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Craft Beers and Brew Pubs(Is that redundant?)

Lord Hobo is too loud for me, too. Park in Harvard Square is my new favorite for atmosphere. It doesn't have the longest menu, but it has a decent beer selection (and nice cocktails).

Sep 21, 2012
tayfray in Greater Boston Area

Where to find Gjetost cheese in Boston?

My Shaw's (Cambridge Mt. Auburn) carries the Ski Queen brand. I bet other locations with decent cheese sections would have it (call and ask them to look for the red package), and I bet Whole Foods would have it, too.

Sep 16, 2012
tayfray in Greater Boston Area

Putting Grocery Outlet's Products to the Test

Yeah, you're doing Grocery Outlet wrong if you go for the off-brands. The only reason to go to the Groce-Out is for the normally expensive stuff that's on deep discount (I buy lots of organics there). Otherwise you might as well go to the Dollar Tree.

May 05, 2011
tayfray in Features