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Where is the best chicken shawarma in Dallas?

Kasbah Moroccan restaurant in Irving @ Rochelle and Esters

Khao Soi--Chiang Mai Noodle Soup

pgwiz1...are you using 'fresh' rice noodles, available at most of the local asian markets. If not, give that a try! No soaking involved. Microwave them for about one minute, then seperate them before cooking the pad kee mow. High heat in the wok helps also!

Knife sharpening

No, I meant Jack!

Knife sharpening

I had all my knives sharpened down there a few weeks ago and Jack Gresham did a TERRIFIC job. He charges by the knife inch but I think there is a minumum charge per knife. He also has some name brand knife 'seconds' that he has fine tuned for sale at reasonable prices.

I am ecstatic to find this local resource as I was not happy with the only other knife sharpening resource I was aware of (near downtown). In looking for a new knife sharpening service, I was VERY surprised how few places there were for a city as large as Dallas! I assume there are a lot of folks in Dallas and on this board that have a sizable investment in their cutlery, as I do!

ALL THE BEST to Jack and his Dallas Farmer's Market location! He should do a bang up job down there and I recommend him highly!!!

Where to buy a Kaffir Lime plant?

There are two places that you can find kaffir lime plants in Dallas.

The Dallas Wat thai Buddhist temple (Forest Lane @ Stultz Road) has food vendors out back on Sunday early afternoons. They almost always have kaffir lime plants (as well as lots of authentic traditional thai foods).

Also, Na Linh market on old Irving Blvd just off Loop 12 sometimes has them. This is a small thai/laotian market with a lunch counter in the back with great food cheap!

Most of the local vietnamese/thai/laotian flavored markets have the leaves, usually in the freezer section for $1 a bag.

Sichuan Ingredients

I find that the Korean markets, like Super H in Carrollton or KoMart have more of the sichuan ingredients.

Here are additional resources at Dallas Public Library

Where in DFW have you found good sichuan food eating out?

Korean BBQ (Dallas)

Recommendations for local Korean BBQ restaurants?


FRESH pasta in DFW?

Anyone know of any affordable Italian restaurants that serve fresh pasta dinners (not dried)?

Also, any local markets that sell FRESH pasta....not dried not frozen?

Thanks for any comments

Ethnic cooking classes in Dallas/FW?

Does anyone know of any authentic ethnic cooking classes in DFW area for indian, middle eastern, thai, chinese, italian or the like. With DFW becoming such a metlting pot of cultures, surely someone is teaching cooking of their heritage in their restaurant or their home?

Dec 09, 2007
cookingblue22 in Texas

Fresh flat Thai noodles in Dallas?

Good news! i reied the Pad kee mow you recommended @ Thai Orchid...very very tasty. They put some unusual ingredients in corn, green bel pepper, srooms and lettuce. I ordered it four star hot and my head is sweating profusely.....might go three star next time!

I also stopped by TNL SuperFood asian market that I mentioned, and sure enough, on a stand alone rack just behind the cash registers....there were the elusive FRESH rice noodles. I bought one pack of wide rice stick noodle and one pack of rice noodle I can cut my own to whatever width I desire!!! I am stoked and can't wait to experiment with them at home. three punds of rice noodles for under $3...WOW.

Do you have a favorite recipe for pad kee mow you can share? Are you cooking on a supe flame or just a conventional stove? The wok hay on th elunch I just ate from Thai Orchid was delicious.

Anyone else got good thai noodle dish recommendations???

Fresh flat Thai noodles in Dallas?

Cool- I will.

There is a very good asian market at Belt Line and Rochelle, I believe. I would not be at all surprised if they would have the fresh rice noodles.

when I go to lunch at Bangkok Orchid, I will let you know?

Fresh flat Thai noodles in Dallas?

I am looking for these also, as I love Pad Kee Mow and can only find wide rice stick noodles, which are not quite the same. I had some great Pad Kee Mow at Best Thai in the northeast corner of Preston Royal shopping center. When I asked her where she got such wide noodles, she told me that they use rice noodle sheets and cut them to whatever width they need. To date, I have not found these either, but really haven't had time to look to hard. My best markets are Vietnam Plaza @ Josey and Belt Line. There are also some terrific markets at Walnut Street and Plano Road in Garland. Also a huge market on Spring Valley east of Plano Road. PLEASE let me know if you have any luck and/or find them somewhere. ALSO, where have you found the best Pad Kee Mow when dining out?