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Where to get good old-fashioned WATERMELON?

Since you asked and I've been looking myself, I just watched Dara Dubinet UTube video where she is at Rawsome (private food club) in Venice/Rose Ave and she was showing seeded watermelon, man it looked good. Rawsome is a members only thing (I think it's $50 to join) so they can provide raw milk/cheese/hormone free meat to there members who want it. I think they are only open Wed. & Sat, she filmed it yesterday. What I love is that flavor of the seeded melons, it's beautifully different, nothing like the melons I've tasted these last few years. I'm gonna try the wholesale food market downtown at 7th & Central Monday or Tuesday (@ about 2am I'm told is the best time) or ask one of my fruit vendors (Luis @ B&B Hardware parking lot Culver City) to pick some up. Seeded watermelons are so much healthier for you.

Jul 31, 2011
VeniceStu in Los Angeles Area

LA Wholesale Market - Anybody go Downtown? Got any Tips on parking-Vendors?

I'd like to buy cases of fresh Fruits & Vegetables (Organic if possible) fro the Los Angeles Wholesale Food Market for a 60 day Juice feast I'm starting soon. Does anyone know the best place to park? Do you need a parking pass? where do you get one? Any vendors who specialize in Organic? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you

Jul 18, 2011
VeniceStu in Los Angeles Area

Need help with a good vegan Restaurant on the westside

I'm new to this site and would like some help finding a few good vegan Restaurants in my westside area Venice/Santa Monica. I also wouldn't mind traveling a bit out of the way for a good place. I watched a powerful & intense UTube video from Gary Yourofsky filmed at Georgia Tech and I have been forever changed. I need good Vegan eats and I need them fast, I'm hungry. Any suggestions anyone, thanks in advance.

May 01, 2011
VeniceStu in Los Angeles Area