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Food for mama while she cares for newborn twins: strategies?

I'm pregnant with twins; due date is Sept 20th. Doc says I should expect to go into labor any day now or a month from now... who knows!? I enjoy cooking for myself and my two-year-old son, but the intense demands of twin pregnancy have finally caught up with my body, and it's really a stretch for me to prepare even simple meals and clean up afterwards, physically.

However I've been trying to tough it out in the kitchen. I've been stocking the freezer with many many portions of chili and mac/cheese and the like, in anticipation of the long months I will be spending at home cooped up with a 2-year-old and two newborns.

Any other ideas? Maybe recommendations for good quality ready-to-eat freezer foods that can be bought at Trader Joe's or Costco? (I've never been inside of a Costco, but my aunt has a membership and would be willing to shop for me.)

I've seen some plans online for cooking a whole month's worth of meals at once, to be frozen. But I'm not the type of home cook who relies heavily on boneless-skinless chicken breasts, if you know what I mean. Let's just say that the plans I've seen aren't really to my taste.

Maybe this goes without saying, but my resources are pretty limited, in terms of both time and money.

Jul 29, 2015
marylmarylmaryl in Home Cooking

Mothers Day meal: French Riviera, Vence?

Oh, geez. It has just dawned on me that I have been planning this road trip without any thought to the Cannes Festival. 11-22 May. Perfect. Does this mean that I will be fired as my mom's travel agent?

Tell me Provence lovers, how bad will the crowds be? To what extent do the tourists overflow from Cannes?

May 02, 2011
marylmarylmaryl in France

Mothers Day meal: French Riviera, Vence?

Thanks, both rrems and Parigi for your warm chowhound welcome. And Parigi , thanks for helping me get my bearings on the France board! Your suggestions for some of Provence's good eating towns lead me to this thread

Like the original poster in that one, my mom and I aren't big "restaurant" people. I am confident that the thoughtful recommendations yall gave her will point us in the right direction. Will be sure and report back next week.

I remain interested in the place I mentioned above, L'Auberge de la Penne, for Mothers Day. Has anybody been there? Do you know if they rent rooms?

May 01, 2011
marylmarylmaryl in France

Mothers Day meal: French Riviera, Vence?

I did not discover anything of interest to me by searching the France board. That's why I started this new thread. So much for chowhound. Oh well. I think I found the right place on Rosa Jackson's blog.

If anyone has been there and would like to comment, I would love to hear about your meal!

Also, is there an email out there for these folks at La Penne? All I could find was a phone number, and I would prefer to make a reservation by email if possible.

May 01, 2011
marylmarylmaryl in France

Mothers Day meal: French Riviera, Vence?

Hey chowhounds, what's happening?

I'm going for an adventure with my mother. I live in Sicily, and I'm taking myself and my car on a ferry from Palermo to Genova this Wednesday. My mom's going to meet me in Genoa (she's coming by air from the States). From there we will explore along the coast, or wherever the wind takes us, ending up in Barcelona where we have a week-long apartment rental lined up.

OK, so where should I take Mom for Mothers Day?

Here's a little about us, our tastes... I wouldn't call ourselves foodies but we LOVE TO EAT. One of my personal heroes is Julia Child. We generally prefer cooking at home to eating in restaurants. We're both a little on the frugal side of spend-y-ness (read, cheap). Mom's allergic to nuts. She lives in Ohio, so she probably doesn't get as much seafood as she should. Also, my mom is really into "what the young people are doing", especially visual art. We don't speak French, but I am willing to try. For preparation, I have been listening to Francoise Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg.

According to my calculations, we should be somewhere around Vence for Mothers Day.

Also feel free to clue me into any of your favorite dishes or eateries that we might find along our proposed route, at ANY point (not only Mothers Day)... especially France and Barcelona. Not so much Genoa cause Mom is already familiar with that city. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!

Apr 30, 2011
marylmarylmaryl in France