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Anyone ever heard of eggs "scrumped"?

My girlfriend tells a story about being at a rural diner near Santa Cruz, CA and overhearing a woman ordering a breakfast platter with her eggs "scrumped" rather than scrambled, over easy, etc.

Has anyone heard of this? She says the waiter knew immediately what she meant and took the order off to the kitchen. Sadly, she did not see the finished product.

I can't find anything about it, so I'm assuming it's hyper-regional. Maybe even a relic from the dust bowl families who settled the region decades ago. Just a hunch, though.

Oct 28, 2014
fourtothefloor in General Topics

Budget vacation in Montreal over the Christmas weekend

Hey all,

Driving up to Montreal from NYC on Saturday, Dec. 24th. Looking to spend no more than $300 per person on all our activities over the weekend, so was wondering what you Quebecois hounders had to say about cheap eats. I'd love some Montreal-specific stuff that shouldn't be missed, along with some general foods that might be a little off the radar. So where to go for smoked meat, bagels, and poutine would be awesome, but if you know a place that has, for instance, a great baba ghanoush or double-cut pork chop, by all means throw it in.

I'm going with my girlfriend, so we could probably use a recommendation for a nice-ish dinner (probably nothing above $40 US per person, without drinks). ANNNND it'll be Christmas, so if you know of anything going on regarding that, awesome! It's my first Christmas away from home, so anything festive would be much appreciated. Bonus points if that nice-ish dinner can be part of that.

Thanks ahead of time for all the help, guys!

Things that are especially aesthetically pleasing or sensuous in cooking and baking...

ha! i did just that the other day to break in my new grill. had the chipotles leftover from a mojo marinade for some chops.

i have to say, a squeeze of lime over the chipotle-buttered corn really took it to the edge.

Jul 21, 2011
fourtothefloor in Home Cooking

Cheapish 15-person birthday dinner off the L in Williamsburg/Greenpoint

Hey guys,

My friend is coming to town for her birthday this weekend, and we're looking for a good place to have a birthday dinner for her (actually, a surprise birthday dinner) in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area, preferably off the L so it's easy for the Manhattanites who will be coming.

The problem is, we want something that can accommodate at least 10-15 people on a Saturday night, and something where at least half the entrees are no more than $20. In other words, I don't want the only thing under 20 bucks to be the $19 risotto with garden peas (read: a sprinkling that cost 35 cents to defrost and throw in the pot). We'll probably be getting wine and such, so I don't want to repeat a recent birthday dinner in which we were all shamed into spending $60 per person. You know the deal.

All in all, I'd like it to be delicious and birthday fancy looking, but not too fancily priced in the end. Any recommendations?

Apr 25, 2011
fourtothefloor in Outer Boroughs