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Best coffee shop in the Carrollton/Dallas area - even if I have to drive 30 min.

I know that chai is tea, chai is the indian word for tea, so if you ask for a chai tea it's like asking for a "tea tea" please. HA. I love tea and coffee and hot cocoa, I was asking for the best "coffee shop" not the best coffee specifically. Just want a nice independent place to chill with good drinks and comfy atmosphere.

Best coffee shop in the Carrollton/Dallas area - even if I have to drive 30 min.

Looking for non-chain or small chain coffee with great variety and comfy setting. LOVED insomnia way back when I first moved here, but has since changed hands.
Dunn Bros. is tolerable, they have great Chai and French Press. I live in Carrollton but I am willing to travel for good Joe.

Tell me your favorite places to "foodie shop" in the DFW area, or thereabouts. Farmer's markets, natural markets, specialty stores, etc..

I work at Central Market so that's a given, Whole Foods, Sprouts and Natural Grocer I know about. Tell me some of the little known gems! The cheaper the better, but not necessary, I do love a good gourmet shop, whatever the price! I am really just trying to get to know my area better. I live in Carrollton but I am willing to travel for an interesting find. Cheers!

Trader Joes - DFW

Aldi's is coming to Carrollton, corner of Marsh and Frankford next to (gasp) the .99 cents only store. But I must say Aldi's in my home town in Connecticut is great, bargain groceries pretty good quality for what you are paying. It works for us industry professionals that don't make a whole lotta scratch. Beats sack 'n' save by a long shot.

Moules Frites in Dallas?

Just watched Throwdown with Bobby Flay, (not my fave show btw) but the challenge dish looked amazing and I have never had the pleasure of trying it. Just wondering if Moules Frites or Mussels and fries exists in the Dallas area?

Hatch Peppers

I work at CM and can tell you that fresh Hatch chiles are $0.99 lb and roasted are $2.79 lb.
not $6.00 as someone here mentioned. and a pound of roasted Hatch can yield quite a few servings, so for under 3 bucks, it sounds like a deal to me.

Nopales in DFW - preferably near Carrollton?

Anyone know where to get good, homemade Nopales (cactus) dishes? I had nopales chimichangas once up North and haven't seen them on menus here, any ideas?

[DFW] looking for best Lao food

There is a new-ish Thai place called Thai Grill on Marsh and Frankford, right off G.Bush in Carrollton and the people that run it are from Laos, or at least a few are. Give them a try - they have good food, the only thing I didn't like was their pad thai - it was very saucy and I tend to like it drier. Otherwise - nice little joint.

Flatbread in Canton

I had flatbread on a recent visit home to CT from TX and wow! pizza heaven. Amazing toppings and great atmosphere, kinda commune-ish if you dig that hippie stuff. The salad with seaweed on top was really different and very tasty. they have good sodas too.
highly recommended

Lesser known hotdogs in CT

Sheiks in Torrington, only on saturdays with Kraut and guldens. yum
or gooseboro in bantam with a coffee milkshake and fries. oh do I miss CT!!!
Texas doesn't know the meaning of a hot dog.

frozen yogurt- DFW

Thanks!! For some reason the website won't come up for me. I'm sure I'll find it though. thanks again.

Pho in Dallas?

I think that location is shut down. I'm not 100% sure but that is my impression. By all means, it is worth the drive!!

frozen yogurt- DFW

where is natsumi?

Spiceman's FM 1410

Where is this magical place you speak of? this is the first I have heard of it

Mar 31, 2008
ginger7949 in Texas

Pho in Dallas?

I'm not really an expert but I am in love with Pho Bistro on Frankford and Old Denton in Carrollton, next to the starbucks. They have great pho, great bun and amazing goi cuon and a similar rice paper roll with pork sausage in it - YUM - the noodles and veg are chilly and the pork sausage is nice and warm, great contrast. their peanut sauce is good enough to eat out of the bowl with a spoon. They are family owned, young couple and SUPER friendly - They'll explain anything you want to know on the menu. clean kitchen from the looks, they even have boba tea if you like it. I always get the fresh lemonade or the hot jasmine tea (served whole leaf - not tea bag) in a personal pot - Very inexpensive
blows que huoung away. their only downfall is that they don't serve banh mi - but I guess that just confirms how good the pho is. Try the house special pho with everything. yummy - think I'm gonna go for dinner tonight.

frozen yogurt- DFW

Bliss frozen yogurt in Lewisville beats berry berry hands down. small independent and simple. They have 2 flavors that rotate, if you can get the peach or passionfruit they rock. THey have great fresh fruit toppings, way fresher than the sad pale 3 day old fruit mix topping I had at berry berry. They even have fresh pomegranate seeds, yum.
It's in the plaza on the corner of 121 and 35 where best buy and twin peaks are. I highly recommend them, speaking from a "I may have to seek rehab for my yogurt addiction" point of view. Again the name is Bliss. cheers

H-mart, New Asian Grocery Store in Carrollton

I've been three times this week!!! I live right around the corner, and I am soooo happy that this is the neighborhood I chose to move into this past year! so many great food opportunities.
The bakery is great, good coffee too - they have these peanut butter buns that will cure any craving! yum. I still haven't been able to get a seat in the food court, I might try again today, I did notice for fast-ish food the prices are high. But from the looks of the crowd, it's well worth it. Their kitchen equipment selection alone is worth the trip. They are also raffling off a mercedes SUV and giving away a free bowl or dish to every customer at the cash register. FUN FUN FUN! I only wish I knew more about Kim chee because the deli area with all the different types looks amazing. I'll have to do some trial and error.

Banh mi in Carrollton/N.Dallas area and a little help ordering it?

You are a lifesaver!!!!! Thank you sooooo much - I am now on my way out the door to get one for lunch!!!

Thanks for all the links as well, what a great resource for flavor experimentation!
I am a happy girl.

Feb 25, 2008
ginger7949 in Texas

Banh mi in Carrollton/N.Dallas area and a little help ordering it?

I have lived in Carrollton for about 5 months now and I have discovered 2 places that have great Banh mi, as far as I'm concerned; Carrollton supermart on Josey and Frankford in their little bakery area,and Banh mi Ba Le in the Plaza on Josey and I think it's Beltline??? it's a small shop in a plaza with a sack n save.

I love these sandwiches with a passion. A very close friend that is Vietnamese blindsided me with one of these as a teenager working the night shift at a local hotel in Connecticut. It was 3 am and he was up studying for finals and I was at the hotel trying not to fall asleep at the front desk. He showed up bearing gifts: vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk and 4 banh mi with varied coldcuts that at first, scared the daylights out of me. After 2 bites though... I was hooked. NOTHING compares in the world of sandwiches to the balance and the surprise of the flavors in a banh mi.

Problem is.... I have no idea how to order them, as it is I have been randomly pointing and hoping I come up with a good one and so far I've liked them all. Can anyone give me a rundown on the types of banh mi that are generally available (maybe not everywhere, I know) and what they are in vietnamese so that I might have a little more of a clue next time I'm ordering?
I would sooooo appreciate any help. Even rough translations would be a great help.

Feb 25, 2008
ginger7949 in Texas

favorite potato chips

ok new favorite! since i've been trying to watch calories, I have been trying baked chips. The new Archer farms baked potato crisps at target are mindblowing! The Jamaican Jerk flavor is so authentic and so addicting! just enough spice to keep me from eating the whole bag - my tongue started to burn! The curry flavor is amazing as well!! yummm.

but - I'm a CT implant in TX and I can't forget my heritage. Cape Cod dark russet, nicely burnt, Herr's Ketchup flavor - so addictive, better than french fries with ketchup! Utz crab chips, the old bay seasoning is so good with a lobster roll and a homebrewed rootbeer.
I like the red bliss olive oil chips too. spicy thai kettle chips, red pepper and goat cheese kettles too.
but these target ones are pretty amazing for $2.29

Feb 03, 2008
ginger7949 in General Topics

Waterbury CT Chow Report

Mikey's Jamaican on E.main - incredible and so affordable - everything is good.
La Cazuela, the pappas rellenas are amazing, and only $1, the tostones and roast pork with skin are something I miss terribly living here in Texas. They are also open 24 hrs. beat that!
pizza is generally good everywhere in CT, compared to TX. I love Ro's in Watertown. Thin crust - plum tomato sauce and a slightly charred crust.
The breakfast at Top o' the morning is excellent.
Nardelli's subs are the best with the marinated chopped peppers and their own house sodas.
Waterbury bakery has the most incredible bread, seeded rye that is as tangy as san fran sourdough, makes the best toast you've ever had.
Blackie's hot dogs, in southington, just outside of waterbury is legendary.
Just to name a few.
god i miss CT!

Dec 13, 2007
ginger7949 in Atlanta

[DAL] Reveillon?

Please elaborate! I'm so intrigued! What is this mysterious Reveillon you speak of - I'm a yankee by birth and still not fully versed in the ways of the south!

Dec 03, 2007
ginger7949 in Texas

(SAT) Pantoni Bread

You can get it at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Whole Foods, World Market, Central Market...
I've even seen it at the 99 cents only store!
usually in a strangely shaped cardbord box and in a blue or red color.
and it will be spelled Panettone.
It makes great bread pudding and french toast.

Dec 03, 2007
ginger7949 in Texas

Vegetarian Restaurants in Connecticut?

China Pan in West Hartford - very close to the West Farms Mall, has a completely Vegan menu as well as a regular menu. It is a Mecca for young I guess you'd say "punk" kids that have gone for that "meat is murder" lifestyle. It's not unusual to see pink mohawks and guys with complete body tattoos in the joint. I can tell you from experience that it is some of the best veggie food I have ever had.
I also like ION in middletown. And Mamoun's in New Haven and Middletown have incredible falafel and hummus - you can order it without the yogurt if you are vegan. Best middle eastern in CT hands down.
Hope this helps

Best Chinese Buffet in N.Dallas/Carrollton?

It's a holiday tradition for my girlfriends and I to go pig out at the Chinese buffet in our hometown in Connecticut when we are all home for the season.
I'm not going home this year - so I will have to get my fix here. I just moved to Carrollton and We have only had take-out from Szechuan Sisters, which is ok. I guess I'm looking for a good mix of traditional Chinese and Americanized Chinese to fill that craving for general tso's chicken.

Nov 25, 2007
ginger7949 in Texas

best thai in dallas?

So far the best thai we have tried in Plano was Jasmine Thai and their other location Jasmine II - formerly Nakhon Thai - The family was the same from the opening - they changed the name because the jasmine Thai location was getting more business and they wanted people to realize that they were the same family. They are both outstanding! The Tom Kha Gai is exceptional and so is the green papaya salad - albeit spicy even when ordered mild - but that's the only negative I could give. The pineapple fried rice is my all time favorite with cashews and raisins.. mmm...
I also like Thai rrific in North Dallas, it's in a shady parking lot but the food is good. The buffet at lunch is small but they have good choices. They make these stuffed chicken wings that are beyond my comprehension, how do they get those little bones out yet keep the wing intact?? I'll never know. Their curries are excellent as well.
I'd pick Jasmine over all.

Anybody been to Veggie Garden in Dallas?

Just curious about it. I have heard that it's in a buddhist monastery?
Anyone tried it??
Thanks and Cheers

Favorite Movies About Food?

I love Tortilla Soup
The scene in Stranger than fiction when Will Farrell brings Maggie Gylenhaal the "flours" - so romantic!
Pieces of April - the turkey!!
Fried Green Tomatoes - the secret's in the sauce. - the book has great recipes.
The scene in Made where John Favreau makes pasta Puttanesca for the little girl.
Meg Ryan's description of pears in city of angels
GoodFellas - the garlic prison scene, and the salami smuggling

Oct 23, 2007
ginger7949 in Food Media & News

Anyone else LOVE Nigella?

To quote my Grandpa "Never trust a skinny cook."

Nigella is probably the only FN personality that has shown me food that I actually want to cook - her episode of Nigella feasts called "all spiced up" was amazing, I made the Chicken mughlai curry and the pomegranate raita and the basmati rice pilaf. All were easy and all were incredibly tasty and original.
I haven't read her books but I would love to when I can get my hands on them.
Her children are so adorably geeky! - She's had a sad life too, if you ever get a chance watch her bio story that FN showed. She's a tough cookie!

Oct 23, 2007
ginger7949 in Food Media & News

DFW - Breakfast Spots

Poor Richard's in Plano - best cheap breakfast in town, crowded but the line moves fast, and it's worth the wait.
Cafe Brazil, the french toast with fruit and creme anglaise is mindblowing.
Original Pancake House, if only for the coffee with heavy cream and the fresh squeezed OJ
Same for Cracker Barrel - best OJ and really good grits and turkey sausage.
I still haven't found a place that does a good poached egg yet.