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What happened to Jimmy's in Washington Sq?

I noticed tonight that it is all closed up, brown paper over windows. I liked their pizza with arugula, but my hubs never thought the place was worth the price

Mar 21, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area


I chopped mine into fat matchsticks and dressed with lemon olive oil, salt and sumac. Pretty tasty, sort of reminds me of jicama with its mild taste and crunch

Mar 16, 2014
DrMag in Home Cooking

Dark stores in Brookline!

I just walked by Upper Crust this evening (around 8:30) and it seemed open.

Feb 26, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Tiny Chef Challenge

Mei Mei has a counter with (backless, unfortunately) stools that overlook the kitchen

Feb 24, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Facial Reconstruction on Crystal Head Vodka Bottle

My husband said the same thing!

Feb 23, 2014
DrMag in Spirits

Potbelly=happiness in Terminal C!

Good to know! The Starbucks "steel cut oatmeal" the one time I was foolish enough to order it was a grave disappointment- flakes into which boiling water was added.

Feb 21, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Brown Rice

If you have access to short grain brown rice (I get mine in bulk at Whole Foods), it is really nice. It has a nice chew that puts you in mind of wheat berries

Feb 09, 2014
DrMag in General Topics

Singh's Roti Shop, Dorchester

I forgot to say that the doubles are curried chickpeas in a puffy dough "holder". VERY good indeed.

Feb 01, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Singh's Roti Shop, Dorchester

So based on the recent writeup on Serious Eats, the family and I trekked to Dot from Brookline for lunch today. Totally worth the trip! The man behind the counter could not have been more helpful and welcoming. We had phoulores (fried dough balls with a tasty tamarind/vinegar sauce) that didn't make it out the door, a curry chicken and a goat roti, both of which were tasty (the goat was sort of tough) and the big winner: doubles! I would walk there to get more doubles! We will certainly be returning.

Feb 01, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Mexican Oregano

I second the recommendation for Rancho Gordo. They sell on the website both a Mexican oregano and an Oregano Indio, which has a slightly different bouquet.

Also, I just watched this lovely video today about some folks in Mexico who grow oregano!


Jan 21, 2014
DrMag in Gardening

Anyone check out Mei Mei brick and mortar yet?

We just had dinner there. We got there about 5 and it was pretty empty, but had filled up by the time we left a bit after 6. Double awesome totally lived up to its name, and my DH is already wondering when he can have another. The sweet corn fritters were good but not a must-have-again. Dumplings were not quite savory for me, but a huge hit for my DC. Trotters and waffles I loved, especially the spicy cranberry sauce. We tried the shrub and the warm spiced cider and both were fantastic. We will certainly be back to try more

Jan 18, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Red Lentils

I made this one last week, and one child insisted on eating it for lunch and dinner for 3 days! The parents really liked it too, it got better the longer it sat.

Jan 11, 2014
DrMag in Home Cooking

Washington Square Brookline question

I'd vote for Fairsted- very cozy room, good food, nice atmosphere for a date

Dec 26, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

When you can't send homemade, what food do you send for Christmas presents?

Smoked fish! I am a huge fan of Russ and Daughters in NYC (as is my father in law)

Dec 20, 2013
DrMag in General Topics

Need a cookbook recommendation

I wonder if a slow cooker would be useful for her? She could make bean dishes and such, which are quite economical. I'm thinking of Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker, maybe

Dec 20, 2013
DrMag in Home Cooking

Best Dessert In the City / neighboring towns

The butterscotch pudding at Lineage!

Dec 18, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Dok Bua - Am I ordering wrong?

I certainly like Dok Bua, and it's in our rotation because we live in the neighborhood, but it certainly doesn't rock my world. It's solidly tasty and consistent for sure, and my kids love it, which is a plus.

Nov 25, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Fairsted Kitchen im Brookline

Just ate there tonight with my husband and kids (7 and 11). Very satisfying meal, everything was excellently prepared. Cocktails and wine were excellent. Staff were uniformly friendly and welcoming without being overly intrusive. We will definitely return!

Nov 23, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Excellent Mexican food?

We are really enjoying El Centro's Brookline Village location

Nov 15, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Source for sausages near Brookline?

Thanks for all the tips, you guys! I foresee a lot of taste-testing in my future. Oh, the sadness!

Nov 10, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Source for sausages near Brookline?

I used to love the house-made sausages at Meat House, but they have closed up shop. Whole Foods' sausages have been dry and not well-balanced in their seasoning. Anyone have a place in the area that makes good sausage? We are fans of Italian (hot and sweet), bratwurst, you name it.

Nov 09, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Pumpkin Seeds

PIck off what "goop" you can and give the seeds a quick rinse (but I don't get fanatic about getting every bit off). Toss the seeds with a bit of oil, S&P, spices of your choice. I like smoked paprika, but you can go a lot of ways with this. Roast in oven on baking sheet at 450 for about 10 min, stirring a couple times, take them out when you hear popping, or they are nice and crispy when you taste. My kids like these so much that I have to buy bulk squash seeds and roast them!

Oct 28, 2013
DrMag in Home Cooking

Chili - Home Cooking Dish of the Month (October 2013)

I made this tonight, it is all kinds of good, even if it is very non-traditional.

Oct 27, 2013
DrMag in Home Cooking

Apple cider donuts?

Whoa, why did you tell me this, I am near two different Clover locations! Gotta go get one, byeeee!

Oct 23, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Cryptic Food Menus

Years ago in NYC my husband and I liked to order an appetizer from a local Indian takeout place. I forget what it was called, but the description was "too complicated to explain, but delicious". It WAS delicious!

Sep 30, 2013
DrMag in General Topics

Greek cookbook/greek home cooking

+1 for Diane Kochilas. I don't recall off the top of my head which of her cookbooks I have, but her recipes are excellent

Sep 26, 2013
DrMag in Home Cooking

So I had a ton of greens and made this

I was getting overwhelmed by greens from my farmshare and found this soup recipe- I'm eating it right now for lunch and like it so much I kinda want to go buy more greens (this way madness lies!) I put bok choy stems in too, it's amazing what my immersion blender can do to break stuff down


Sep 23, 2013
DrMag in Home Cooking

Plain Peanut Butter Ice Cream with no chips, cups, or swirls

Well, it's not ice cream, but I really like the peanut butter yogurt at Pinkberry. Salty and sweet at the same time, and really good with fresh fruit on top (like PB&J!)

Aug 28, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Mission Cantina?

Ate there with my DH and kids about a week ago. Excellent tacos, especially the pork ones, and the various salsas were really good. Tasty meal, but overpriced. I liked it, but not enough to put into regular rotation.

Aug 24, 2013
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Your favorite ingredient discoveries

I just came late to the preserved lemon game, and wish I'd gotten to them earlier! So far I've been mincing them and adding them to my frequent summer salads, both grain- and leaf-based

Jul 30, 2013
DrMag in Home Cooking