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The Classic 3-2-1 Margarita

Really simple Margarita (only 3 essential ingredients). You know what to do with these:

2 parts tequila
1 part fresh squeezed lime juice
.5 part organic blue agave nectar
(salt glass and add lime wedge to taste)

From Tommy's Kitchen in San Francisco: the very best margarita ever, anywhere, period!

May 19, 2011
SeanOuTuathail in Recipes

Big Tipper [Aurora, OH]

First visited Cafe Toscano last evening with a Groupon ($40). All the usual on being seated: ordered a bottle of Chianti, followed by entrees: penne arrabita & lobster (some scallops & shrimp but no trace of lobster) ravioli w/dinner salads. Average to a little better than average. Service was good: a bit slow filling water glasses and delivering bread to the table. But we enjoyed the wine and dinner. One chocolate gelato and a coffee followed dinner (not really gelate but chocolate ice cream). Then our waitress announced that she would add the gratuity to our check due to the Groupon. OK, I expected 18% on food and wine, maybe 20%. In the end, Leslie, our waitress, added over 21.3% on everything: food, wine, sales tax, the groupon.

Again, the service and food are average to a little better than average, and prices for pasta better than average ($18.95 penne arrabiata & $23.50 lobster ravioli). We were seated shortly after 6PM so the restaurant was not busy; service should be better especially for the generous gratuities the wait staff tacks on to the total. I would not recommend this establishment based on quality of food / dollar value, service / practices.

Cafe Toscano
215 W Garfield Rd Ste 170, Aurora, OH 44202

May 05, 2011
SeanOuTuathail in Great Lakes