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Good bakeries and inexpensive eats in London?

I will be in London later this month and was trying to look up good bakeries in London, I found a few but they seemed to be way out far from anything else.I am particularly interested in bakeries around big tourist areas (Tower of London, British Museum,etc).

Also,what are some good inexpensive eats in London? Are there many street vendors or food trucks?
Day 1 we will be going to Churchill War rooms,National Gallery and Tate Britain so around those areas would be nice.

Day 2: The Tower of London. We were looking at going to Borough Market or the London Bridge farmers market,are either of those good?

Day 3: British Museum and British library,any suggestions are appreciated.

Day 4:Natural History Museum and Science musuem.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!

May 09, 2014
prima_donna87 in U.K./Ireland

Cheap eats in Dublin?

My husband and I are visiting Dublin next week and I am trying to find some relatively inexpensive eats in Dublin, which seems like it is rather hard to do!
We will mainly be in the touristy areas,so anything close by would be nice.
Also,if we are to splurge on a good meal, what places are recommended? I have seen a lot about Boxty,but wasn't sure if there is somewhere else that might be better.

May 09, 2014
prima_donna87 in U.K./Ireland

Best bakeries in Boston area?

I will have to try Canto Six,they sound really good.

Cheap eats in Boston around tourist locations (Freedom Trail,Aquarium,Science Museum,etc)

It sounds worth it to stand in line and we can indeed eat like kings for VERY cheap. We are going to have to check this place out for sure.

Good Places to Eat outside of Boston?

On our trip out East we are also planning on going to Salem,Concord,Gloucester and Plymouth,any suggestions for good relatively inexpensive places to eat? I was thinking of going to the Clam Box of Ipswich as it seems to be generally well liked and I plan on getting as much seafood as I can.:)

It would just be nice to find some good places to eat while we enjoy the sites.

Clam Box of Ipswich
246 High St, Ipswich, MA 01938

Looking for "can't miss" food spots in Boston

A&J King Artisan Bakery looks really good,I will have to check it out!

Cheap eats in Boston around tourist locations (Freedom Trail,Aquarium,Science Museum,etc)

You were very helpful and I really appreciate it! I had read about KO pies and am going to have to try it.I have been to Australia and would love to have an Australian meat pie again.

Cafe Latino sounds so good,it would be so much fun to try and I am going to have to write it down for sure.

So No Name Restaurant is pretty reasonably priced? Is it a sit down restaurant or a take out? Will have to check into that one as well.
Thanks so much for your help!

No Name Restaurant
151-2 Fish Pier, Boston, MA 02210

Cafe Latino
2 Center Plz, Boston, MA 02108

Cheap eats in Boston around tourist locations (Freedom Trail,Aquarium,Science Museum,etc)

Thank-you so much for your suggestions! I will have to look into Bambara as that would be fun to try.Do you have to order any drinks in order to get the $2 deal? The calamari would be fun to try.

I am really intent on trying Courthouse Seafood as several people have recommended it and it looks very good and good seafood is something I adore.

What food trucks are good? I wouldn't mind trying one,where are they generally at? I would love to try an Oyster deal,any good places to get the $1 oysters?

Bambara Restaurant
25 Edwin H Land Blvd., Cambridge, MA 02141

Cheap eats in Boston around tourist locations (Freedom Trail,Aquarium,Science Museum,etc)

I think Courthouse Seafood looks really good.We will have to makes sure to go there.
We are not sticklers about it being under $10 but do want all of our meals to be really expensive,we want to splurge but have cheaper meals as well.

Where is a good place to get a $1 oyster? My husband has never had oysters before so I want him to try them and would like to find a good place that has them.

Cheap eats in Boston around tourist locations (Freedom Trail,Aquarium,Science Museum,etc)

That place sounds amazing! I would love to try the arancini as I have never had anything like that before.Will have to make an effort to go there.:)
Thank-you so much for the recommendation!

South of Boston Lobster Roll Search

I noticed Hingham Lobster Pound did not have any prices on their website,are they pretty reasonably priced?

Hingham Lobster Pound
4 Broad Cove Rd, Hingham, MA 02043

Best bakeries in Boston area?

Konditor Meister sounds like it should be the place,we will have to check it out,even if they are not that German.:)
Both Swissbakers and Sweet Mandel Bakery look really good,I wish Sweet Mandel had a store!

Do you know any Brazilian bakeries off the top of your head that I could look into?
Thank-you so much for your suggestions,I really appreciate them!

Best bakeries in Boston area?

Both Iggy's and Clean Flour look delicious! Thank-you for the suggestion I will have to check them both out when I am out there!

Best places to Eat from MA up to Portland ME?

We will be driving from Ware,Ma up to Portland,ME and I was wondering if there were any good places to eat a long the way? Are there any good clam shacks along the way? We are all about seafood and would love to try some local clam shacks or any other kind of place along those lines.

Also,where are some good,moderately priced place to eat in Portland? Are there any good ice cream places along the way?

Where to eat in Plymouth/Newport RI area and Concord,Lexington and Lowell area

While we are visit the New England area we will be spending a day in the Plymouth,Newport and Fall River. I was hoping some of you had suggestions for good places to eat. We are looking for inexpensive-moderately priced food that is local and either seafood or ethnic food.

We will also be in the Lowell,Concord,Salem,Lexington area one day so any suggestions of good places to eat in that are would be appreciated as well.

I have been looking at Gloucester,Ma and it looks like they have a good bit of seafood there,which is the best place to eat at there?

We will actually be staying in Ware,Ma during the duration of our trip,are there any good restaurants around there?

Also any bakeries in those areas that are good would be appreciated as well as any good ice cream establishments.

Cheap eats in Boston around tourist locations (Freedom Trail,Aquarium,Science Museum,etc)

My husband and I are going to be in Boston in two weeks and since we are two poor college students we are trying to find some cheaper meals while in Boston.
Since we are mainly going to Boston for the historical aspect I was wondering if there were many cheaper places to eat around the Aquarium,Freedom Trail, Museum of Fine Arts,Harvard Museum of Natural History,etc?

By cheap I am thinking $10 or less per entree. I am interested in different ethnic foods,particularly Brazilian,European and Latino. Being from the Midwest I am eager to try all sorts of new food,not sure if the hubby will go for it unless there is a lot of meat involved.:)

I know inexpensive seafood is kind of a oxymoron but are there any reasonably priced seafood establishments in Boston that do not cost an arm and a leg? We were thinking of going to James Hook and Co. as I have heard good things about it and it is pretty inexpensive. We are willing to splurge a bit more for seafood because we do not get good seafood in the Midwest.

Best bakeries in Boston area?

Thank-you for the recommendations! I looked into both and they both look really good.I will try to visit them while I am in Boston.

Best bakeries in Boston area?

I am a baker from the Midwest and am taking a trip out to the New England area in two weeks and I was wondering if anyone could steer me towards some good local bakeries.
I am particularly looking for bakeries that sell sourdough breads but am also interested in different ethnic bakeries.

I also have friends who were telling me about some awesome German (?) bakery near Blue Hills Nature Reserve that sold delicious pastries and such,they could not remember the name of it but said they mainly did wedding cakes but had some excellent pastries as well.