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Visiting London and looking for restaurants...

We just returned from a trip. I would recommend Modern Pantry--it was different and interesting. It's on St. Johns Square. We also liked Anchor and Hope on the South Bank. The martinis (gin) at Dukes hotel were well worth the cost. Wild Honey was a good dinner--but not worth the price--the same for Semplice (concierge recommended). The restaurant (upstairs) at the Globe did a nice lunch with a worthwhile prix fixe. We walked everywhere--staying off St. James St.. Baltic was also over-rated--pretty good Eastern European food--but not worth a trip.

Aug 11, 2010
lparis in U.K./Ireland

Restaurants near the Fountainbleu

I'm visitng in September and need nice places for all meals (any cuisine--not too expensive--(entreees over $25) preferably within walking distance or a short car ride)--thanks

Herne Hill [London]

I need a nice place for lunch within walking distance of the train station. I'm pretty flexible on price and cuisine.

Jul 23, 2010
lparis in U.K./Ireland

McCrady's Charlestown

I went there in a group of 6 last Saturday night. While the food was acceptable the service was abyssmal. The waiter had tobe flagged for drink and dinner orders. Although they make a deal of a number of services presenting the plates at the same time, they routinely got it wrong. The wait between appetizers and entrees approximated an hour--and the waiter didn't check in with us. The service killed the evening. Maybe they treat tourists that way--but I will probably be in Charleson again, and wuld never return--

Feb 23, 2009
lparis in General South Archive

walking distance from Vinoy hotel

I will be staying there next week and would like recommendations for places within walking distance--breakfast, lunch dinner, all cuisines welcome

Jun 16, 2008
lparis in Florida

Solo woman diner in Copley Square/South End

I just had dinner at the bar (I was a solo female business traveller) at Bouchee--159 Newbury St.
The food was good and the place nice--I was not at all uncomfortable

Jun 25, 2007
lparis in Greater Boston Area

Phoenix area steakhouses

I will be staying in paradise Valley. I would appreciate recommendations for a good steakhouse. I don't like Drinkwaters (bad service several times, bad music other times, ok food, but nothing fantastic) I've enjoyed Maestros (I know it's in the same group but if's far) It seems that there are a couple of new places around Camelback, and I'd appreciate any insite.

Jan 12, 2007
lparis in Southwest

honeymoon in Vegas

they were thinking of Michael Mina, so I assume price isn't too much of an object--and they are kind of foodies so quality is real important--and I assume it should be somewhat romantic

Nov 07, 2006
lparis in Southwest

honeymoon in Vegas

Friends honeymooning in Vegas for a week would like:
good steak place
good Italian
good tasting menu with wine
Recommendations would be appreciated

Nov 06, 2006
lparis in Southwest

DC Chowhound would like feedback on her picks

I stayed at the Rex-the little restaurant there was not impressive for breakfast, and neither was Canteen--I know it's touristy but Dot's True Blue Cafe on Jones (walkable from the hotel) has great breakfasts--It just gets really crowded. I also like Jeanty at Jacks which is a longish walk but very doable (it's in the financial district)

Nov 03, 2006
lparis in San Francisco Bay Area

Hotel dining in CT

the hotel restaurant is Vivo--It's ok--I would not have the roast pork loin--the presentation is awful. Peppercorns and Max Downtown would be my choices for dinner--I'm not enamored of Trumbull Kitchen--the menu is lots of different small plates (by and large) and nothing much appeals to me--It's more casual than Max Downtown which, although under the same ownership, has better food

Decent and/or local chow in downtown Hartford?

If you are at the Convention Center there is a shuttle bus which will take you down town (it's only a couple of blocks, but the bus is convenient) Pastis is closed. Feng, on Asylum street, is new, and has gotten some rave reviews--I had dinner there, and I think its sushi stuff (which I didn't have) is probably its best stuff--my halibut steak was nothing special--I've seen you on the San Fran boards--so you might not be impressed with a lot of our stuff. The restaurant at the Marriott convention center (Vivo) isn't bad.
There's a nice lunch place, the Russell at Trumball and Pratt

Thanksgiving for a group

Anyone have any ideas for Thanksgiving dinner, near Tarrytown, for about 10 people--under $50.

PHX/Scottsdale: Nice dinner around Biltmore

I don't understand why Eleve is not more popular--We're in Phoenix every year, and it's become one of our favorites--Good food, unpretentious (but a white tablecloth place) Nice wine list (In March they had a special on wines on Monday evenings) Nice service, and a hardworking chef. Reasonably priced for the excellent quality.

Aug 30, 2006
lparis in Southwest

Need Recs for Waterbury CT

In Watertown is Carmen Anthony's fishouse--Upscale and pretty good
In Waterbury is an Italian which was good when I went several years ago---I think it's called D'addarios. Waterbury is pretty dead at night--
In Southbury--probably about 20 minutes away is the Good News Cafe--I don't particularldy like it (fern bar) I think the food way over-rated, but the foodies love it--it's a Carol Peck restaurant

Stranded in Scottsdale

I've always enjoyed Rancho Pinot Grill in the Lincoln shopping center--Not stuffy, good food and wine list, not too far from downtown (dinner)

Aug 11, 2006
lparis in Southwest

Long Napa Weekend

I just went for lunch--The food was interesting-(Halibut saltimbocca)but the interior was FULL OF FLIES It was off-putting. The food wasn't good enough that I would recommend returning--Had terrific dinners at Martini House and Terra--Bouchon was a lot of fun--and they were very sweet in coming us with h'or d'oerves when they couldn't seat us on time.

Aug 10, 2006
lparis in San Francisco Bay Area

Consensus On Best Restaurants in SanFrancisco???

I was at Canteen two weeks ago--I'm a tourist too--It's fine but not great--My eggs (salsaed were fine--my husband's pancakes--mediocre--I like Dotties True Blue better even if it is touristy

Aug 10, 2006
lparis in San Francisco Bay Area

lunch between SFO and Napa

Bay Bridge to CA 37 ,then CA 29 North (at least that's what mapquest says

Jul 24, 2006
lparis in San Francisco Bay Area

lunch between SFO and Napa

I need a reasonable place for lunch en route from SFO to St. Helena--Closer to SFO would be better

Jul 24, 2006
lparis in San Francisco Bay Area