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does anyone know a good dessert/cake place in fort lauderdale?

Am having BBQ dinner at Jenkins and want to go to a place after for a bday dessert/cake. Any suggestions?

Does anyone know where to find a great Pavlova in Miami Beach?

Summer for me is pavlova, or if not any other meringue based cake or dessert will do......


they are working at the back of Enso using their kitchens. they do delivery and pick up direct from the kitchen but no sit down. this is temporary they said before move.

chinese roast duck in Miami?

PK has duck during the week, got a whole duck to go for $16 today, much better than restaurants, thank you chowhound. finally proper roast duck as well as fresh chinese broccoli, char siu and more. great place.

chinese roast duck in Miami?

xie xie advisor_girl, will try this weekend, yum yum yum yum,

chinese roast duck in Miami?

Am chinese and just moved to miami and not too happy about the roast duck (and in general chinese food) around town. Nearly all ducks I have tried so far are dry, stringy or simply floured and fried (a cheat). This includes Miss Yip and tropicana chinese (though service and atmosphere at latter is great). All the duck dishes ( duck salad, peking duck and roasted duck) at Hakkasan were very good but who can afford to eat there every week? Gigi I found very bland, all the right ingredients but missing right authentic taste. Please anyone have suggestions?

Miami Beach, FL, Miami Beach, FL

Ft. Lauderdale - ISO great fried chicken, baby back ribs & ice cream! (Not necessarily at the same place!)

tom jenkins for baby back ribs..... properly smoked and their house bbq sauce addictive, great atmosphere and friendly. nothing better.