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Poutine Week

Thanks, didn't even know such a thing existed! Some of those combos are giving me heartburn just reading them :-0

I've heard the burnt ends poutine at BlackStrap BBQ in Verdun is quite good, but although I've had take-out from there, I haven't tried the poutine.

Happy tasting!

Feb 01, 2013
quicuisine in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

ISO plastic film/sheets for separating slices of dry-cured meat

I'm in search of those little squares/rectangles of firm food-grade plastic that typically separate slices of packaged jamón or prosciutto, for the very same purpose: to separate slices of home-made cured pork leg which is just about ready to be vacuum-packed. Last time we did this, they stuck together so this time we want to use the sheets. Any ideas on who carries this in Montreal? I've checked the Aubut catalogue but didn't find any there. Thanks!

Dec 09, 2012
quicuisine in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Marché Jean-Talon becoming Loblaws

Here's an update from MC Lortie this morning http://bit.ly/TEHxVy as well as a link to a petition for clearer labelling at the market: http://www.petitions24.net/marche_jea...

Let's share in the hopes that la Corporation des Marchés Public takes heed.

Aug 15, 2012
quicuisine in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

ISO large stockpot

I got my 16L stainless stockpot at Norten for about $70 - they have lots of choice of sizes on hand.
As for the bones, I've been getting my veal bones at la Maison du Roti, but at 4.99/kg, I suspect Viandes St Laurent is a better deal. I'll check them out next time!

Jul 12, 2012
quicuisine in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Olympic krema yogurt

Marché Royal on Beaubien stocks it regularly, usually on for 2.99. They also occasionally have the organic cream cheese - amazingly addictive both.

Apr 26, 2011
quicuisine in Quebec (inc. Montreal)