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Ole for mole!

We are huge fans of Ole, have been since my sister had her wedding rehearsal dinner there a dozen-ish years ago. Love the tableside guac, agree about those short ribs (my older daughter inhaled my husband's entire entree of them the last time we were there, poor husband). The jicama salad is one of my favorite things on the menu, I cannot get away without ordering it!

May 08, 2015
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Greek Restaurant in Boston?

I agree with Esperia, it's a nice family-type place, consistent tasty product, even if it isn't mind-blowing

May 06, 2015
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Food for 2 years post gastric bypass surgery

I completely agree. Your surgeon must have a nutritionist associate who could be really helpful. You've put so much work into losing the weight, reward yourself by staying healthy!

May 04, 2015
DrMag in Home Cooking

Gendering of Food

My husband and I also seem to order the "wrong" gendered entree!

Apr 07, 2015
DrMag in General Topics

Help! Unused but opened boxed chicken broth. How long in the fridge is it good for?

I've used broth that's been in the fridge for a good couple of weeks (same product with twist-off lid). As long as it has no "off" smell I think you're ok, since you're going to be cooking with it. We all still seem to be alive here, FWIW.

Mar 29, 2015
DrMag in General Topics

Need help for upper Cape Cod

I agree with LilBrownBat that the Bookstore can be very hit or miss. We used to love it but last year it was a real letdown. We'll probably give it another try this year for old times' sake

Mar 22, 2015
DrMag in Southern New England

Ma Po Tofu

I am very fond of this dish at Mary Chung's in Cambridge and at Sichuan Gourmet in Brookline.

Mar 21, 2015
DrMag in Greater Boston Area


We were at Ole in Cambridge lately and there was a lady at a tortilla-making station right out front next to the bar. As you sat, they'd bring you tiny quesadillas, and they were quite tasty

Feb 01, 2015
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Interesting ideas for leftover cheese sauce?

Over toast as a sort of Welsh rarebit? I had such a jones for those with one of my pregnancies!

Jan 18, 2015
DrMag in Home Cooking

Have You Had These at Mary Chung?

Lion Head Meatball is a favorite, it has a crunchy component, maybe water chestnuts or something similar in it. It's HUGE and comes with very tasty broth. I am addicted to their Ma Po Tofu as well. Great, now I know where I'm having lunch tomorrow!

Jan 17, 2015
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Refried Red Beans

Go for it! I have made refried beans from a number of varieties and they are all wonderful

Dec 12, 2014
DrMag in Home Cooking

Favorite Christmas Food Traditions

OMG that sounds perfect, can I join your family??

Dec 11, 2014
DrMag in General Topics

"Real" Eggnog

Crescent Ridge is our current favorite

Dec 09, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Is it just me, or is this really utterly ridiculous?

I came to this website tonight to ask the same question!

Dec 09, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Crock Pot Recommendations Please

I've been very happy with my Crock Pot SCVT650-PS. It's got a stoneware crock which holds heat very nicely (I used to have a slow cooker with a removable metal insert which was AWFUL, never evenly cooked). It's held up well to twice weekly use for about 2 years now. Under $100 on Amazon right now, 6.5 quarts.

Dec 05, 2014
DrMag in Cookware

Mei Mei Kitchen, real disappointment..

Yeah, sadly they are off our rotation. LOVE the Double Awesome, but otherwise I agree with you that the flavor combos are more often weird than winners. I am likewise sad since I completely like the folks and their viewpoint.

Nov 02, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Zaftigs disappointment

Just the other day we walked past Zaftigs and I asked my husband to remind me if we liked it! It's just a big "meh" for us, haven't been there in years, no desire to return.


Totally agree about the use on cooked veggies. I also like it on cooked whole grains (wheat berries, brown rice) with a bit of olive oil. And of course sprinkled on hummous!

Sep 15, 2014
DrMag in Home Cooking

Apple picking?

Honeypot is fun, but a total crowd scene. That said, I go at least once a year and stand in line for the awesome donuts. Quieter is Westward Orchards in Harvard, MA- they have an associated store with quite nice sandwiches too.

Sep 03, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

USA Yogurt Recommendations

I've been enjoying the plain sheep's milk yogurt from Old Chatham Shepherding Co, the one I like is called "Black Sheep". I get it at the Wegman's in Chestnut Hill, which also carries Noosa, BTW.

Sep 02, 2014
DrMag in General Topics

USA Yogurt Recommendations

Enthusiastic +1 for Noosa. Nicely tart. I just wish my store carried it in plain.

Sep 02, 2014
DrMag in General Topics

Recommendation on fish and chips?

Publick House in Brookline is also quite good

Aug 24, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Worst thing you ate before working-out.

Spicy food. I had a meal with a lot of pickled hot peppers and did NOT enjoy that feeling ONE BIT

Aug 24, 2014
DrMag in General Topics

Best Zucchini bread and/or muffin recipe

I recently made the Cooks Illustrated one (it's on the website but you need a membership). Tasty, used up a lot of zucchini, and it was not too sweet.

Aug 02, 2014
DrMag in Home Cooking

Breakfast near airport

Cannot second this fast enough. It's a good thing Kane's isn't closer to me or I'd weigh a TON

Jul 26, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

mujadara (lentils and rice) recipe

I've used this one, it is fantastic

Jul 24, 2014
DrMag in Home Cooking

Cheap Foods that Become Popular

An older cousin of mine in Halifax recalls around the Depression when lobster was only found in the "poor kids'" lunchboxes!

North Conway/ Storyland report

We've just returned from a nice long weekend and I wanted to get my impressions down while they were fresh in my mind.
No breakfast places to report (we ate at the hotel breakfast), but we did try the cider donuts at White Mountain Cider Co while picking up sandwiches and they are worth every calorie.
Sandwiches from White Mountain were a far cry over the food available at Storyland and I totally recommend bringing food into the park.
We had one dinner at the Scarecrow Pub in Intervale since May Kelly's was full. It was fine, nothing special but good for what it is. The service was very slow, but pleasant.
Our other dinner was at White Mountain Cider Co and was outstanding. They are totally kid-friendly and have several off-menu options for kids, such as plain pasta and burgers. My husband had the polenta torte over eggplant caponata and loved it (and he hates eggplant!). I had sautéed fiddleheads and ramps followed by the burger (technically a kids burger but they fancied it up with sautéed mushrooms and a nice tomato chutney). My older kid got the meatball trio which was outstanding. Service was very professional and helpful with wine choices, cocktails were really good. I would almost drive back to the area from Boston just to eat here again!

May 26, 2014
DrMag in Northern New England

Moody's banh mi

Thanks, I just looked at the website, it looks worth a trip!

May 11, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area

Russo's organic produce

I've tried the dinosaur kale, Gala apples, sweet peppers and lettuce. All were up to the standard I expect from Russo's and I'm thrilled that they're carrying more organic! I'm so tempted to buy more than I need just to positively reinforce them!

May 11, 2014
DrMag in Greater Boston Area