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Searching for German/Austrian foods in Toronto

Thanks for the info - I like the sounds of the sauerkraut! I hope I get a chance to get over there.

Searching for German/Austrian foods in Toronto

Thanks - that's just up from us so I'll definitely check it out!

Searching for German/Austrian foods in Toronto

Thanks very much! My grandmother lives in that area and I had completely forgotten!

Searching for German/Austrian foods in Toronto

We're hosting a pilsner tasting - we've got the main things covered:

(a) pilsner :)
(b) schnitzel
(c) wursts
(d) spatzel
-- and desserts - strudel, black forest cake (can't remember the german term) etc.

But for picky apps kinda things I don't know where to look. For pretzels for example. For damn good sauerkraut. For candies and things to put in gift bags.

I thought maybe you could all help :)

Oh and it's this Saturay - but I have all day Friday and Saturday am to go hunting....

best burgers in T.O.

There's a little place on Runnymede, north of Dundas St West. Jumbo Burger. Of course, it might just be nostalgia but I love the burgers. And the fries. And the onion rings. Sigh...

Setting up a full bar and looking for advice

Thanks for the link. I think I might spend tons of time there.

Sep 23, 2008
redleaf55 in Spirits

Lunch This Friday Downtown Suggestions?

Second this - and there's usually a salmon main for lunch on Fridays. (full disclosure - I work in the building but not in the Restaurant)

Electronic Digital Scale - portable

Hello - I'm taking a series of baking classes and need a new scale. I'm not too concerned about weight (the school is walking distance from home) but it needs to be able to be bounced around a little!

My ideal scale would run on batteries (for using in class) as well as an AC adapter (for using at home).

Thanks very much!

Sep 23, 2008
redleaf55 in Cookware

Setting up a full bar and looking for advice

Well, I've got the scotch covered. And my dear husband is in charge of red wines and port (neither of which I drink).

I've read a bit on here (and online generally) about bourbons and other mashes so I know a couple of brands I'd like to try but what I'd really like to know is what I should be looking at for some of the others. I.e. what's a good rum generally, or for a specific brand?

Price wise, best value I guess. Some of the vodkas for example are insanely overpriced. I have a good Polish potato vodka that's quite reasonably priced. But I think good tequila is just expensive.

And thanks for the Cointreau tip!

Sep 19, 2008
redleaf55 in Spirits

Indian Desserts for take away in Toronto

Thanks everyone - I think I'll be heading to Mistaan tomorrow. I'll do my best with photos and descriptions after the dinner tomorrow night.

Oh and we'll be picking up bread as well so that too!

Nota Bene - Amazing experience yet again - review + pics

My DH and I went for lunch today - our first visit - and the staff were great. Nice, relaxed, and chatty - a failing of mine is asking everyone how they are, some places they just smile, nod and leave but here, everyone stopped, responded, asked how we were enjoying ourselves etc. Very nice.

I can't hope to compare with BokChoi's amazing reviews. DH and I had pretty much the same meal:
- prosciutto to start - a nice contrast between the bitter greens and amazing meat
- Friday's lunch feature - Nova Scotia Lobster Club. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it definitely wasn't a lovely crusty bun with two huge pieces of wonderful lobster in side. The sandwhich also had crisp lettuce and some lovely smokey bacon. The fries on the side were lovely and the cheese (name escapes me) on top added that extra "something"
-I had the chocolate tart for dessert and while it and the raspberry sorbet were quite nice together it wasn't my favourite. In interests of full disclosure though, I should stop ordering chocolate desserts. I love milk chocolate and can only just tolerate dark chocolate. This was wonderful dark chocolate though.
DH had a rhubarb apple crumble which was quite delightful. He only allowed me a forkful!

All in all, very nice. A bit pricey for us for lunch ($150, for three courses and 1 glass of wine each + tip) but definitely worth the money. Just have to be a bit sparing with our visits.

Setting up a full bar and looking for advice

Well, we've bought our first place and I'd like to be able to offer people more than my current stash of whiskies. I've asked on the Ontario board for recommendations for liquor stores in my area (government monopoly here) and am asking here for recommendations on other potables.

I don't really know anything about rum for example, or cognac. Or any of the liqueurs really so thought I'd throw it out there: if you were setting up a bar what bottle (or more) would you definitely buy?


Sep 19, 2008
redleaf55 in Spirits

Favourite LCBO in Toronto? Setting up full bar

I know there are some alcohol related boards but I still think this is the best place for this question.

Hi, we've finally got our own place and I think I ought to expand my offerings to guests beyond my current stash of whiskies. I think I know what I would like to have in there but I need a bit of an education for choosing amongst the different brands.

Which LCBO has helpful - patient - staff? I figure I'm going to spend a fair amount and want to know I spent it wisely. I.e. I don't generally drink rum and so know very little about it. Also true for most sweet liqueurs.


oh and feel free to list your own favourite that you think I ought to consider.

Indian Desserts for take away in Toronto

Thanks everyone - I read a little about the places you all mentioned and wondered which would be a better place to go to: Samosa King or Mistaan?

I'll have to put off my exploring along Gerrard East for when I have a bit more time!

Soups at Lettuce Eatery?

I agree. The only thing that made my spicy chicken soup "spicy" was the addition of a packet of hot sauce! Without it, the soup was bland.

I've heard good things about the Sandwich Box and will be trying them this week I think!

Indian Desserts for take away in Toronto

Hi! We're having a dinner party this weekend and my husband is making various curries. I am usually in charge of the baking but I know nothing about making any Indian desserts. We've just moved downtown though and I know Gerrard East is close. So, I'm looking for recommendations for places where I can go pick up some:

Gulab Jamun

oh and my knowledge of Indian desserts isn't very complete, so if there are others you think I ought to get let me know!

Thanks very much!

Nice places in Brampton?

Thanks very much. I called today and they have gift certificates so Rapini's it is!

Toronto's Best Italian?!?

Wow - lots of great new places for us to try too, thanks.

I would second the Romagna Mia. The food was incredible but the service a bit slow.

Nice places in Brampton?

Thanks very much - I did try searching the Board first but somehow missed that thread!

Nice places in Brampton?

Some friends of the family are getting married. They're established and so don't really need much "stuff" so we thought we'd get them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant. Only they live in Brampton, which I know nothing about. Any suggestions? thanks very much. L

Digital Scale hunting in Toronto

I'm in the same boat although I could go a little higher than $50 - any recommendations on brands?

Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars!

Thanks for solving that mystery for me (of course, I'm online all the time but never managed to get over there!) They're available at most supermarkets in Canada - and all over Toronto. My fav = corn flakes.

Sep 04, 2007
redleaf55 in General Topics