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Special Sunday Birthday Lunch or Dinner Spot in Milan

Hi, I will be in Milan on Sunday, April 28th with a group "girls" to celebrate the birthday of one of the woman in our group. We are travelling to Milan especially for this occasion so we want to make sure that her birthday is truly memorable. We will probably spend the day in the Centro Storico since we have tickets to see the Last Supper at 4:30pm. Need recommendations for a traditional Milanese Lunch/Brunch restaurant or an authentic Milanese restaurant for dinner where we can sample the local specialties. We don’t want to be rushed so suggestions of restaurants where we could lounge and enjoy the food and great company would be wonderful! I have been through the boards and Cantina della Vetra seems to be a good contender and they have brunch on Sundays! Any other suggestions from Chowhounds welcome.

Mar 20, 2013
panapepper in Italy

Thanksgiving Dinner in San Juan

Will be visiting Puerto Rico (San Juan) November 21-25th which is over the Thanksgiving holiday. I am looking for recommendations of mid to highend restaurants and hotels that serve the traditional holiday meal be it for lunch or dinner on Thursday November 22nd. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

No Raw Fish Please, Looking for Tokyo Recomendations

I will be visiting Tokyo for the first time October 24-28 and I do not eat raw fish so sushi, even the vegetarian kind, and sashimi are out for me. I have to admit I am a bit overwhelmed by Japanese food in general especially since I don’t speak the language. Although I enjoy food from all over the world, I am concerned about eating in Tokyo, although I know I should not be. That is why I need your help! I need restaurant recommendations for tonkatsu, tepenyaki, noodle places (udon, ramen or yakisoba), shabu-shabu yakitori tempuram and any other Japanese food that is cooked and that you would recommend. Mid to high range prices would be fine, but I am also willing to visit hole in the wall places. We will be staying in Chiyoda but plan to travel around the city so if there is a food find, I am willing to travel to it. I hope my preconceived ideas about eating in Tokyo change once I return from my trip. Thanks in advance for your help.

Aug 23, 2012
panapepper in Japan

Fill in GAPS Sept Itinerary

Thanks so much for all your responses you have been very helpful in defining the final itinerary!!! I agree about mixing it up and trying different coffee places - thanks so much for pointing the other options out - they are on my list! The lunch recommendation at Blue Smoke is perfect - thanks. I have changed our itinerary a bit given that I realized we had no Italian restaurants on our list and have read a lot on the boards about Osteria Morini - I was able to snag a reservation for the final dinner of our trip (Sept 19). Also, I have decided on Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill for dinner on Sept 17th after the show and since we have a niece joining us that night haver been able to get a reservation for 10pm. Overall I think we are set - I will report back after our trip.

Blue Ribbon Sushi
119 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

Blue Smoke
116 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016

Osteria Morini
218 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

Aug 29, 2011
panapepper in Manhattan

Fill in GAPS Sept Itinerary

Need HELP filling in a few gaps in our Sept 14-20 NYC itinerary of foodie family (two adults and 15 year old twins).

Sept 14th - Arrive Penn Station mid afternoon - check into hotel in Chelsea - head for Highline walk to Chelsea Market for late lunch/snack - 8pm Broadway Show W46th St - Reservations at Bills Burger Bar

Sept 15 - Breakfast at hotel - coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters (we are specialty coffee fanatics) - meet up with an old friend for lunch Park Ave South around 25 & 26th streets (HELP-need lunch recommendation) - Blue Man Group at 8pm - Reservations at Hundred Acres

Sept 16 - Another coffee stop a Stumptown - Doughnut Plan for a quick breakfast on the go - Famous Fat Dave´s Food Tour for Lunch - (HELP - need dinner recommendation - Japanese for sushi and non sushi lovers -- any location in Manhattan) -- I was thinking Blue Ribbon might be an option but I am looking for other suggestions after reading mixed reviews.

Sept 17 - Met Museum - Lunch at Halal Cart - Upper East Side walk - City Rover Village Sampler 3:30pm - Broadway show (HELP - need late night dinner recomendation after the show - Italian with great pasta would be just what the doctor ordered)

Sept 18 - Brooklyn Bagel Company breakfast - Museum of Natural History - Zabar's to get supplies for a picnic in the park - (HELP - need dinner recomendations for the UWS - need to have some great buffalo wings so this may be the night - Blondies any good?) Any other suggestions?

Sept 19 - Dim Sum breakfast China Town - Dim Sum Go Go, Golden Unicorn, Jing Fung - mid day Yankees Game - (HELP - need last night in NYC dinner recs - was thinking The Little Owl or Keenes - any other suggestions?)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Little Owl
90 Bedford Street, New York, NY 10014

Dim Sum Go Go
5 E Broadway, New York, NY 10038

Golden Unicorn
18 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

Hundred Acres
38 MacDougal St., New York, NY 10012

18 W 29th Street, New York, NY 10001

Aug 25, 2011
panapepper in Manhattan

Restaurant Choice After White Sox Game

We (group of 6 out of towners) will be attending a White Sox game on Friday, May 20th. We would like to have an upscale Chicago dinner experience after the game but it won´t be until 10:00pm before we can make it to a restaurant. Should we have dinner close to the stadium or should we head back downtown to where our hotel is located? Any suggestions? I have been reading the boards and thought Merat de la Planxa would be a nice choice but we may have some carnivores that may prefer a good steak. Help please...

May 09, 2011
panapepper in Chicago Area