combo of bacon and sausage works well. Also, adding sauteed onions, mushrooms, and bell pepper is easy and kinda/sorta makes it a little more healthy, if you're into that sort of thing. I just add them because it tastes good. I've also taken very crispy shredded hash browns and packed them into the bottom of the baking dish, then added the rest of the ingredients in layers on top of that. Potatoes, sausage and veggies, cheese, croutons, and then pour the egg mixture over the top and press it all down to thoroughly moisten. I then top with more cheese and bake it. In all of the years I've eaten this, it's never rested overnight. The bread soaks up the egg just fine in a few minutes. This dish is nearly always made for Christmas morning at our house. Make lots because leftovers reheat fairly well. Though, at our house, there aren't usually any leftovers.

Dec 24, 2012
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Dover Sole in US supermarkets: is this the real thing?

Jobe 1, When you say, "Unfortunately, there are other uneducated shoppers waiting in line behind you who won't know the difference between a real Dover sole and a cheaper fish masquerading as one and will buy it anyway.", you make it sound like the general public is just an ignorant bunch. That may be, however, the information you listed on this fish is pretty much the same info available on Wikipedia, and you may as well include the majority of the posters to this thread, because most of them have responded with a shoulder shrug and some secondary information, at best. I include myself among those that know little more than what was posted on Wikipedia. Although, I did know it probably 20 years before Wikipedia existed.

I was a chef through the 80's and into the 90's, and apparently, none of the info floating around has changed since then. I asked this question to various fish mongers with whom I did business and they all said the same thing, more or less, as is found on Wikipedia now. The only sole is the one from the Dover-ish area. Nearly everything we get here is some variety of flounder that has been renamed. Another very common version of this scam, (It is a scam) is on the West Coast with "Snapper," or "Red Snapper." It's rare to see real Red Snapper here on the West Coast. What is usually called Snapper, is really Pacific Rock Cod. I remember one fish market in my relatively small town selling fillets of "Rock Cod" displayed with the skin side down. A couple feet away in the case from that was fillets of "Snapper" displayed with the skin side up, for a dollar more per pound. (Both were skinless) It was the exact same fish! This same store has been busted numerous times for weights and measures violations and some sanitation violations. Fortunately, they finally went out of business a few months ago after about 4 decades of ripping the public off. The "Dover Sole/flounder scam" and the "Red snapper/pacific rock cod scam" is common in California.

Dec 23, 2012
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Supertaster Daily: 5 Grilled Hot Dogs in 3 Minutes for Memorial Day

First of all cutting/scoring the dogs almost to the point of severing them doesn't seem like a good idea at all to me. What's the point? The juices leak out. I have no problem getting a light char on mine without it too. I do that sometimes with very shallow cuts on natural casings dogs but that's just to keep them from cracking wide open, sort of a stress relief. I don't usually bother though. Second, while I agree that Hebrew National dogs are very good in the skinless dog category, to me they aren't dramatically different in flavor from many of the other dogs sitting on the grocer's shelves next to it. Better, yes. But grade "A" versus "D", only if comparing them to a chicken or turkey dog. If you want to add a strong contender to this group include Nathan's bun length dogs in the comparison. But still none compare to a decent natural casing dog. Saying a skinless dog has "Snap" is ridiculous. Nothing compared to a natural casing dog. I recently tried an outstanding dog from Trader Joe's. It's their all natural uncured 1/4 lb. beef dogs. They appear to be a real, honest, hand made dog. Or at least they use some method that leaves them all slightly different lengths. I'd say the flavor of these dogs is the best I've ever had. The meat texture is also outstanding. And the natural casing gives it real snap. The dogs are also very juicy. Trader Joe's stores are becoming more common so if you have one in your area I highly recommend giving these a try. I think I paid a little under $5.00 for a package of 4 so they aren't cheap but they're the best I've had. You might want to look for a little larger bun than you would use for one of the skinny dogs. If a skinny dog with a natural casing and a milder flavor is your thing the Casper's dogs are pretty good. Really long but the same diameter as a regular dog with a milder flavor but still pretty tasty. The texture is closer to that of a regular skinless dog. I still greatly prefer the Trader Joe's dog though. Another alternative in the skinless category is the Costco dogs. Either the regular hot dog or what they call "Polish" are good but the Polish has more flavor. Their original kosher dogs had a little more flavor but a few years ago they decided to change brands and have their own custom made. Still good though. Regardless of what you buy, grilling or pan frying is always more flavorful than boiling.

Jun 01, 2012
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Thanksgiving Turkey Snob Dilemma

I think that some people throw around the term, "Disgusting" a little too freely. I've been a "Foodie" for pretty much all of my adult life (I'm 48) and I was a chef in some pretty nice restaurants for about 10 years. I appreciate gourmet food from nearly all cultures and cuisines but I also have no problem eating a frozen pizza, a corn dog from a box, or a plain old tuna sandwich made from Starkist tuna on white toast.

I have certainly been served food that I would consider "Disgusting" and I realize that everybody has their own definition of the word. But how picky are you that you consider a properly cooked mass produced turkey to be disgusting? It's not dramatically different from a more naturally produced bird. I've made and been served some very expensive turkey and while it usually had more flavor in the breast meat it wasn't like the difference between eating a Foster Farms chicken breast and a freshly killed wild duck. And I've eaten some overcooked heritage turkey that wasn't as good as a properly cooked Butterball turkey. The biggest difference is in how it's cooked rather than what it was before it was cooked.

A few years back a family friend gave my parents a freshly killed Canadian goose for my mom to cook along with the usual 50 cent a pound turkey that my mom always buys. She roasted it and while it was nicely browned, juicy, and otherwise properly cooked, it was so gamey that the only person who liked it was my dad, (He'll eat anything). I used to hunt and I've eaten lots of quail, dove, duck, pheasant, and various wild game mammals so I'm no stranger to what wild animals taste like. But this goose was just too strong in flavor for us to eat. But I still wouldn't quite call it "Disgusting". I like gamey to a point, but this was just a little too gamey. Disgusting is a word I reserve for food that has a spoiled or an otherwise very strong flavor that I find offensive. But a bland turkey is just uninteresting, not disgusting. I can eat uninteresting.

If you don't like the relatively bland flavor of a mass produced turkey breast then eat the dark meat. The dark meat of a mass produced turkey still has more flavor than the breast meat of a naturally produced and minimally processed turkey. If the breast is dried out or lacking in flavor it's pretty easy to douse it in gravy or pile a little mashed potatoes and stuffing on top of the bite on your fork.

If you're such a hard core food snob that you can't deal with a mass produced turkey, properly cooked or not, then you have some other issues in your life to deal with. Refusing to eat or strongly objecting to eating a mass produced turkey, (especially one that's properly cooked) is about as ridiculous as a spoiled rotten child only eating french fries and peanut butter sandwiches or refusing to eat green beans because, "They're yucky!" Grow up and realize that thinking that everything you eat has to be top drawer, best of the best and that anything less is "disgusting" is childish at best and makes you an obnoxious food snob at worst.

Nov 23, 2011
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Is Five Guys Really the Best Fast-Food Chain?

I guess the 14 million McDonalds figure was a joke, right? Of not, the real number is 3 zeros shy of that at 14 THOUSAND on the U.S.

Sep 09, 2011
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Is It Safe to Leave Butter Out at Room Temperature?

10 days? Who doesn't finish a stick of butter in 10 days? I guess if you're one of those, "I want to be healthy and live past the age of 50" people then Whatever! ;~} Seriously though, my family of four goes through a pound of butter easily in 10 days. A measly 1/4 pound stick doesn't stand a chance of going rancid around here. We go through about a stick every 2 days or so. A butter bell would be a waste of space around here.

Sep 03, 2011
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Oatmeal Is the New Cheeseburger

What a poorly written article. While I'm in agreement that there is way too much sugar in many prepared foods I don't think that is the case with most of the offerings stated in the article. Isn't the sugar optional in most if not all of these places? It would appear that the author wanted to slam these places no matter what and that's exactly what she did. I couldn't find a single positive thing written about the addition of oatmeal to these restaurants' menus. Assuming you don't add the sugar there's nothing wrong nutritionally with any of these oatmeals. Personally I always avoid the added sugar and prefer Splenda. Yes, I do "risk it" seeing as how there is no evidence that eating a little, (or even a lot) will harm you as much as eating sugar will.

Sep 03, 2011
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Great Moments in Twitter-Driven Restaurant Customer Service

What is this "Twitter" thing you keep mentioning? Is this some sort of nervous disorder?

Sep 03, 2011
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How to Deal with Backseat Grillers

Assuming this clown is your friend, you can't just publicly humiliate him the way some others have suggested. That would add a bad vibe to the whole area around the grill. Only a host who's a jerk would do that to a guest. There are plenty of ways to politely tell the guy, "hands off!" without creating a scene. At worst, if he doesn't get the message then at least speak to him in private. If he still doesn't get the message then he shouldn't be your friend and he shouldn't be invited again.

Jul 15, 2011
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