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Nigella seeds

Where can I buy nigella seeds in Manhattan?

Mar 27, 2013
itl337 in Manhattan

Dinner & Drinks for a Group near St John the Divine?

Havana Central on Broadway and about 114th (not sure exactly) has yummy Cuban food, cocktails and a fun atmosphere. On Friday nights they have live music. Staff is really friendly. It's great for groups.

Havana Central
2911 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

Oct 26, 2011
itl337 in Manhattan

Zabar's vs. Fairway

Zabar's prepared foods are often too salty and heavy for my taste and flavors not too delicate. With some exceptions of course. I much prefer Fairway's prepared foods -- lighter and simpler by and large.

Apr 25, 2011
itl337 in Manhattan

St. John the Divine and Zabars - Am I nuts?

That's a good suggestion. Take the 1 train downtown from 110th and Broadway to 79th Street. They come often. And Zabars does not have a good place to eat, so Riverside Park idea is great. The Park is lovely in the low 80's or you can go through the tunnel and go sit by the river. Ask around when you get to the park -- people can direct you.

There is a good place for brunch 10 blocks from St. John the Divine -- Kitchenette on Amsterdam between 122 and 123. Though there is often a wait.

Kitchenette Uptown
1272 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

Apr 25, 2011
itl337 in Manhattan