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Where should an aspiring cook begin?

Ruhlman has a new book out called "Ruhlman's Twenty" that sounds exactly like what you're looking for. It is 20 basic techniques, well illustrated, on how to cook. As a more expensive approach you could look in your local area for cooking schools that offer a basics set of instruction to amateurs (an example in the Bay Area is or an online cooking school like Rouxbe.

May 04, 2012
Mikemac in Home Cooking

Can You Recall A Taste?

This is a side note from the original topic, but smelling something and having an immediate recognition is due, from what I've read, to brain anatomy. Your nose, unlike your other senses, is linked to the limbic part of your brain. So inputs are processed somewhat differently. Many people have had the experience of smelling something and instantly remembering when and where they've smelled it even it was decades before. Not every scent brings back this association, and perhaps most don't, but when it happens it is the most astonishing feeling! Akin to the mention above of a musty cellar, when I was a small child there was a crawl space underneath the house we lived in and occasionally I'd go into it. We moved from that house when I was perhaps 4, and yet to this day when I smell a certain damp earth smell I instantly recognize it.

Mar 10, 2012
Mikemac in General Topics

Where to buy veal bones?

So Ruhlman has got me interested in making my own veal stock. Does anybody know where you can buy veal bones in the Bay Area, preferably in the Peninsula or San Jose area? A friend suggested Schaub's in the Stanford shopping Center, but when I went there they didn't have any in the freezer and the guy in the counter didn't seem particularly interested in ordering them; he pretty much said if you see him there we got 'em otherwise we don't.