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Judgment Day birthday party!

I'm not worried about the end of the world! I'm worried about being funny while serving a great feast! Keep the ideas coming. I especially liked the high-calorie, high credit spread!

Apr 29, 2011
violagirl in Home Cooking

Judgment Day birthday party!

Lucky me. My birthday is May 21. Have you seen the billboards, ads; heard the radio nuts?
It also happens to be one of the big birthdays. (not telling which one, but I'm still here!)

So---I want suggestions for what to serve, aside from deviled eggs, angel food get the idea.
(and yes, I've thought of all the food-diavlo dishes).

My invitations say that of the two events, mine will have better food. You can help make that happen!

Apr 28, 2011
violagirl in Home Cooking