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The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Not really an opening, but La Binerie Mont-Royal is now open from 8PM to midnight from thursday to saturday.


Where to buy cheese in bulk for a wine&cheese event?

I used to organize wine and cheese events for my students association 6-8 years back. We normally would go to Fromagerie Hamel and talk to the manager there, and if you buy only the cheese in somewhat bulk quantity, you can get a pretty significant discount (My memory is fuzzy on this, but I'm thinking at least 10-15%). The trick is not to take the prepared plates, but to only buy the cheese and to cut it yourself the day of the event.

My suggestion would be to establish a budget for both wine and cheese and to go see the manager and talk to him about what could be done. If you're spending more then 1000$ (would make sense for 150+), something can be arranged. They can also hook you up with bread, although you can get better quality elsewhere (not that their bread is bad).

At that time, we tried looking for factory/farms, but there really wasn't much in/around Montreal, and the problem would often be in getting a good variety or to make a decent cheese menu out of it. That being said, it's very possible that this has changed since then.

A lot of other places will offer plates already prepared and are willing to accomodate different budgets, but we always found that quality/price was so-so (I know Pain Doré used to offer that).

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Also remember hearing something about this possibility, but I can't remember where or find any information about this anywhere. Wouldn't be much of a surprise though, as I guess there aren't much coffee chains around (I guess there is the Tim Hortons and the Presse Café, but that's about it in term of chains)

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

I remember reading about it somewhere (doesn't seem to be here though) that the one downtown would stay open but might change name/menu. I'll try to find where I saw that.

EDIT: Found this : http://www.montrealinfo.com/fr/nouvel...

Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Martin Juneau seems to be taking over a space on Beaubien to open a small grocery store. According to his twitter, also involved are Louis-Philippe Breton and David Ferguson. No details yet, except for the address. (I think it's the former small fruit store?)


Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Passed in front of Brasserie Harricana yesterday and it's now open. Will have to try it soon.

Montreal smoked meat--The Main v. Schwartz's

I remember going at the end of the summer too and being quite dissapointed, as I thought it was closer to pastrami then smoked meat. It's really a strange idea though, bringing those changes, normally, delis rely on being the same old-same old.

Montreal smoked meat--The Main v. Schwartz's

Big changes coming to Main. Not sure if that will pan out...


Price of dry aged beef

If anyone feels like spending 600$ on a steak... (2 years of dry aging, that's crazy though).


Pizzeria GEMA

They also had this one last sunday, which looks pretty awesome :


Pizzeria GEMA

Just a heads' up for fans of GEMA, they are making 'special' pizza once in a while that they only advertise on social media, and it seems it's only for a day. I've seen some of them pass on instagram. You can see an example of today's special 'christmas' pizza here :


Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

There will be a new Rachelle-Béry store in Little Italy, on St-Laurent just south of Shamrock. They just started work on the local, so I would guess they won't open before 2015.


I also forgot to mention there is a deal on italian cake and tiramisu. (20$ each)


It's november again, and Alati-Caserta have their cannolis at half price for the entire month. Went by today and they had the normal ricotta ones, plus pistachio flavored, chocolate, crema (custard) and a new tiramisu flavour. Tasted that one and it was pretty good. If I remember correctly, they only have the ricotta flavour during weekdays, but have the other types on week-end.

Best Montreal style pizza?

Did it get better recently? I used to live right next to Miss Jean-Talon 5 years or so ago, tried it multiple time and while it wasn't bad, I always thought is was just ok. Like a lot of those pizzas, I used to have it late at night, and they would often overcook it a little bit, which might have affected my feelings about it. Maybe I should give it a try sometime soon to see.

Best Montreal style pizza?

Marconi's is definitely very good, completely forgot about them. Even Jojo (on Papineau close to Beaubien) also makes a pretty good one, although I've only had it late at night after copious amount of alcohol.

Best Montreal style pizza?

I really like this type of pizza (I call it 'pizza de régions', as it seems the further you go in the woods, the thicker and greaser it gets) once in a while, and I've been looking for some good ones for a long time.

I recall a time when Pizza Villeray used to make a very good version of this, but I've had some recently and was pretty dissapointed, it's not thick anymore and tastes pretty boring.

Around Little Italy, you can find a good version of this at Nouveau Système on Beaubien. They don't do delivery so you have to go for take out, but it's also very cheap (13$ tax included for a large pepperoni).

Around Montréal-Nord, Chez Vincent has a very good version. I would guess other 'franchises' of Chez Vincent should offer a similar one elsewhere in Montreal.

Finally, I haven't tried it personnally, but my friends swears by the (extremely) greasy pizza from Chez La Mère in the East. Best hangover cure according to them.

PS: I realize none of these are actually 'good' pizza in the way people on this forum would normally consider, but it's the type of pizza I was having when I was young, and I still get the craving for it once in a while!

Alimentation maison meat delivery service

Ended up trying all of the products I ordered. Some thoughts on them.

First, the bacon was fantastic. The smokey flavour was very strong, one of the best I have tasted in a while. Sadly, it's also very expensive (around 14$ for 500g), which will make it an 'once in a while' item.

Pork chops were very good and of high quality, would buy again.

Beef sirloin was ok, you could see it was a high standard, but I felt it ended up costing a little too much (at least for my budget). Not sure I would buy again, maybe I'd try some other cuts.

Sausages were ok at best. They reminded me of the one you can buy at William Walter, which are not my favorites. Chorizo had good flavour, but I thought the merguez were pretty meh. They had that 'pasty' texture (not sure how to explain) that I don't like either. Probably would not buy more, as I feel I can get better at JTM for cheaper.

Where to take visiting friends from Chicago

Romados or Chez ma poule mouillée could be some good cheap lunch/dinner options for Portuguese Chicken. You can get a more upscale sit-down version at Chez Doval.

For Indian in Parc-Ex, Bombay Mahal would be my choice, very good and BYOB.

As someone else mentionned, Saint-Bock is also a good suggestion, with an easy to go location with multiple other options around.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

How filling is that? At first view, it seems somewhat expensive for what it is (unless quality is really top notch).

Li\quid smoke

Some supermarket have it (not all though, as I had to look at quite some store to find it), but I ended up buying it at Aliments Merci at Jean-Talon Market.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

It's in the former Mondiana grocery store, IIRC.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

There will be a new Mamie Clafoutis on Fleury East (a couple of street east of Christophe-Colomb, either at Curotte or Francis). No opening dates, but signs in the windows saying it's coming.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Last time I passed in front, there were guys selling limes out of a pick-up truck. Seemed incredibly cheap, but I didn't need limes (10 for a dollar if I recall correctly).

Jean-Talon Market & area 2014

Spring 2015 seems pretty early, although I'd figure they'd want to have the new parking opened ASAP, considering it will remove the former street level one.

As for SAQ, I agree with you it has to be wishful thinking to think they can all stay open. Two big ones (new JTM + Beaubien/St-André) plus the new SAQ express, and there is even a classic SAQ at Jarry/Lajeunesse that's not outrageously far. Can't see the one at Mozart/St-Laurent staying open for long.

Jean-Talon Market & area 2014

Could be, I don't remember seeing it even though I've been to La Grange a fair amount of time, but that might be me just not looking for it.

Jean-Talon Market & area 2014

Just a head's up, but the western parking (on Casgrain) is now closed by a security fence. I'm guessing they are starting the work on this new building.

Jean-Talon Market & area 2014

I'm not sure if that's gonna happen. Just went to JTM and there is a new 'local à louer' sign right next to the Boucanerie sign. If that's the case, that sure was a short-lived idea.

Alimentation maison meat delivery service

They actually do have fish too, but I'm not much of a fish eater. I guess I'm mostly looking for people who would have tried beef, pork, chicken, lamb (maybe even turkey).

Alimentation maison meat delivery service

Anybody here tried Alimentation maison? (https://www.alimentationmaison.com/


Just got a visit from a representative from them and put in a small order, to try some of their products. Ordered smoked bacon, pork chops, beef sirloin and chorizo and merguez.

Everything is from local producers (they source it on the website) and prices seems mostly reasonable (similar to what you would get at a butcher at JTM). Big orders can get you a fair amount of reduction (15% off for orders above 180$ and 25% off for orders above 400$).

One negative is that everything is frozen. They say it's done in a way to preserve integrity, but I guess I'll have to see.

Am curious to hear from other about their experience and will report back once I receive my order and try the products.