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Here are some local favorites that I find terrible, and question how drunk people are when they eat there. Honestly, the top two astound me with how bad they were.

Pikabu Bistro - Food was grade F. Disgusting. I usually give places two tries, three if I feel they deserve it. Within five minutes, I wanted to leave. And never come back. I know this place was featured on Food Network on "Diner's, Drive Ins, and Dives", the next restaurant was as well. I want to know how the host of that show ate there, and what his experience was like. It's expensive, the waitress ignored us for almost the whole meal, and the food was absolutely disgusting. I don't have high expectations for this town, but that was really nasty.

The Elk- Overall, it's unclean, the staff are rude, and the food is terrible. I understand it's a bar, but would it kill to maybe run a vacuum on the floor? The one saving grace is the Reuben. If you have to go in there, or are with a group of college kids, get the Reuben. That would be the only reason to go. The bar is over-priced, but has a decent selection of booze if you want to spend $50.

Tomato Street - Food was Olive Garden Italian, maybe a little cheaper. The staff was all college kids, who had no clue what they were doing. Enough said.

Taaj Indian - The lamest Indian food. Prices were about average. Just get the curry chicken; even then it's not very good.

Peking North - Not actual Chinese, tasted like brown gravy and grease. Waitress was an absolute gem, but the food was a real let down.

High Nooner - The sandwiches are better at Subway. Hands down. Takes forever to get your food (1 hour wait time for two sandwiches. One was Philly, the other too bleh to mention.) And it cost almost 30 bucks for just the two. Both locations are equally bad. Don't bother.

Some restaurants that are worth your time:

European Breakfast - This might be a chain. Regardless, the food is fantastic. Get the goulash, huge portions, and very tasty. The coffee was really good too, and that's coming from someone who has had Seattleā€™s Best many times over. Do get there early, and expect to pay about average for IHOP price. Also be attentive when it comes to the staff. They'll ignore you, and mix up your order. (Every time I've gone, they've managed to mix up and/or forget me.)

Frank's Diner - Go there for atmosphere. Foods decent and the staff are pretty nice. Sit at the counter and watch them cook. They know what they're doing, and it's impressive that they cook like that in such a cramped space.

Prospector's - EXPENSIVE. Expect to go in there and spend an arm and a leg. But you will leave very satisfied. The prime rib was wonderful, and the steaks aren't bad either. Depending on who the waiter or waitress is, it can be a very good dining experience. Gone there a couple times, and it was worth the money.

The Brooklyn - Alright Sandwiches. Not the best I've ever had, but tasty and worth the money. Their chowder is good too. The bartenders are also pretty good, and make a really good bloody mary.

The Catacombs - Little hole in the wall. Good pizzas and decent pasta. A little on the pricey side, but they do half price pizza on Mondays during happy hour. (This might have changed, call ahead if you do go.)

Apr 28, 2011
ayonali in Pacific Northwest