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I think I've seen the same one on sale at Mars.

Small Baptism Reception

What church are you having it at? Knowing the general area (Towson vs. Ellicot City) would be very helpful.

Some churces, like the one in Canton, have their own reception halls to reduce the cost...

Baguettes in Baltimore

You said your husband works in Canton: there is a Panera on Boston Street.

New to Baltimore: where to get organic produce, etc

Is there a post in the Baltimore threads about seafood where someone doesn't drop a hint about Faidley's? I wouldn't call it near Mt. Washington, unless you're looking for 20-30 minute drive and then a search for parking. The type of place she mentions is quite similar to what you'll find in the distributors down in Jessup. It smells and looks alot better than Lexington Market too.

New to Baltimore: where to get organic produce, etc

In addition to the other comments...
There is also a Farmer's Market in Towon on Tuesday at Kenilworth Mall (in the evening so you can go there after work) and on Thursday on the main drag.

Fish on the northern side of town: Lately, I've been going to Conrad's on Joppa. They have had local stand bys (rockfish/striped bass, soft shell crab, etc) mixed in with some odds and ends (eel, octopus, smelts). everythign has been fresh and delicious.

Atlantic City No-no's?

x2 on the White House
there is a little Italian bakery just down the street from there that is pretty awesome too

Aug 07, 2012
Dithyramb in New Jersey

Baltimore Restaurant Week

I might check it out, though Dogwood seemed to have some interesting options for a Hamden choice.
I was also thinking of Jack's due to my weakness for poutine and Mr. Rains because they are the only one serving goat.

Italian at South Jersey Shore

The Greenhouse

Aug 02, 2012
Dithyramb in New Jersey

Baltimore Restaurant Week

Any good suggestions for lunch or dinner?

Looking for baked chicken wings in Bmore

i think i remember seeing them at Ale Mary's

SNJ lobster deals

Would Marmora be in Ocean County?

Jul 26, 2012
Dithyramb in New Jersey

SNJ lobster deals

I keep hearing that they are $4 or less a pound in Maine. Does anyone know of any great deals between the Delaware Memorial and the SNJ shore?

Jul 26, 2012
Dithyramb in New Jersey

Seafood + Orioles - Recommend me something!

In that case, your best options would be in Federal Hill. Someone already suggested Ryleigh's, so you might also want to just get a 32 oz. beer and some half shells at Cross Street Market.

Dine Downtown Baltimore Staycation

Looks as if you have the chance to win a "staycation" if you like Dine Downtown Baltimore on facebook. It also seems that some of the restaurant week updates can be seen here and some other foodie goodness:

You could win a Dine Downtown Baltimore Staycation and Culinary Excursion with Chef Jerry Pellegrino of Waterfront Kitchen to the Grand Bahama Island! Downtown Partnership and its dining website, is offering Maryland food lovers a chance to win a culinary weekend. If you’ve ever dreamed of di...ning in Downtown Baltimore and travelling to Grand Bahama Island, the Dine Downtown Baltimore Staycation and Culinary Excursion to the Grand Bahama Island could be your chance! Sponsored by: Grand Bahamas Island, Bahamasair and Grand Lucayan Resort

Suggestions for DC/Georgetown/and Baltimore

Parking shouldn't be an issue, especially in the middle of the week and so early. There is a parking lot right next to Pratt Street that (because it extends the block) is also across the street from 1st Mariner. The cost is slightly more than some others, but you won't beat the convenience. There are literally a dozen other spots within a 6 block radius, some have parking specials if you come in after 5 and such.

Maryland Crabs

Don's and Conrads are on Joppa Road in Towson and right off 695 (1.5-2 hour drive from Philly)
Chris' Crabs in Canton (about the same distance, depending on traffic)
Bill's Terrace Inn as well.

Or, skip the whole process. Go to the Jersey shore, catch your own, and then steam them...

Suggestions for DC/Georgetown/and Baltimore

For the O's Game--Pratt Street Ale house is a couple blocks away, has quality pub grub and great beers. Just get there a bit early and beat the crowds and get a seat. Pickles might be good for people watching, but not much else.

Rick Dempsey just opened a bar inside the stadium. We ate/drank there for the last game. The food wasn't stellar, but pretty good bar food. It was much more affordable than we thought, not hard to get a table, and we went straight to our seats afterwards.

Baltimore Restaurant Week

with many of the restaurants doing quite well over the period...maybe it is just you. That being said, some of the menu choices don't excite me, some are a ripoff, but some are worthwhile to perhaps try a new place that i haven't gotten to yet. I never go to the Prime Rib for several reasons, but had a great time there last year for restaurant week.

this year, i see jack's is serving poutine, so i'm there at least once.

Small Jersey shore joints

they are better than they seem, easy to bone and such.
The taco joint next store is also much better than the faux-mexi joints in the county.

Jul 18, 2012
Dithyramb in New Jersey

Shelter Island spots?

Anything worthwhile on the island?

Best Feta Baltimore

x2 cheap, plentiful and delicious

Best traditional pizza delivery in Owings Mills, MD?

There is a place that just opened a bit north from Vitos in the shopping center on OM Blvd just north of the 7 Eleven. Little Tony's? The pie last time we went was especially good. Particularly, the crust was fresh and tasty and tasted like when I perform a proper double proof at home. The rolls they use for the subs are also a spot above the usual Owings Mills crap too.

Duda's in Fells Point

there are better dumpy bar food options in Fells. BUMP!

Pigheaded: Standard’s New Smoked Summer Special

focusing on the "meat" would be the first misconception/error

costco stores sell liquor in maryland?

Blame the remnants of prohibition (and neo prohibition) and the lobbying power of the three tiered system. (oh, and the elected folks who are swayed by their arguments)

Soft shell crab celebration starts tomorrow

who do you think has the best option so far?

cornmeal dusted, with some nice bubbly white wine or a warm pre-summer night...

Pigheaded: Standard’s New Smoked Summer Special

Not sure if I'd go for the cheek or the ear first.

Baltimore Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

Great choice, but they are booked solid (as are several places like Waterfront, Petit Louie, Bagby and Roys)

Baltimore Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

any idea for a good to great place for brunch this Sunday? Taking two toddlers, so it can't be too foo foo (like wit and wisdom...)

JFX 2012

soft shells seem to be out and about early. I've had them there and will verify that doc's recipe looks splendid.

I bought some the other day at Don's on Joppa and they were quite tasty.