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Toroli japanese fusion?

I had several good meals here last year. I've always thought it was underrated but the price I guess makes it properly rated. It is expensive but the food and preparation is high quality -- no flat dishes here, and the desserts are great. Ask the chef to pair a bottle of sake with your meal.

May 17, 2013
Jdor in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Anyone been to Scarpetta on Park?

I live nearby and have eaten here 5-6 times since it opened. Having lived in New York for a while and not personally having a lot of success with Italian food in Montreal, I have to say my first visit I was surprised how good it was, and it remains consistently very good.

The meatballs and burrata are the two best dishes: If you order both you will not leave disappointed. Grab an affogato for dessert, it is simple but probably the best executed one I've had in Montreal. The staff is really nice and friendly. I will continue going back.

Feb 20, 2013
Jdor in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

ChocoMacaMousse review

Went in here based on this review. 3 pastries, 3 macarons, 2 homemade chocolates, a delicious coffee, a couple of comped treats, 17$ all in. Very reasonable. The pastries in particular were great, the mille-feuille I had was better then one I had recently at La Bergamote in NYC. Ouida (sp?), the chef, is a friendly dude.

If you like sugar and keeping your pimp-roll at a pimpin' size, go here now. They have fresh breads/croissants and they cater too I believe.

Nov 22, 2012
Jdor in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Myriad problems?

In any couple week span I get an espresso from 6 or 7 of the third wave coffee houses in Montreal.

It's not even my favorite tasting beans, but Myriade is still the most consistent shot -- it's not close.

Aug 13, 2011
Jdor in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Just Good Sushi Please.

Try Fushi on Sherbrooke near McGill University. Head straight to the bar in the back and skip all the fusion stuff they have going when you order.

I've dined at some good sushi restos like Yasuda in NYC and while the preparation here is not traditional (although very artistic) the quality of the fish is really the best I've had in Montreal. I spoke to the owner and apparently they are sparing no expense when it comes to ingredients -- which makes no sense because the place is empty most of the time.

I was really skeptical going in here but they sort of blew me away. I've been back several times and the sashimi is always fantastic.

May 10, 2011
Jdor in Quebec (inc. Montreal)