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New Creuset Color at Williams-Sonoma

I'm think you're making some unfounded assertions here. How do you know that the broadest segment of Le Creuset's customer base likes brightly colored products?

I have loved Cassis and Ocean and bought French ovens in both those colors, although I admit to not liking Linen at all. And perhaps there are many others like me who have been buying the darker, more elegant colors. I spoke with a woman who works at Williams Sonoma and she told me that Ocean is one of the most popular colors they've had in a while. It took me a while to buy mine because they were out of stock for so long.

I think that Le Creuset is going through color rotations, which makes sense. For a while, they had colors like Dijon, Lemongrass, and Caribbean - all of which are very bright and colors I wouldn't buy. Now they're going through colors like Cassis, Ocean, and Linen while still carrying bright colors like Cobalt, Flame, and Red.

I would not make assumptions and say that I represent the broadest segment of their customer base, and I wouldn't say that you do, either. I would say that Le Creuset is trying to appeal to a wide range of customers and that's what they're supposed to do.

May 11, 2011
Jade72 in Cookware