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Tickets Restaurant- worth the wait?

Thanks for all your comments. We went to Tickets on the first night and the door man said they were completely booked for the next three months. Instead we went through to 41Degrees and it was incredible. Steadily worked our way through the bar snacks and were blown away time and time again. Their 'nigiri' were ridiculous- favourite being the bruleed foie gras on 'cloud' base (this was meant to represent the rice bit of the nigiri and had the consistency of marshmallow but delicious and savoury). The truffle filled mini brioche (a tiny toasted pancake) was also pretty sublime. Sherry was 4 euros a glass and definitely preferable price-wise to the cocktails, though they looked spectacular.
When we eventually prised ourselves away from the bar, some hours later, we wandered back through Tickets and it was by no means full to capacity so maybe we just didn’t look the part?! Still, think we got a fairly incredible and similar experience at 41Degrees and for half the price. Can’t recommend the place highly enough.
Other food highlights of the trip included squid and cava at Bar Central at the Boqueria Market:
Also Lolita, just around the corner from Tickets. I believe this was formerly Inopia, their jamon fat on toast (Spanish version of lardo di colonnata) was so good we ordered more straight after finishing the first plate.
Cal Pep was fantastic
However, in hindsight the bill was perhaps a bit on the steep side- 100Euros for 5 tapas, 2 sherries and a pint of beer with no warning on price whatsoever since they don’t work from menus, not sure that would ever wash in London! That said, the place is great and they served some of the best tuna tartare I’ve had (toasted sesame and heaps of black pepper).
Had some great authentic (mainly tinned) tapas at Xampanyet in the Born region, standing at the bar, casual sort of place and absolutely packed.
We stayed at Market Hotel and I cannot recommend this place highly enough- it lived up to the website which is a first.
Sorry for long winded response- just keen to pass on my experiences of this amazing City, Barcelona is unbelievable.
Oh, and if you’re looking to get stuck into the gin in a serious way, look no further than this place- I have never seen selections or measures like it.

Jun 02, 2011
celiace in Spain/Portugal

Tickets Restaurant- worth the wait?

Thanks Erica, great report, so thorough! Has made me even more excited about the trip

May 16, 2011
celiace in Spain/Portugal

Tickets Restaurant- worth the wait?

Heading out to Barcelona next week for a couple of nights with my boyfriend to celebrate his birthday. It's our first time there and we’re pretty excited to put it mildly.

Staying a few streets from Tickets restaurant and we're keen to try as it's SO far removed from our London dining scene (with the exception of the excellent Viajante).

Didn’t get our acts in gear early enough to book a table and wondering if anyone has had any luck with walk-ins? I gather they keep some tables back...

Any advice gratefully received.

If we were, by some freak chance, able to get a table the budget for the trip would almost certainly be blown so any recommendations for cheap, delicious and different dining venues would be amazing... thank you!

May 11, 2011
celiace in Spain/Portugal