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good crawfish in south fl??

Since we are back on the topic of Crawfish. I would like to throw in The Hot Pot. Never tried their Cajun style but their crawfish in shabang sauce is off the charts.


For me Ive been a little north lately and discovered Alegria Tacos. 38th and N Andrews Road. I little hole in the wall takeout joint that sits 8 people.

Fabulous Tacos.
Best and only good Burrito Ive had since moving to Florida.( homemade refried white beans)
Just had the Al Pastor Torta and it was on my top ten best sandwiches ever!

Nov 10, 2014
Bigstu99 in Florida

Looking for Hollywood, FL Recs

pretty much agree with Chowfather and Ocean about east Hollywood. I also love Black bean Cafe. Out by you off or on 441

1. Villa Rose Pizza.
2. Las Toritas Hollywood Blvd off 441
3. Stirling and 68 The Hot pot (crawfish in Shabang sauce) off the charts and Mongolian firepots. (opens 4PM
4. Dragon city Stirling and 68th Inside just refinished and as good as chinese food gets in Florida.

Dim sum.

Philip Ho's never got the support it needed, was rarely half full. They stopped the carts and started serving frozen dim sum that had to be sent back on at least 2 occasions. They closed around 6 months ago!

fun lunch in Hollywood / Ft. Lauderdale?

Fun Lunch I would go to he Rustic INN. For a fun time (Just above average Bar food) I would go to the Quarterdeck out on the pier in Dania. For people coming down from up North nothing beats sitting out over the water with endless views.. If it's a small crew sit at the outside bar it's always a lot of fun.

Inexpensive but fantastic?

Cheapest of the cheap Noor Bakery Zataar Breads
Lunch specials@ Rustic Inn.
HOng Kong BBQ... Silver Palace.
Udipi Cafe (vegetarian Indian)
Kuluck Kabobs. Al Salm same center.
Uncle Lui's (Hungarian)

A little further south on Hollywood Blvd new entry Go Bistro Ramen noodle soups ... Esp the Tonkotsu

Which restaurants use banana leaves for food presentation?

I'm not sure if this qualifies but The Hot Pot does a Pork and shrimp dumpling steamed in a banana leaf! Pretty good too!

Staying at Westin Diplomat on Hollywood Beach. Any great restaurants in the area?

Just had some pretty good tacos at the Taco Spot get the combo, the corn on the cob great. It's right on the broadwalk on Hayes where Vedu's fish shack used to be!

Crawfish a new contender in town

6820 Stirling road. about 3 or 4 or 4 blocks west of 441

Crawfish a new contender in town

I usually go to either Shuck n dive or Rosie Baby. I always see the hot Pot on 68th and Stirling whenever I go to Dragon city. I thought it was Jamaican, Boy was I wrong. Went over with Groupon in hand I am glad I did.

First off the Crawfish Done in their Sha bang sauce is off the charts. (they also have Cajun). Next some kind of Pork dumplings in banana leaves WOW!

Followed by a Mongolian Fire Pot HOt N Spicy side great, SIchuan (soso but great with the Cabbage.)
The standouts beef, conch and enocki mushrooms.

What Would You Miss if You Moved?

Been meaning to stop in there... biggest problem they are closed weekends. I hear from friends that they do a great conch too!


Naco Bizness is the best. Surprised to see them so far South

Miami Street Food?

Did Guiseppe's Italian Sausage truck go out of business. It was the real deal as far as NYC sausage goes!

What Would You Miss if You Moved?

food wise not much to miss besides Peruvian! and fresh conch!

Where do you get blackened fresh Wahoo or Mahi in Southern Broward or Northern Dade. Preferably on the Ease side?

La Caja China Pig Roast - First Timer Advice Needed

It looks like a longer version of the china box Hella imports rents for lamb!

Seeking eggplant parmigiana for take out/eat-in in South Florida

Kings County Pizza has really good eggplant

Staying at Westin Diplomat on Hollywood Beach. Any great restaurants in the area?

Just ate at Suliko for the first time. It is in the Aquarius and you can eat on the Pool Deck. This is Georgian food with fabulous Kabobs served up dirt cheap. Also the The Georgian Soup Dumplings Hinkali do not come in soup they are huge and need to be eaten by hand Yum. Chicken Satsivi was served cold didn't really get the taste of Walnuts but the sauce tasted of chicken Soup. Did not try any of the appertizers, but since they will deliver to where I live on beach next door I will be going through the menu .

Staying at Westin Diplomat on Hollywood Beach. Any great restaurants in the area?

Fulvio's and El Goyo Pollo closed.

Sardelli on Van buren. Just off the beach.

Giorgio's has the most erratic food and weakest coffee.

GG's don't go for dinner the worst service ever but a good Happy Hour on the Bay!

Best Pervian, talking hot green sauce and rotisserie chicken? Aventura vicinity

Cabo Blanco The best Rotisserie chicken. Tyler street off Youngs circle in Hollywood

aventura, hollywood, hallandale--south beach--reasonable--fresh--

Before you recommend a place please eat at the location you actually recommended! You start off with you found this great new place in Aventura. This place was not new, and Franchises are not all the same!!! Please go to this location and then try recommending it. It still won't go over on the bouad but at least it will be an honest review (at least for you ) of the location!

aventura, hollywood, hallandale--south beach--reasonable--fresh--

Ill admit I am not a fan of franchises it doesn't mean I won't frequent one esp on the road but as a rule they do not highlight local fresh ingredients and appeal to an un sophisticated palate.
That being said even among fans of particular chains that particular pei Wei has a very bad reputation even among people who like Pei Wei. That location Panera bread in Hallandale and Las vegas in Hallandale are all the bane of the franchises reputations.

All that being said the stars could have lined up and you received a miracle a good meal in a bad restaurant. It is also possible to get a bad meal in a good restaurant. BUT NOIT THAT PEI WEI! i HAVE BEEN TO ONE ALL THE WAY out by red road and it was edible.

aventura, hollywood, hallandale--south beach--reasonable--fresh--

Sorry but I will never again set foot in Kabobjii . Eating lunch one day the pita baker drops a pita on the floor and throws it back in the oven . I go and say something to the owner who does not stop his conversation with whoever and says I'll go talk to him. He never gets off the phone and the pita gets served! YUK!!!!

To the person who recommended Pei Wei all I can say is REALLY! Dishwater as soup no flavor to the food and terrible service!

aventura, hollywood, hallandale--south beach--reasonable--fresh--

I just had the cilantro ceviche @ Rizio's Federal H'way and 159th It is a legitimate contender. The Tacu Tacu was pretty good too!

Lebanese restaurants in greater Miami area

I won't go to Kabobji. Last time there baker dropped pita bread on the floor and put it back in oven!

Not really a restaurant Noors Bakery has 4 tables but mostly takeout.

Further North you have Al Salam and Kuluck. Both on Sunrise just East of University.

Goat or Lamb meat? Where can I get in South Dade?

Not exactly where you want to go but, Hellas Import in Hollywood will sell you an entire lamb. Not sure if they will cut it up for you give them a call. They will also rent you a china grill if you want to cook it whole!

TOP SUBS in SOUTH FLORIDA (Miami, Ft Lauderdale)

The Sandwicheer in Hallandale. Don't know where they get it but they have real Italian Semilina bread. Can't stand the soft pasty bread @ Sub Center. The breads @ Lorenzo's and Doris are ok but not the real thing! but they are decent.

Private Room

Try Texas De Brazil I know they have rooms @ Gulfstream. Don't know about down south.

Seafood Rustic Inn, Hollywood

LOve it, just bring your earplugs with a couple of hundred people smashing golden and dungeness crabs. Also don't miss out on their conch chowder!

Chinese New Year Banquet

I know it's last minute, but anyone know of any Chinese restaurants doing banquet diners for the Chinese new year?


Problem with the Hallandale location the and $7.77 dollar specials at 5,6 and 7pm any pizza depending on the hour and the rug rats it produces!