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cheap 30" Viking gas range... don't know what to do!

Vikings are expensive pieces of c--p. They are over priced, shoddily put together and the components are made of s--t. I am the unfortunate owner of a six burner Viking range-oven combo. The self cleaning feature never worked from the get go, burner control knobs break on a regular basis and cost about $25 ea, the oven light switch broke (rarely used), the burner ignitor wire insulation frayed due to faulty assembly at the factory. What else do you want for $5,000 overpriced dollars? Mr. Viking must laugh every time he sells one of his pieces of c--p.

Apr 22, 2013
garygbnj in Cookware

Millie's Old World Meatballs and Pizza - Morristown

4/15/13 ordered a meatball sandwich to go. When I opened it there was no sauce-dry. There were 3 meatballs on an 8" sub roll. $12.75 is an absurd price. The meatballs were good but on the dry side. Split a large wood fired meatball pizza with a friend while waiting for the sub to go. Nice crust and good flavor. Minimal meatballs on the pizza and not well distributed. Some slices had almost no meatballs. Pricey.

Apr 16, 2013
garygbnj in New Jersey

best chinese food san diego

Is there any great chinese food in san diego

Nov 25, 2012
garygbnj in San Diego