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Markets selling Goya Products

Okay, first, I've not bought anything from the site yet. I found it, then found this thread and decided to share it. Thanks for the comparison shopping, but how I or anyone else spends their money shouldn't be your concern.

Again, I provided the link as ANOTHER option. Some people might think that just ordering from the site is a better way to spend their time since I'm assuming you can get ALL of the Goya products from the site. As I mentioned in another reply, my experience with their products is it can be hit or miss depending on where you're shopping.

Is this just something where you have to have the last word? If so, I'll stop replying so that you have it.

Markets selling Goya Products

Yep, I had just heard it and it made sense because I lived a few neighborhoods in NYC. I always wondered why one area would have certain Goya products but the area that I just moved from didn't have those products. That all made a lot more sense when I heard that interview today. ;)

However, me listing the site here was the pure luck of going to their site and seeing they had an online store (which is my preferred shopping option these days.) I found this thread too and decided to share that info.

Markets selling Goya Products


Because it's simply another option for people who are looking to buy Goya products.

Markets selling Goya Products

This reply is over 4 years later, but I just moved back to the SF Bay Area from NYC. I'd not really used Goya products until then and now I'm in love.

They're a family-run business and slant their product deliveries to the demographics in the neighborhoods where they deliver. However, now they have an online store, so you can order direct from Goya:

I was happen when I found it. Maybe it will help someone else too.

Canned herring favorites?

The Polar kipper snacks are my favorite. I discovered them in a local grocery store. Their stock ran low, so I ordered them by the box from

I think smoked kipper snacks are better than smoked sardines too.

I keep it pretty simple when I eat them. Either I'll add them to grits during my breakfast meal or will eat them with bread, honey mustard and red onions.

May 14, 2011
rkwalton in General Topics

Mustard based Tuna?

Almost three years later, but my solution is honey mustard.

I chop up pretty much whatever veggies want to be in the sandwich. Green onions, fresh spinach, and cherry tomatoes are my thing right now. I add a can of tuna packed in water to that and mix them up. Then I add honey mustard and a dash of salt. Then I put it on bread and that's it.

It's really good and tasty sandwich without the mayo.

Apr 24, 2011
rkwalton in Home Cooking