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catering recommendation for Mpls/St. Paul?

I highly recommend Create catering. They are the msot expesnive local caterer I've worked with, but if your budget allows they are totally worth it. In my experience, they took the time to really listen to what I wanted and created a menu that met that perfectly. Aside from Create, I'd also recommend D'Amico and Chowgirls. Barrio also does catering if you are looking for a more latin feel (alhtough I have no experience working with them.) I have also heard good things about Fabulous Catering but have no personal experience.

Minneapolis - dinner ideas

How about Heidi's? Not really a party like atmosphere, but great food (and reasonably prices as a bonus) with excellent cocktails and a solid and varied wine list?

If you want to go a bit more high end, reserving a table at the lounge at La Bella Vie would be fun. Great food and some of the best and most inventive mixed drinks around. Plus a very comfortable and intimate atmosphere that would be great for a group of 4 ladies.

Finally- I'd suggest Haute Dish. Good food and a good drink selection plus a cozy atmosphere a good location if you want to venture elsewhere for drinks later.

Wine tasting

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a place to go wine tasting? It is for a group of approximately 12 people. Something outside of the cities is fine but we'd prefer a drive of an hour or less each way from downtown Minneapolis. We would be going during the afternoon, and I'd like to find a spot comfortable enough to spend a few hours there. I'm open to restaurant, wien bar, or vineyard settings but would prefer something with a bit of character!


Soft Shell Crabs

Origami and Saffron both have excellent softshell crab dishes right now.

Tim McKee and Masu

I went to Masu a little over a week ago, but am just getting around to writing this review now . ..which in a sense sums up how I felt about the experience. Good, but not great. I really wanted to LOVE it but I had to settle for just liking it. Good location . . .good quality Sushi for MN (veyr much like Origami . . .but the rolls are a bit more inventive) . ..good noodles . . .good drinks. Hated the atmosphere (why was it so bright?? And so big?) The bar area was cool and had a hip vibe, but the seating area left a lot to be desired . . .bright, big, impersonal. The good was good . . .but not the stand out I was hoping for. That said . . .my highlights were
-The Pork Belly Ramen . . .delicious. Tender. Rich
-The bacon wrapped tofu robata
-The Yellow Submarine roll

Barbette - Nice French Breakfast

Would just like to second this review . . .I have been obsessed with Barbette's brunch for a long time. Great variety on the menu, reasonably priced, and everything I've had has been stellar.

Some standouts:
-The Chai
-The eggs benedict (some of the best in town . . .soft, folded ham I can't find a match to anywhere)
-The scrambled eggs with truffles served on a baguette (my favorite)
-The Croque Madame
-The Buckwheat crepe (explained above)

Only brunch spot I like better is Meritage in St. Paul.

410 Saint Peter St, Saint Paul, MN 55102

Bachelorette party...dinner ideas in Minneapolis

My best bachelorrette party recommendations based on food, location, and atmosphere:

1. Manny's- its IN the W so two great bars are literally in the same builing as you. Plus, reliably good food, stiff drinks, and I think a fun turn of the tables for a steakhouse that caters mostly to men to be a women's only outing dinner location . ..
2. Zelo. The food isn't incredible, but it's solid. The menu has lots of options which is good for a group. And it's very female friendly- good, strong, fruitty drinks; lots of small plates/bites to share/great variety in food. Centrally located on Nicollet and close to bars you'd like to hit
3. Barrio- if it can hold a group your size. A great place to start the party. Good food, fun to share and try a little of everything. In the middle of the party scense both becuase you are in a bar and centrally located on Nicollet for going out afterwards
4. Saffron. Great food . . .not really a "party" spot, but a cool atmosphere and potentiall something different for your group. Excellent food, and in a good spot in the warehouse district so you are set for going to bars later.

831 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402

Faribault, MN [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

I need to pick a spot to eat in Faribault, MN (meeting firends from IA half way) this wekeend.

Does anyone have any recommendations of where to go? Not expecting the world, just somepalce decent. Would prefer no chains.


May 05, 2011
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