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Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico Restaurants & Food Shops

I second Mangosteens Thai Cuisine. I've been there twice now with my gf, and I'd go more if I lived anywhere near the area. We ordered the fresh rolls both times, for the main course I've tried the Pad Sew, the chili fish, the grilled spicy beef and Pad Thai. I loved all of them except perhaps the Pad Thai was a little on the average side. The chili fish was a fair bit hotter than I expected, but I tend to like really spicy food. The staff is really friendly and accomodating as well. Substitutions such as cashews for peanuts aren't a problem, and they seem to have really good recommendations. It still seems pretty empty though probably because of it's location hidden in the crook of an L-shaped building. You'll never see it if you're driving eastward along the Queensway.