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Maryland Crab Puffs/Fluffs

Do you have any restaurant recs for who you think makes them well? Thanks so much for your reply!

Delaware Crab Puffs

What exactly are these? I have seen them described as battered or breaded and fried crab cakes but also as a choux style dough (like a cream puff) with crab inside.

What are they supposed to be? And where can I find the best ones?

Thank you!

Apr 27, 2011
LuckyThirteen in Mid-Atlantic

Maryland Crab Puffs/Fluffs

I've heard that I have to try Maryland Crab Puff's but I see different descriptions of them.

Are they battered and fried crab cakes? Or just breaded? I also saw some that are like a pate a choux paste (like a cream puff) but with crab inside?

What exactly ARE Maryland Crab Puffs? Thank you!