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Best authentic Southern Chinese breakfast ... for vegans

I know, this is going to be a tricky one -- but that's why I can't figure it out myself!

I've been craving a "real" Chinese breakfast of the kind one can find pretty much anywhere in SF/LA -- or, let's be honest, China -- but I'm also a vegan without a car living in Washington, DC. And a native Chinese, so I have high standards -- Ping Pong Dim Sum is not what I'm looking for.

The lack of car thing isn't a huge problem -- I'm absolutely willing to bike 10 miles from a metro station for a Chinese breakfast place with great vegan options: fresh (not frozen) steamed red-bean and taro buns and rolls, hot soy milk, "fried dough", sesame pan-fried cakes, scallion and taro pancakes, and of course hot salty congee with (non-meat) mix-ins.

I'm appealing to the collective wisdom of Chowhound for a solution to this puzzle. Hours of poring Google and vegan message boards has done me no good.

Restaurant with good atmosphere for celebratory dinner with advisor/mentor?

Thanks everyone for the ideas! I've just sent him an email with your suggestions and asked if there were any he had heard good things about, or wanted to avoid; matching a reservation to our schedules may be difficult, so I'll just be making a lot of calls tomorrow and hopefully one of them will have space for us on Thursday night. Looking forward to letting you all know how it goes :)

Restaurant with good atmosphere for celebratory dinner with advisor/mentor?

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a celebratory mid-to-high-price dinner spot with my thesis advisor -- someone I've known for a while, but primarily in a professional capacity. As I'm graduating, we're at the awkward transition stage to a mentor/friend relationship, so I don't want to pick a terrible place that sends the wrong signals. I would also want to spend under $150. An enjoyable, interesting atmosphere (but not too loud, not too silent, and definitely not romantic) also seems important.

Besides all those worries about how to pick a restaurant that works for this dinner, I almost never spend that much on food and would love to get my money's worth. Any suggestions for classy, vegetarian/vegan-friendly, awesome-atmosphere restaurants that are also incredibly delicious and worth the major cash I'm about to spend?