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Pasadena is weak!

I feel your pain. I have lived in Pas. for a few years now and there is not much to offer when it comes to food. But there are a few gems out there.

Pizza: Del Monico's on Washington Blvd.

Sushi: Tokoro on Fair Oaks in South Pas. is pretty good. It's a little pricey compared to other offerings in the area and if you want your sushi to float by you, you will be disappointed. The staff knows their stuff and they have some of my faves like fresh wasabi and monk fish liver.

Deli: Vince's on California in South Pas. They are only open for lunch but they are good.

Burgers: Not a whole lot to choose from if comparing to Father's Office and I do agree that Pie & Burger is over hyped and way to expensive. Just make the drive to L.A. and get what you want.

Nachos: Los Tacos has some good ones.

Burritos & Salsa: La Estrella is hands down the best. My Finace and i make special trips just to but the salsa. They are on Fair Oaks north of the 210. They also offer traditional stuff like tongue and cabeza. Yum!

Argentinian: Malbec on Green is really good. It's a little pricey but well worth it.

Odds & Ends: If you really want a treat go to Fiore Market in South Pas. It is only open from 11-6 most days but the food is fresh and organic. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Places to Avoid
Mike & Ann's - Expensive and unimaginative

Mi Piaci's - Food is okay but people really go for the bar. Get to know the bartenders, tip them well and they will take care of you in the future. Henry and Brian make really good drinks.

Places to avoid unless drunk/stoned
Lucky Boy

Mamma's Brick Oven Pizza

Overall try to avoid the chains. I mean seriously, Louise's? you might as well eat on CPK.

Mamma's Brick Oven Pizza
710 S Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91105, USA

Father's Office Bar
1618 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA

La Estrella
502 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

Apr 27, 2011
soolovely in Los Angeles Area