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Paris Food Itinerary - July 2011

Here is what we have decided for our trip this time – we will be staying near Place de Victoires:

Lunch: Zebulon
Dinner: Le Bon Georges

Lunch: Le Comptoir
Dinner: Clamato or Restaurant La Marée Jeanne (Depending on how our day goes)

Lunch: Heimat
Dinner: Restaurant Caillebotte

Lunch: Versailles visit.
Dinner: Septime or Viviant (Depending on reservation availability)

Other places we might drop by for a glass or wine or snack

Huitrerie Regis, Verjus

Any good suggestions for bakeries or cafes close to the Place de Victoires area?

May 07, 2015
EWRTravelers in France

Paris Food Itinerary - July 2011

Resurrecting this old thread of ours as we will be taking family to Paris for their first time in early June. During out last visit we completed the original list above and loved all of our choices although we were not the biggest fans of Frenchie and Le Dauphin.

Adding a little extra complexity to this trip as we will only be in Paris Saturday morning until Wednesday afternoon.

Are these still solid choices? Reading the blogs and restaurant websites I see that Rino has closed, Le Chateaubriand has slipped in rankings and many set menus have increased.

Does Le Comptoir still not take reservations in the summer months?

So far for this trip we are looking to try the following places:

Robert et Louise

Everyone was very helpful for our last trip so we greatly appreciate any feedback!

May 04, 2015
EWRTravelers in France

Eating in Lyon

Thanks to everyone for your help and feedback.

By the time we arrived in Lyon on Sunday evening the only two places left open to eat were Pizza e Pino and McDonalds so we decided to skip dinner and get some much needed rest.

The following day (Monday) we stopped at Pignol for some morning croissants and coffee on our way to the Old Town Lyon. We actually made our way back to Pignol for a nice lunch that included a main, dessert and coffee.

For dinner we made our way over to Daniel et Denise for dinner around 9 pm. Overall I would have to say I found the food and experience "ok" - perhaps it was due to our lack of understanding the menu.

At this point we actually don't even remember what we were served which to me is not a good sign. Both of the mains for the evening were just blah - they almost seemed like a terrine. The desert was actually just a large plate of I am assuming meringue but we noticed none of the other tables sitting by us ate much of it either.

The next morning we stopped at Les Halles on the way to Part Dieu (to take the train to Paris). Had a great time buying cheese (Richard Mere) and lunch for the train.

Overall Lyon was a great town but we didn't feel blown away by the food (or at least the places we visited - keeping in mind our short visit that occurred on a Sunday/Monday)

Jul 25, 2011
EWRTravelers in France


Thanks for the review - Is Saturne more dressy/formal?

We might need to see if there are any openings next week!

Jul 13, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Eating in Lyon

Thanks for the help - We are in Lyon for such a short period of time we are trying to make our decisions carefully.

We are hoping to see old town in the morning - grab lunch - see some more sites and grab dinner at either Leon de Lyon or Daniel et Denise.

We though that Pignol would be a central and affordable lunch option.

Jul 13, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Eating in Lyon

This might be a silly question... but where is the restaurant location of Pignol that everyone enjoyed so much?

Jul 12, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Paris Food Itinerary - July 2011

Any feedback besides the travel logistics? :)

We are staying on Rue de Archives in the 3e so plan on either walking or taking the metro. Praying for some perfect weather next week!

Also - for Le Comptoir is it better to aim/wait for dinner or lunch service?

Jul 12, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Paris Food Itinerary - July 2011

Firstly - Thank you for everyone's assistance and postings in these Forums. It has been very helpful for our holiday planning.

We will be in Paris next week from Tuesday afternoon until Sunday morning. Choosing restuarants and making reservations was interesting due to changes in summer schedules and menus etc.

At this point our trip is planned as follows:

Tuesday Dinner - Rino
Wednesday Lunch - Le Dauphin
Wednesday Dinner - Spring
Thursday Dinner - Frenchie
Friday Dinner or Lunch (Aiming for Le Comptoir - No summer res.)
Saturday Dinner - Le Chateaubriand

Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Jul 11, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Confusion regarding reservations.

Actually just found out from the Sping blog that they are only serving Lunch on Fridays in the summer.

Jun 20, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Confusion regarding reservations.

Any additional feedback? We are hoping to finalize our bookings this week!

Jun 16, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Lyon question

Thanks to everyone for all of the helpful threads regarding Lyon and Paris!

We had some questions we were hoping you guys could help out with.

We are traveling to Lyon this July... arriving on a Sunday evening (via plane -8pmish)... staying near the Bellecour....and leaving the following Tuesday morning at noon for the train to Paris (via Part Dieu.)

What if any options will we have late Sunday evening or Monday during the day/evening in town? From our research most places appear to be closed at those times.

Also, we were thinking of stopping at Les Halles prior to departing on Tuesday to put together a nice lunch for the train ride to Paris... any particular vendors that we should visit? Hopefully we can grab an early morning oyster or two on the way out!

Thanks for any assistance!

Jun 16, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Confusion regarding reservations.

Any opinion of aiming for lunch vs. dinner at any of locations above?

Also.. with the no reservations policy at Le Comptoir in the summer what would be a good time to try for a seat in the evening (On maybe a Tues or Weds. evening)?

May 23, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Confusion regarding reservations.

Thanks for the feedback. Called Frenchie today and was able to secure a table for us mid-July.

I was surprised to hear that they are starting their summer vacation early this year (July 22nd) The woman who took our reservation for the 21st said it was one of the last.

Apr 29, 2011
EWRTravelers in France

Confusion regarding reservations.

Newbie here so please go gentle on me.. we have used the search functionality of CH but still have a few questions.

We are visiting Paris again this July for around 6 days. After much time surfing the boards here we have complied a list of restaurants that we are interested in "hopefully" getting to experience.

At his point we are aiming for:

Le Chateaubriand
Le Comptoir
Le Dauphin

Yes we know... somewhat predictable. During our first trip to Paris several years ago we quickly learned the downside of not making reservations ahead of time.

I have been calling daily in order to secure seats but have been getting mixed results. From reading through older posts we should be able to make reservations at this time but have so far been told the following:

Le Chateaubriand - Only taking reservations two weeks to the day in July?

Le Comptoir - No reservations taken in July - Walk in only?

Le Dauphin - Not taking reservations.

Can anyone confirm if these are the correct/current policies?

Apr 28, 2011
EWRTravelers in France