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Sika Deer in Scarborough - my new Shanghainese fav in GTA

Would you know if there's any signage to indicate when this parking nightmare would end...?


Oh the cheesecake was the one in the jar - and it was tiiiiiiiiny. Though, it was really rich, so for me, I wouldnt have wanted more anyway. It did taste a bit weird - it was all salty, and hardly sweet. The sundae, on the other hand, was awesome. Not sure about the jackfruit creme brulee.


Lamesa - it was their first year, and it rocked. It was probably the best $25 licious meal I've ever had. Everything was off their regular menu, and everything was stellar. Service was excellent. The whole restaurant was subject to Summerlicious and they didnt offer the regular menu -- good, because then service was pretty consistent.

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

Drums and Flats:

The flavours are nice, and you can customize what part of the wing you want...!

Went on a Sunday for dinner and it was quite laid back with lots of seating.

Where is Toronto's $5 plate of good food?

Any type of noodles in soup comes just under $5 without tax and tip at Swatow, I believe.

Where is Toronto's $5 plate of good food?

I think you can get 2 banh mi's for $5 at Nguyen Hoang.

Chowfind of the Millennium: Noodle Face - Authentic Beijing Flavours!

Is it newish? I frequent the area (maybe the last time I was there was a week ago) and dont think I caught it.. or it must be facing the inside of the plaza..? Really excited that there's handpulled (and seems like knife cut too!) noodles outside of the p-mall food court!

Foursquare link for Magic Noodle:

Chowfind of the Millennium: Noodle Face - Authentic Beijing Flavours!

Mother's Dumpling - downtown and serving Northern Chinese Food.

Fresh pumpkin purée?

Made pumpkin pie with the pumpkin puree from ED Smith and it was fantastic. I have a half can left which I froze and will be using it to make oatmeal cookies since the puree was such a hit.

Early Bird Dim Sum

Does early bird only apply to weekdays? How about weekends?

Early Bird Dim Sum

Just visited Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine this weekend for early bird - it's $2.80 before 11am for the small, medium and large sizes only (not XL!), and cash only.

Kinda disappointed as I had wanted to have the rice roll with sweet crueller (牛脷酥腸粉) which foursquare said they had - but it wasn't on their ticking sheet anymore.

Which TO/GTA restaurants would you trek 40 minutes out of your way to visit?

Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine - for dim sum? Or dinner...?

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

Is it here?

Best Moon Cakes in GTA ? It's that time of year again...

Oh mooncake post! I was just gonna start one... good that there's one already.

Anyone know if there's a taro paste one out there? I've been looking everywhere - but can't find any... I dont care if its the cold ones, just want some with taro paste! Thanks in advance!

Early Bird Dim Sum

Awesome news. Will try today, actually, and report back. :)

Early Bird Dim Sum

Tell us more about La Casita! I walk by it all the time.. what's good and solid there?

Ritz for roti near Yonge & Eglinton----any experiences?

Do they have non-boney meat at this location?

I frequent the one on Yonge just outside the Eaton Centre and love the jerk chicken. You can make anything into a roti, but anything I love has bones in it, so you'd have to pick it out...

For what it is, I like it (the Yonge location).. jerk chicken's good, the rice is good. Fried chicken though, isnt fresh every time I get it -- it would make sense that the food's brought in from somewhere else..

ISO Downtown's best dim sum

When the scope is limited to Chinatown (i.e. Dundas/Spadina), then I would say Rol San is one of the better ones.. because as @fionie says - there's just not a lot of good choices in Chinatown.

ISO Downtown's best dim sum

I wouldnt do dim sum at Noble -- I think their dishes are better than their dim sum. Har gow came out once with a hard shell. :-/

Taste of the danforth

I guess to those who wanted to go last night but didnt, you missed this:

ISO Downtown's best dim sum

Does Crown Princess have any happy hour deals?

Spanish restaurants in Toronto

I've been to Torito twice, and have enjoyed it both times. I think an average number of dishes for each person would be around 3 or 4... and I always found myself to be quite stuffed - we pay around $15-$20pp, and then drinks..

Portions are good to share with 3 or 4 people. I remember we had the steak, and everyone got a good piece. The sides are a generous portion too. They also give bread (and you can ask for more) for sauce-mopping.

ISO Downtown's best dim sum

Which Dynasty are you referring to?

I'd also recommend Rol San if in Chinatown.

Coming home after 4 years away from Toronto

Oh wow - BokChoi in the hood!!! :) Welcome back!

There's lots of stuff happening around the Ossington area.. west end as @disgusti had mentioned. I've always stuck to the Chinatown area (Queen/Spadina/Dundas) and we always like to visit Come and Get It ( for poutine....

Where's the best fried chicken in the GTA ?

Has anyone tried Porchetta & Co's version?

Kuala Lumpur - Fabulous Steamed Ginger Fish at CST Restaurant (來發發肉骨茶家鄉小菜)

Whoa - so the fish was submerged in its juices?? *drooling*

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

Does One2 Snacks have seating? I understand it's small ..

Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)

Interesting - I've lived in the area for a long time and never knew it existed there! ... Can you tell me more.. what are the pricings of things, is there seating or a take-out place..?

Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)

New York Cafe.

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?