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This weekend in the ATL

So we are going to come down to Atlanta for a conference and will be in the downtown area for the weekend and we had some questions for locals to the area. We will be near the Peachtree Center and prefer someplace in walking distance.
So first big question; We've seen the TV shows showing The Varsity and that they still have car hop service. We were thinking about it for along the way in or out of town. Is the experiece worth it?
Then we will be seeking food on Friday and Saturday nights hopefully something within walking distance of the Westin.
Looking forward to everyone's answers.

Mar 11, 2013
nowwendi in Atlanta

Yummy foods while undergoing chemo

Miso soup and kombu dashi was a great comfort to me during my fight. I'd use the Dashi with udon and soba. Soba is high in fiber which is a help with the digestive disruption caused by pain meds. cooked fresh veggies are also good in the soups.
Have your sister discuss zinc levels if she notices changes or remova offlavor from food. Her Drs can check it when she gets the other bloodwork done.

Mar 11, 2013
nowwendi in General Topics

How to eat while undergoing chemo

Premake several meals and either freeze or refrigerate to microwave for use before your chemo each month.
Talk with your Dr. about watching your zinc levels, a decline in zinc can change or remove taste from food. they can suppliment you while you are getting chemo to off set this.
Where is your primary site? Mine was a challenge as it was stage IV squamous cell of the head and neck, which made it hard to swallow.
I actulally found that a lot of Japanese dishes were easier to eat while undergoing radiation and chemo. A lot of udon and soba, brown rice, soups and porrages with fresh vegs worked well for me quick to fix and gave me enough protien and fiber.
Praying that You get the same good news on the other side of the treatment that I did.

Mar 11, 2013
nowwendi in General Topics

Mediterranean, Delaware County?

Don't know much about it, but there is Lourdas Greek Taverna in Bryn Mawr;

Lourdas Greek Taverna
50 N Bryn Mawr Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

May 01, 2011
nowwendi in Philadelphia