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Edinburgh May 2014

Thank you for the report, I'm headed there in August and will use your guide!

Jul 12, 2014
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

Nominations for April 2014 Cookbook of the Month (COTM)

by Peter Miller, Melissa Hamilton, Christopher Hirsheimer

Small book but it reminds you to slow down and appreciate a work lunch.

Mar 13, 2014
MiniMonster in Home Cooking

Inn at Pound Ridge open

Hi wincountrygirl,
Maybe you could request multiple tables instead and that would get you in on the date that you want.
When you have 12 people at 1 table it is hard for everyone to talk to each other anyway.

My Edinburgh google map

Thank you!
Great map.
I appreciate your 2013 updates too.

Dec 08, 2013
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

The People On America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country

Thanks for posting this link! Fun.

Mar 09, 2013
MiniMonster in Food Media & News

The People On America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country

If you make/produce/create a product and people put their time/effort and expertise into making it happen I think they all deserve to get compensated. Why should Christopher Kimball work for free?
It's not logical.

Mar 09, 2013
MiniMonster in Food Media & News

MN's most hilarious restaurant: Val's Rapid Serv St. Cloud

This review is h y s t e r i c a l.
I am glad I stumbled upon it.
Cheers, MM

Sep 17, 2012
MiniMonster in Great Lakes

American Food Trucks in Paris

Was just there today at Cantine California while it was parked at Marche Saint Honore.
Got there late and they had run out of tacos so the crew I was with all had burgers.

Really impressed, it was quite a surprise in fact.
(NB: Coming to this truck was a lark, as we are in Paris to experience French food not Americana ---but for those who are curious, know that it is authentic and this truck would be right at home in Portland or LA.)

First off there was a sort of service, not usually the case at taco trucks, but nice.
As we queued the guy would come to the next person, chat + explain things and then bring the order to the kitchen (2 meters away!) then he even kind of managed the three stand up bar tables so that people would have a spot when their food came up.
The service was friendly, helpful + courteous.

Between the 5 of us we had three types of burgers: (1)Half Moon, (2)California and (2)The Dude.
Preparation time was about 15 minutes.
(he warned us our food would be a little longer because the kitchen had to cut more potatoes)

The food was delish when it came out.
On par with burgers in NYC and LA and unlike any in Paris (or London) right now.
The burgers themselves had a nice smokey caramelized flavor, juicy, and the toppings on the various burgers all kept their integrity flavor-wise. The bun was soft but didn't get too soggy from the juices.

One thing we were divided on, the fries. They were salty, sweet , umami when they first came out but got too soggy for half of us as they got cold.

I think this will be a fun thing for Paris residents this summer.

Jun 13, 2012
MiniMonster in France

Reflections on a week of Paris dining, May 2012. Long!

Thanks for the recap, your writing shows how much you love Paris!

Would you dish on the what the other Paris food blogs are that you obsessively peruse???
Cheers, MM

May 25, 2012
MiniMonster in France

London Food Recommendations Near the British Museum

The London Review of Books Cake Shop would be good for lunch. It's on Drury lane near the museum.
Though not a pub, Lantana on Googe Pl. is good too.

Second for the gastropub Great Queen Street, it's not too far.

May 01, 2012
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

Good breakfast near Edgware Road, London

There is a neat cafe at the top of Alfie's Antiques Market on Church Street.

Also, it is takeaway, but the bagel place at 394 Edgeware has surprisingly good bagels. Bagels Etc. is the name.


May 01, 2012
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

GF London recap

right on! thanks for the recap.
i especially like that you were able to take home some GF groceries.

Apr 03, 2012
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

X-Mas Week Visit to London.

Thanks, great recap!
I don't even have kids but was completly touched by the level of service that Maze showed.
also I'll have to get myself to Roti Joupa , and soon.

Lastly, you mentioned food trucks.....when are you coming to visit Portland, Oregon then???
The truck scene is i n s a n e.


Apr 03, 2012
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

London Itinerary

Great report. Loved hearing about the cocktail spots.

Mar 29, 2012
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

Trip to London -please comment on my list of meals

How was your visit?
Any special impressions?

Mar 23, 2012
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

UK Lunch Reviews - Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, Polpo, Tapas Revolution, St John Bread and Wine, Opera Tavern, Zucca, Dinner by Heston

Thanks for the report on London.
Headed to tapas revolution tonight.

Read your blog - gunshot pellet in the rabbit terrine (Paris)?
That' s a keeper of a story. :)

Mar 21, 2012
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

Eating Itinerary, May 2012

There is a great place at the Bridge of Orchy Hotel north of Loch Lomond. We were there for lunch.

Also a neat place is The Drovers Inn, just north of Lock Lomond ( closer than Orchy) , authentic Scottish pub in the middle of a spooky stretch of road. Super rustic. The pub dining room furniture was all 200 yrs old. Timeless sense while you are there.

Too bad you are not going to Glasgow - both Number 16 and the ubiquitous chip were great.

You are going to want to stay longer on the islands, hopefully your plans are flexible.
I concur, roads are small and take time to drive.

Lastly, I am excited for you. I looooove Scotland and can't wait to go back. Have fun.
Bring goretex. :)

Mar 21, 2012
MiniMonster in U.K./Ireland

Eating my way through Seattle

Thanks for the report.
Have not heard of Savatdee and can't wait to try it.

Apr 27, 2011
MiniMonster in Greater Seattle

Bye, Ballard, Hello Magnolia...

Queen Marguerite in Magnolia has excellent wood fired pizza. Better than the other neopolitan pizza in town.

Just discovered Wheeler Street Kitchen and am so happy to have learned about it here on this post. They were welcoming and the food was delicious.

Apr 27, 2011
MiniMonster in Greater Seattle