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Time Warner Center

Per Se :)

Mar 16, 2013
turbochop in Manhattan

best value starred lunch in Paris?

going there for lunch today... will report back!!!

Feb 11, 2013
turbochop in France

Tokyo Chowhound Meetup

Im down. I'll be in town and flying out on the 16th.

Jan 15, 2013
turbochop in Japan

No Reservations - Cook it Raw

Just rewatched this episode and for the life of me I don't recognize one of the chefs - he's standing to the right of Magnus in this picture --->

Any ideas... it's driving me nuts.

Jan 13, 2013
turbochop in Food Media & News


Out of curiosity... when will you be in Tokyo?

Jan 08, 2013
turbochop in Japan


Hi there.

Anybody know if they take solo diners at Quintessence? I really would like to go (i'm a huge HUGE fan of Pascal Barbot) but I'm traveling by myself... not sure if they have a counter or not. Thanks.

Jan 06, 2013
turbochop in Japan

Did anyone actually have the 70€ lunch menu at l'Astrance ?


Any recent experiences at L'Astrance? I'll be heading to Paris in January and have asked my hotel to make reservations.

Any idea what the lunch and dinner menu options are? Pricing?

Thanks in advance! :)

Dec 06, 2012
turbochop in France

Once Special Meal - Pierre Gagnaire or L'Ambroise

Sorry to be slightly off topic but is Pierre Gagnaire even open on Sundays? I'm planning a trip to Paris as well and I noticed on their website that it says: "Fermeture samedi et dimanche tout la journée."

Perhaps I'm reading it wrong?

Apr 08, 2012
turbochop in France

What were your last 3 cookbook purchases? Part 5 [Old]

My local library has a great cookbook selection so I don't really buy cookbooks. As a matter of fact, there are only two in my collection:

1. The French Laundry by Thomas Keller
2. Under Pressure by Thomas Keller

However, they will soon be joined by a third... Daniel Humm's Eleven Madison Park. I've been to this restaurant a number of times and if my experience there is any indication, this book will be awesome.

Also looked through the Volt Ink cookbook from the Voltaggio brothers while at B&N today. Very nice as well.

Oct 30, 2011
turbochop in Home Cooking

Solo @ Arzak

Thanks guys. Looking forward to this one.

Aug 22, 2011
turbochop in Spain/Portugal

Solo @ Arzak

Hey folks... heading to Bilbao for work in a few weeks and would like to give Arzak a shot but I'll be traveling alone. I don't usually mind dining alone at home but not really sure how that's looked upon in Spain. Thanks.

Aug 21, 2011
turbochop in Spain/Portugal

Wagyu Ranch / Farm Tours??

hey guys...

I'll be spending a few weeks in Japan in September and am looking for a tour of a wagyu farm or ranch in the Kobe or Matsuzaka area. Does anyone know this is available somewhere?

I know most producers are small and probably don't want to bother with crazy tourists but... I REALLY like to know where my food comes from. :)


Apr 25, 2011
turbochop in Japan